Spirit Horse (Trailer) Roseneath Theatre 2015 HD

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I lifted her leg, caught my breath. How did you get that shoe on you without using nails? You are a spirit horse! She wanted me to follow her! I jumped into my truck. She ran down the road to the highway and I followed. 120 clicks an hour! I followed that horse all the way to Calgary! Now careful, Angelina. Eh! She’s not an ordinary horse! But, it was too late! There was Angelina up on the white horse. Looking as though she was the best rider in the world. We’re a horse people! Grandpa told us so. Best horse people ever. And Dad being a champion rodeo man proves it! Don’t listen to her, Wildwind! She’s never even been to a rodeo before. Why haven’t I? Because Dad never takes us. Why doesn’t he take us? Because….. Dad stopped going after Mom died. Run, Wildwind! Run! The horse went so quickly, the police were thrown this way and that! No one had any time to react. Faster! Faster! Down Macleod Trail! Across the tracks! Stop! Green light! Green light! Go! Look behind us. You can almost see where we live. Where? There. By the tower. I hope Dad isn’t too worried about us. He probably hasn’t even noticed we’ve gone. Dad!! Do something! I jumped on to my horse! Yah! You’re almost there. I stood up in the saddle! And jumped! Awesome! Woah! Wildwind! The Champion of Champions! Woah! But the horse kept going! Daddy! Towards the edge of the cliff! Hold on! But Wildwind jumped…out over the lake… And then the three of them plunged down into the dark water. Wildwind’s out there. Somewhere.


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