Sunday Lunch at Little Reed: Family Time, Understanding Donkeys and Cooking with the Village Women


We’ve been waiting for you! Look please look! Molasses, kawarma… Tomatoes and onions… I got lost what should I prepare for Anthony. I haven’t eaten for 3 days! Today we are having Fweregh (intestine with rice)… Tongues… stuffed chicken a surprise! Freekeh with Meat… It’s Sunday, we woke up early… very early. Poor little kids I didn’t let them sleep. After having breakfast… we choose to came up to Little Reed. Little Reed is this land with calmness and beautiful views and amazing weather. in Qsaibeh… In Qsaibe Little Reed has… a little farm for kids. they have wooden chairs and a very nice setting, they have nature and pine trees! Most importantly, they have ladies that cook traditional food! Authentic from the house, they’re ladies from the village. We’re going with her to the kitchen, it’s the second time she’s here… we will see what they have prepared, we’ll have lunch together… spend a day and make a special Arak… and we’ll go back home. A day with the kids in Little Reed starts now. I boil the rice a bit, and cook it. I add it into the chicken it gives it a good taste. The chicken here does “spa”, They put it in a cooking pot, then it rests and sits in warm water. But when you eat it, you’ll eat something one of a kind! The Mother of Louai? Greetings! In the house of the animals. I haven’t told them about you. You’re Elisa. Yes Elisa. She’s here in little reed, but now we won’t tell you about the food and the restaurant. We will do something even better. We will do something no one is waiting for! Good morning… Good morning Jawsa Can we say good morning? Let’s come here because her sister gets jealous. Come come! Tell us about, let’s say the family.. because you consider them as one. Let us meet them. We have 4 donkeys. 3 girls and a boy. The girls are, Lawza right here, her sister Zeitouna, and Jawza and the boy Snawbar. For many people.. let us tell them what we’re doing. the donkey is for transportation of people or things. But it’s way more than that. Tell me about their importance then we’ll talk about your relationship. People don’t know that the donkey has a big heart. He has high emotional intelligence. That’s why in many times, and many situations… people who are in need of emotional or mental or physical needs… can feel super comfortable with the donkey… and they’d develop in life. This is something they teach in Europe. yes they teach it in Europe and in many donkey farms where they leave them there is a Donkey Sanctuary Where they gather up the lost donkeys So that they raise them and keep them all together and to keep them for people who have special needs. You called me and told me to come hug the donkey, what am I supposed to feel? What do you want to feel? I want you to meet her first and then get to know her, then you’ll have the right to hug her. What do you think Anthony? Alright, no free hugs! No, we have to go step by step… and meet her. I have to tell you, first of all the donkey has huge ears… to hear us better. Has eyes… to see us better. But if we look at him face to face, I’m telling the kids I want them to know this. If we look at him face to face he wouldn’t see us. Because his eyes are on the side, so that he sees us well… we have to stand aside. So we have to stand next to him first to meet him. and speak to him in his ear, and we have to be sure that he will feel They say he has a 6th sense, they used to open a new road when they didn’t know which one to open… so they used to let a donkey walk and they’d open that specific road. So we need to use this 6th sense so that we feel his heart… and for him to feel us. So what happens first… many sessions happen… we get to meet him and we comb his hair… Would you give me the comb Em Louai Please? It’s a phase to get to meet the donkey they get to meet each other. what is important that a person should be very calm and relaxed. and the donkey as well. Would you like to brush her back? Then we start taking care of it… and that is done by combing the hair… by caressing it. Good job. There is Molasses, here in Qsaibe we are famous with it. There’s thyme, ginger, lemon zest, and there is spices. It’s new! This is a secret, a formula of Coca-Cola you have to pay! A lot of people said that you can’t mix anything with Arak! The Arak isn’t mixed, look at it it’s amazing! This is called Cocktail Arak, which we give everyone. For people who don’t like Arak, we add to it sweetness something that would taste better. 100%! This is the best Arak invension I have tried before. It has a bit of ginger, lemon and spices… the spices are so good. Those spices… You feel like you’re eating raw kebbeh. and most importantly Molasses. You can’t try it but here! Even if you tried doing it at home. Only here. Bless you. That’s the day starts. Greetings! Nizar tell me what am I seeing? Last time we were milking the goat. We told you next time we want you to try the cheese.. This is the cheese… We did this yesterday and we want you to try it, it’s from our goats. It’s fresh and from the village 100%. The vegetables are all from the garden, I want to try! This cheese, and sage of course… It’s sage. First of all I have never seen cheese like that. yes… in a cute way. right. We put it in a refinery… the texture It’s not solid and it’s dried.. You want tomatoes along with it? It’s very good. You like it? Nizar asked if we should sit inside or outside, I told him let’s sit inside so that they don’t take the cheese. I’m joking, you can eat along… Come… Come join me. Hreeseh. Hreeseh super special! It’s so good! One of the my favourite food. It’s not the heavy Hreeseh from village, it’s made… in a modern way. The way it’s done in the city. It’s very light. And it’s very good! and I’m spilling over myself. Waw! It’s great! I’m still here happy. I’m trying to film and eat… and thank the ladies… soo… Hreeseh! Bless you. Thank you. Greetings. Whenever you come over… we prepare a surprise, so you come back. So that we come more here. Kawarma with cheese! Let me wait for it to chill. It’s great, it’s salty right, the crunch of the sage and the cheese and kawarma! on top. It cooked very well. very very very well. The rice is mashed! It’s spices are great. Those ladies, are special. It’s time for lunch, the buffet is ready it’s 1:30 PM. Let’s see the Buffet. Let me introduce you to the ladies. Marie, Rose, they were just cooking… their food is special! They taste so good! I will eat a bit because I ate inside a lot! The Hresseh is amazing, the rice is great and the Fweregh is top! The unknown secret! you have to meet them… They’re a bit shy… I ate a bit in the kitchen so I won’t waste my time with salads… I will head tot the main. I will eat Hreeseh, rice and Fweregh…. things I like. Fweregh of course. Tongues… A bit of potato/ Tongues.. Thick tongue. Green Freekeh Stuffed chicken… Hreeseh of course. The food isn’t good, it’s super good! it’s unbelievable. I’m having rich, then I say let’s have a bit of Hreeseh… then freekeh, then something else. Everything I’m eating is traditional and old… I’m having rice, freekeh, hreeseh and tongues…. fweregh… 10/10! Top! I’m so happy. I will have lunch relaxed. Here we sell the organic products that we have, that we planted down stairs. How do you sell? you ask me what you want and I’ll tell you the price. Sfouf in Molasses, Nammoura… Biscuits with chocolate. Moghleh in an old Lebanese cup… We have finished, I sat with the ladies to have coffee and I promised I will be back super soon! Because the food they do… I will burn my fingers… the food they do is very very good! I thanked them, we are having a fast coffee break… Greetings!


