Star Stable Game News | Three new horses!

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Hello StarFam and welcome to Star Stable News! Sadly Matilda couldn’t be here with us today
in person, but we called in her stand in! In this week’s update we get to enjoy a couple
of new horse variations! Marley has a great love for Paint Horses and
this week he has added this gorgeous fellow to his colorful bunch. This new Paint can be found on Marley’s Farm
and will be yours for 890 Star Coins. In the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur the Kallters have welcomed this new Fjord variation to their family. If you visit Nanook and Sedna you’ll be able
to purchase this little guy for 780 Star Coins. And last but not least, the New Hillcrest
Icelandics are accompanied by this epic variation this week. For 969 Star Coins this cool horse will be
yours. Hello StarFam
Let’s talk… Account Security Please know your account is yours only. And you should never
ever ever share your password with anyone
anyone ever People who should know your password: YOU If anyone who is using your account:
-Pays using stolen payment information -Reverses payments
-Uses foul language or abuses other players -Or breaks ANY of our rules
Your account will be suspended or permanently banned. Keep in mind, if something happens with your
account we can’t help you if you have willingly have shared your password with someone else. Make sure your password is really tricky so
it’s difficult to figure out. It’s very handy to use both lowercase and
uppercase letters as well as numbers! Stay safe out there! 10 episodes. 10 hats. The episode with the most likes decides
which hat stays for the rest of this season. Star Stable News presents to you, this week’s
hat. That was all for today, thank you guys for
watching! GM Ylva: *In Swedish* BYEEEEEEEEE Game Master Ylva: *voice singing “All by myself”
in the background*


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