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in this video I’m going to show you an
entire work session with my two-year-old filly named ohnah I like to start off her
sessions with a little bit of leading with quality I want to make sure that my
horses come with me nicely and that there’s no drag on the rope right here I
do wish that I had a flag in my hand so I could use it as an extension of my arm
and asked her to step up when she didn’t come with me as promptly as I wanted her
to next I’ll go ahead and work on backing I like to back my horses often
and I like to back them in circles so I stand to the inside of the circle and I
gently tip my horses nose away and then apply some pressure backwards I like to
get to the point where I can have an open hand while doing this so I don’t
actually have to push but if they do try to push into me I will firm up as needed
to get them to back so as she’s stepping backwards I focus on the horses inside
hind leg so this direction right now would be the right hind leg so as that
foot is about to lift up off the ground is when I apply a little bit of pressure
and what that does is it gets her to pick it up and step a little bit deeper
to the inside with it I feel like backing horses really help supple them a
lot it’s gonna help when you back them out of a horse trailer it helps them get
their hind underneath of them around their back a little bit more and just be
all-around more responsive the next thing I like to work on is sending my
horse in a circle around me I’m not I’m not a big fan of lunging a horse per se
but I do think that groundwork is really necessary
circling horse around is very necessary to work on rolling hindquarters moving
the front around and just getting the horse to follow a feel in general so as
she’s going around me here I want to make sure that she’s not leaning into me
I want to keep her going forward this horse does have a hard time with forward
motion and now watching this I really should have been a little bit more
persistent on getting her to keep that forward motion going a little bit better
you having her be a little bit more prompt with going forward I guess is
what I want to say when I change direction I always roll the hindquarters
away first and then the front end across she doesn’t need to
be trotting here but I I’m not gonna make a big deal about it I just sort of
ignore it and continue about what we’re doing the next thing that I’m gonna do
is introduce ona to a bear back pad now she’s never been saddled nor has she had
a saddle pad on her back nothing so I always use a bareback pad first because
I feel like it is a transition into the saddle so it’s it’s a smaller step to
saddling them so they get to feel something being attached to them you
know the pressure around their cinch but not it’s not as big as a saddle it’s
easier for me to work with that sort of stuff so I think that it’s just a much
easier step for the horse so the first thing that I do is I make sure that
she’s comfortable with it by rubbing it all over her body on both sides and I
don’t release the pressure until I know that she has got a soft expression and
she’s okay with it after I feel like she’s comfortable with
it I go ahead and start working on adding some pressure to the cinch itself
so I’ll go on the on the horses left side and I’ll pull up on the cinch a
little bit just to make sure that she’s okay with the pressure and then I go
ahead and buckle it when I do buckle it up I want to make sure that I get it on
so it’s tight enough where if she should jump and Buck its gonna stay with her
but I’ll tighten it up a little bit and then rubber let her know that she’s
doing a great job and then I’ll go ahead and tighten it up the rest of the way
then I want to just go ahead and let her think about it for a moment soak it all
in and I pet her let her know she’s doing a great job and she’s a good girl
before I ask her to take a step I want to make sure that the cinch is good and
tight I wouldn’t want it to slip at all so I just take this moment to tighten it
up a little bit extra and wait sometimes that first step can be a doozy so I am
very aware of where my feet are and where my horse’s feet are going and I
want to make sure that I keep the horse moving forward and as you can see here I
am doing my best just to make sure to stay out of her way we’ve had an
experience before where she got away from me
this horse does have a tendency to want to jump up and
and pull the rope out of a person’s hands so I was very very cautious to
make sure to hold on and keep my feet positioned where I’m a little bit behind
her and can continue to drive her forward if she gets sticky feet she does
have a tendency to not want to go forward when she gets worried instead
she’ll sort of suck back and want to stop so it was so important to just keep
her feet moving forward so she could work through that little situation that
she had now that she seems to be pretty comfortable carrying that pad I just
want to make sure to send her around a little bit until I know that she’s
completely accepted it after that I’m just going to let her stop her feet and
I’m in a rubber and take the pad off and and make it so it’s a real just good
quiet experience I don’t want to do it too long or push her I want to I want
this horse to take every little thing in stride and I want to give her small
things to think about each day so I don’t ever want to push too many things
on too fast after a work session I always like to spend a lot of time just
petting my horse grooming them really good getting them to be patient and just
stand quietly without fussing over other horses and I like to just take this time
just to get to know my horse and have them in learn to enjoy the the quiet
time that we have together I like to take this moment in between the
different tasks that we’re working on learning to just sort of let the horse
soak and relax and kind of take it all in I feel like this really helps my
horses become more willing to learn and more accepting of new things that I
approach them with the next thing that I’m going to do with her is work on
changing eyes now this is something that makes her a little bit nervous she
doesn’t like to have the Rope be behind her touch her hind legs at all and she
gets a little bit nervous when I’m suddenly on one side and then on the
other so I like to take take this opportunity to just work on on changing
sides a little bit and I just continue doing this until I feel like she’s in a
good spot so if we only do it once on each side I
leave it at that or if we have to do it eight to ten
times on a side you know I just kind of do whatever I need to do that day with
where she’s at mentally eventually she’ll be to the point where this won’t