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  1. Wail Khatib

    August 12, 2019 5:26 pm

    انت انتوني عم بتجننا وبتقلب مخنا بهالاكل
    اي ياأخي ارحمنا والله كله حلو وطيب
    صحةوالف عافية
    شو رأيك تشغلني عندك

  2. محمد الحمداني

    August 12, 2019 5:27 pm


  3. امرأة نقية فلسطين هويتي والعروبة

    August 12, 2019 6:36 pm

    صحة على البك بس شو هي الهريسة ما عرفتها

  4. Rami Aljouny

    August 12, 2019 6:53 pm

    هاد اسمو الأكل الملوكي
    أول ما أنزل لبنان أكيد رايح لهون.. كاسكن


    August 12, 2019 9:22 pm

    انت أنسان رائع بكل معنى الكلمة تحية لك ولكل خلف الكواليس

  6. ras mocen

    August 13, 2019 12:47 am

    يعني الناس لما بصير عندهم "حاجات جسديه" ما لقوا غير الحمار يروحوا لعنده عشان "يريحهم"، طيب، يا سيدي، الله لا يحيجنا لحد بهالزمن هاد، وبعدين شو هالحمار اللي عنده 3 ترجل🙄 بصراحه منظره كان غير مطمئن هههههههههه بس يالله لشو كترة الغلبه، على قولة المصريين اربط الحمار مطرح ما يقلك صاحبه😅

  7. Rose Marir

    August 13, 2019 4:15 am

    ألف صحة وعافية انطوني وشكرا للسيدات ما شاء الله الله يحميكم يخزي العين 👍👍👍

  8. LovHope Compassion

    August 13, 2019 7:49 pm

    where in lebanon is this restaurant located? what is cost of a meal like this? are most lebanese able to afford such a feast?

  9. Aldama Aldama

    August 14, 2019 5:34 am

    عم أقرأ التعليقات … ما شاء الله على الشعب يلي بيفوش ب شبر ماء /// ويلي ما شايف بيعمل أكتر من هيك …. والله كل نسوان عيلته بيعملو اطيب و الذ من هيدا الأكل … وكمان أجمل … يعني متل منظر الفوارغ والملفوف والحلو والخ الخ …. بيعملوه احلا بالشكل و بالطعم …. وانا عم قول هيك لأن رحت لعدهم وكنا 4 أشخاص كبار و 4 اطفال تحت ال 11 سنه … ودفعنا 300 دولار … لأن بياخدو عالشخص 40 دولار وتحت 10 سنين 20 دولار …. ههههه …. ب برشلونة كنا ناكل بوفيه رهيب وثمار البحر … بعدة مطاعم …. والسعر يكون 7 يورو عالشخص …. يعني 7.5 $ دولار ..
    وقال شو … أحد المعلقين بيقول واوو … والتاني بيقول انو لما ينزل ع لبنان بدو يروح لعندهم … خلينا نشوفهم ويروحو متل ما انا رحت ودفعت …. أو بس كلام بكلام …


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