Syncros Wheelset, Bars And Saddle | GMBN Tech Ultimate XC MTB Upgrade Kit Unboxing

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– Today is really exciting. I’m unboxing the ultimate
cross country upgrade kit. Like all of our unboxing,
we’re giving this away. This is a super special one today. So I’ve got a set of kit from Syncros. It’s worth over four thousand pounds. We’re shipping this world
wide for one lucky winner. So get involved. Wait til the end of the video, and see how you can enter this. Now this is an amazing giveaway of some really awesome kit. Let’s start with the most revolutionary piece in this kit. Get it? The wheels. Now this is the Silverton
SL Syncros wheelset. This all designed to be a system one piece carbon fiber layup. Let me get in some of the
details of these amazing wheels. So, most normal wheels are made up from different components like the rim. The spoke nipple. The spoke then the hub. This is designed to all
flow into one another. So actually this spoke goes into the rim, and the layup of the carbon fiber… Actually that spoke is right
to the very edge of the rim. Actually this spoke goes
the whole way to the hub, but also keeps going right the way through to the other side of the rim. Just all completely one system. Let’s get into the numbers for this cross country wheelset. They’re 29. A hookless rims. 1250 grams for the pair. So super lightweight, but they are stiff and strong. They’ve got 35 metal deep rims. That’s for strength, but also for lightweight. They decided that they can
actually have that deep rim. 26 mil internal width. 31 millimeter external width. So we’ve got 20 of those
carbon fiber spokes. That are actually 30 to 35%
stronger than the alloy spoke. Pretty crazy really. We’ve got the DT Swiss hub internal. So Syncros decided that why mess with the best when you’ve got those amazing ceramic barrings and that ratchet system. So that all sits inside that carbon body. These are called tubeless ever ready, which actually means there’s one hole and one hole only in this rim. And that’s for your valve. So, you don’t even need any tape. That’s gonna save you a few grams as well. So Syncros have designed these wheels with three major benefits. The first one is faster cornerings. This comes down through
the lateral stiffness. There’s side to side in this wheel. And it’s all down to how
this thing is designed. Check out the spokes though. They go from the different
side of the rims. They alternate. So this spoke goes to
that side of the rim. It’s actually sandwiched
into the layup of the rim. Then this next spoke
comes to the other side. So actually there’s
sort of a bracing angle across the spokes to
either side of the rim. Actually that mounting point
goes down the edge of that rim. So super strong. 35% stiffer than actually a
comparable 27 and a half wheel. Don’t forget it’s a 29’er. The majority of this wheel is actually made from one piece of carbon
fiber laid up together. So you’ve got the rim, the
spokes and these flanges. Then they’re spread. This senza carbon hub
piece actually put in. What that does it spreads
the spokes like that. Actually puts tension on to these spokes and that is unique for
a carbon fiber wheel. Now I know what you’re
thinking, they look super cool, but tell me about the warrantee. We’ll get onto that at
the end of the video. The second benefit is faster acceleration. That comes down to the
tortional stiffness. So when you’re putting the power through the pedals and rotating this hub, how does that get to the rim efficiently? Again it comes down to that layup. From that spoke all the way to the hub, but don’t forget actually when you’re peddling you’re putting
power through that one spoke. But that spoke actually goes all the way to the other side of the rim. So you’re putting that power through two places simultaneously. Also the way that this
sort of spoke pattern works when this reaches this other spoke, it’s actually sandwiched in there as well. It’s actually completely
laid up with the other spoke, which means you’ve got this star grid of super strong spokes. Actually the virtual spoke
then is just there to there. Compared to a normal 29’er, it goes right from the rim to that hub. It’s much shorter. Last but not least Syncros designed these wheels to be more responsive. That all comes down to the weight. Also we’re talking about rotational mass. The further away from the axle the more important it gets. This rims actually 25%
lighter than the competition, and the spokes are 50% lighter
than the hour equivalence. That’s not even considering
there were not using these spoke nipples on here as well, which means it’s actually
30% less inertia involved in getting this wheel spinning. So when it comes to accelerating, stopping and then getting going again… Actually that less inertia means you’re gonna use less energy. Super important for cross country racing. Crazy amount of
technologies gone into this one piece carbon fiber wheelset. That is total warrantee. So you get a two year
warrantee with these wheels. Three year crash replacement system, which actually means after the first year you get 50% off the cost price
if you need to replace it. Year two 30%. Year three 20%. But in the six months
of testing this Syncros are done with multiple riders, they’ve not managed to break a spoke yet. If that’s not enough
we’re giving more away in this ultimate cross
country upgrade giveaway. Check this out. These are the Syncros Fraser iC. So they integrate a cockpit. You might have seen something like this on our Scott Genius bikes. The Hixon iC. This is the phrase of the
cross country equivalent. So more carbon fiber
wizardry from Syncros. This is an integrated cockpit. So, one piece carbon fiber bar and stem. Super strong. Super stiff and super lightweight. These only weigh 220 grams. Check out the way that they’re made. That’s a virtual stem
length of 70 millimeters, but actually see it’s
much shorter than that. It’s got that sweet
forward on the bar as well. Actually that contact point’s
a way you place your hands. It’s exactly the same as the 70 mil alloy bar and stem equivalent. These come in 60, 70 and
80 millimeter versions. They’re 740 mil wide with a minus eight degree virtual stem angle. Plus you get a few little extra bits. You get a regular top cap. You get a carbon fiber top cap. These special spacers. Also a garmon mount
that sits nicely on top. A once piece carbon fiber bar and stem that weighs about as much
as a normal alloy stem. It comes in at 330 euros, but also part of this giveaway… That’s not the end of it. We also got a carbon fiber
saddle to come with it. Syncros have a number of
difference saddle options depending on the type of riding you do and how flexible you are. The Tofino is more of
their endurance lines. It comes in three different models. Crowmolly, Titanium Rails or of course carbon fiber we’ve got here. Fully stealth and it goes
really nice with that bar stem. Plus there still within SL wheels. So this is about four thousand pounds worth of premium cross country catch. Just imagine what your bike would look like with this stuff bolted onto it. We post this stuff worldwide. So there’s no reason not to enter. To find the link in the
description down below. So Nino Schurter has his very own limited edition version of these Fraser iC bars. If you wanna see a bike check
with Nino click over there. If you wanna see a video
where I use my Scott Genius where I’m using the Hexon
version of these bars, so the Enduro version,
click over there for 275 versus 29. Give us a thumbs up if you like
wining loads of free gifts. Don’t forget to hit our subbed button if your not subbed already.


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