bother her at all and it’s not even gonna faze her but for
right now I just kind of I will break up the different things that we do and do
this a few times and then I’ll move on to something else and I’ll come back to
this and I’ll keep doing that until it just doesn’t faze her at all I’ve found
this exercise to be very valuable to a lot of horses not only does it work on
changing eyes and getting them comfortable with you being on one side
and then suddenly on the other but it also helps them get used to a rope going
up over their hip touching their legs the Rope coming up over the head and
just viewing you from a totally different perspective so I really like
this exercise and I do it with every single horse that I ever touch the next
thing that I’m going to move on to is I’m going to work on getting her to
soften and lower her head with just a touch of the halt or not so I want to
make sure that my horses don’t have any kind of brace in them anywhere but
particularly when I’m going ahead and asking for them to bridle I want to make
sure that they’ll bring their head down really nicely for me so I start this by
adding just gentle pressure underneath the halt or not and I wait for the horse
to bring its nose down and as soon as they bring their nose down even just the
slightest bit I immediately release the pressure then I also will put my hand on
top of there on top of their Pole and ask them to bring their head down that
way as well I want to make sure that any any way that I asked my horse to bring
its head down they do give to the pressure after after asking her to bring
her nose down now I’m going to ask her to bring it out laterally so I’ll go
from side to side a couple of times and just ask her to bring her nose around
laterally and I’m gonna take it a little step further to and I want to make sure
that she brings her nose to the side but her ears also remain level and her pole
stays the highest point I like to start this
as early as I can with being particular I don’t want her to get into the habit
of dropping an ear to the ground so this is a really important exercise for me
because this is the start of our one rain stop which under saddle I want to
make sure that I’ve got a really good one rain stop the next thing I’m going
to work on is getting this filly introduced to taking the bridle so I’m
not gonna use a bridle at all for this instead what I use is just the the lead
rope so I take the lead rope and I I flip it up over her head and pull it
from the other side up to her mouth and I’ll go ahead and and put my thumb in
the corner of her mouth until she opens up and I let the lead rope sort of sit
inside of her mouth for a moment and when she’s not working her mouth as much
I go ahead and and I let it go and I’ll just work on that until I feel like
she’s she’s at a good comfortable spot I don’t want to push it I just do it and
tell I think that it’s a good place to stop this is a good time now to just
work on some ground tine I like to teach all of my horses to ground tie so I
don’t have to worry about where I’m gonna tie them up I like them to know
that we’re just gonna hate we’re just gonna hang out here and be patient so
and a perfect way of doing that this filly loves to be groomed so I take this
opportunity to run a brush over her and let her just kind of soak it all in and
be nice and quiet and patient she just absolutely loves the whole grooming
process so I use that to my advantage and since I know that she loves it so
much having her just stand quietly is a perfect way of going about it now I’m
gonna go ahead and work with her feet I haven’t done a lot with her feet I have
roped her legs so she is really good about about giving two pressure on her
legs but I’ve not really spent a lot of time actually picking out her her hooves
at all so this is gonna be really important I need her to stand really
quiet for when her feet get done I want to make sure that she has no issues
whatsoever with holding her legs up for extended periods of time so this is a
good a good time to work on this and having her be in such a quiet frame of
mind is a great time to work on it I like to mess around at their
feet after they’ve had some good physical and mental work where they’re
in a quiet nice and quiet frame of mind prior to me purchasing this horse she
spent her entire life on a large ranch in North Dakota and although the
handling that she did have was very good quality she really wasn’t handled very
much I’m very thankful for this because it gives me the opportunity to start her
completely from scratch and not have any issues to work through that you know any
bad habits that she may have learned previously or anything like that so I
feel like I really have a clean slate with this filly and any bad habits that
she may pick up at this point are completely my fault
one thing she didn’t like very much was having her head and her ears touch so I
make sure to really handle those a lot the final thing that I’m gonna work on
today is teaching my filly to pick me up from the fence so even though I’m not
riding her yet at this point I want her to get really comfortable with seeing me
above her head and getting really good at steppin over to me for when it is
time for me to get on her with a saddle I feel like this is so important for so
many reasons I’ve had a lot of people in the past bring horses to me for training
and their number one problem was that the horse wouldn’t come over to wouldn’t
stand still at a mounting block or wouldn’t come to them when they were on
offense and trying to get on I teach all of my horses to to do this and this
horse picked on it especially quickly she gives really well to pressure but
she’s always been as she’s given pressure when she gives to it she root
as soon as she finds the release she figures it out that that’s exactly what
I wanted and she’s super smart in that aspect so I like to teach him to step
away from me when I’m up on the fence I’ll do a little groundwork I’ll back
them up I’ll bring them you know side to side when I’m on the fence I I work on
rubbing their head their neck just in general getting them used to me being
kind of all over them from the fence so I really love doing this with all
horses I think it’s absolutely necessary and a super super helpful thing for them
to know I really hope that you were able to find this video useful or helpful in
some way I know it was pretty long but honestly I had a hard time cutting
anything else out because this is the real deal and exactly what I do with all
my work sessions with the horses that I’m training so I felt that everything
that was in here was pretty important if you enjoyed this video please be sure to
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have a great day


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  1. Karla’s Sweet Life

    January 15, 2019 8:50 am

    Hi, this is so random but I saw your comment on Sunny’s little questionnaire and wanted to let you know about the music on iMovie. You can get music from other platforms like Epidemic music and download them and then they will be in your iMovie library. It’s a monthly cost but sooo worth it to add in music that fits for your video. I tried commenting back on your comment but it wouldn’t allow me to comment. Anyways, I hope this helps! 💗

  2. Brittin Banks

    March 31, 2019 8:13 am

    Not hating on your training or anything because your horses are so chill so you obviously know what your doing but just a little tip with lunging stay behind her drive line/sholder when you want her too move forward the reason I say this is because I noticed that a lot of times when you we're asking her to move forward you we're in front of her drive line so she was a bit confused! Hope that helps with her training P.S. love you ur channel😍🤩and congrats on 1k🎉🎊

  3. Scoobs McDoo

    May 14, 2019 6:18 am

    And here I thought you were supposed to train them like dogs, with treats and all that. I didn't know the rewards should be as simple as petting or releasing pressure. Neat!

  4. Susan Fox

    May 22, 2019 8:30 pm

    Great video. I have several 4 year olds that need started and this information is so helpful. I'm not a trainer by any means but want to do some of the work myself if for no other reason than to learn more. I was involved in rescueing 11 QH yearlings from auction and they had never been handled and were wild when they arrived.

  5. Deborah Burnette

    May 26, 2019 10:59 pm

    Great lesson. You are a great teacher . Have learned so much from you. Thank you. 💟

  6. Cathy Brown

    June 11, 2019 3:58 am

    Hi Brandi, Have you ever seen Rick Gore's Think Like A Horse videos? Getting a horse used to things is called sacking out. You're doing a great job, by the way. Now, I have three horse people I can go to–Rick Gore, Graeme Bull, and you. I think I like you three the best.

  7. Susan Flowers

    July 15, 2019 11:56 pm

    You sure picked a Beauty! She's exactly what I myself would have picked. I grew up with horse's as well! I just wish I knew then what I know now as far as pressure and release, timing and feel. It's wonderful that that's what you teach your students. The slow way is the fast way! Enjoy your pretty girl!

  8. Susan Flowers

    November 13, 2019 12:13 am

    I don't think that you need to worry about your videos being too long. You are such a joy to watch and very informative.


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