TALLEST Male Celebs In The World

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Which comedians tower over their microphone
stands? What mainstream athletes come closest to seven
feet in height? Find out as we take a look at the Tallest
Male Celebrities in the World. #13 Chris Hemsworth (6’3”)
Modern computer generated imagery, or CGI, is a major asset in the development of action
films nowadays, especially for Marvel Studios and their larger-than-life characters. But when it comes to Thor, as played by Chris
Hemsworth, graphic artists don’t need to work nearly as hard. This ruggedly handsome Australian native dwarfs
the majority of his Avengers co-stars with most of the other hero-portraying actings
falling short of six feet tall. #12 Jason Momoa (6’4”)
When casting superheroes and barbarian lords, it helps if the hired actor can literally
fit the part. Thankfully for HBO, Warner Brothers and DC
Comics, Jason Momoa always delivers on that end. The six-foot-four, 214 pound goliath fits
in right at home, whether he’s sporting gold and green deep sea armor or tribal leathers
and body paint. This Polynesian powerhouse matches his dominating
height with a deep voice, battle scars, tattoos, and beard to craft a grizzly, yet attractive,
trademark look. But don’t let his smoldering presence fool
you, Momoa has been known to be something of a teddy bear behind the scenes. Spending his free time away from film sets
either studying Buddhism or jamming on his guitars, Momoa is far from the no-nonsense
tough guy he often portrays. #11 Conan O’Brien (6’4”)
Pale, red-headed, tall and lanky, the comedian and talk show host Conan O’Brien has an
iconic look brought together by his impressive height. The 55-year-old celebrity measures in at 6-foot-four
and has gained massive fame thanks to his wacky antics and often awkward, self-deprecating
sense of humor. O’Brien’s popularity has earned him a
starring role on shows like Late Night, The Tonight Show, and his currently self-titled
program, Conan. In addition to maintaining an iconic look
as the gangliest host on TV, O’Brien is often cited as an innovator in the late night
genre. His current work chiefly incorporates his
online presence and many of his segments are crafted to easily translate to a digital medium. With a knack for current trends and a history
of success, this giant ginger isn’t dropping out of the spotlight anytime soon. #10 Jeff Goldblum (6’4.5”)
Many of the tall actors on this list make use of their height by playing the brawny,
courageous, and athletic types of characters we see on the silver screen. Equally as important though, especially in
the science fiction genre, is the role of the brain. This spot has become a specialty for Jeff
Goldblum who, despite being 6 feet and four and a half inches tall, seems to fit right
in as the polished, articulate, and sometimes smarmy character. While Goldblum landed starring roles in movies
like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Big Chill, and his true breakout role in The Fly,
two franchises in particular helped make him a Hollywood heavyweight for years to come. Leading roles in both Jurassic Park and Independence
Day gave Goldblum a blockbuster push and he’s continued to appear in films and television
shows consistently ever since. #9 Tyler Perry (6’5”)
Attaching his name to a bevy of films, television shows, and projects, it’s difficult to find
one of his works without knowing Tyler Perry was behind its creation. The actor, filmmaker and comedian has become
a prominent provider of black representation in the mainstream media since his 2005 film
“Diary of a Mad Black Woman.” Since then, he’s produced more than 20 films
and 8 television shows, all to varying degrees of success. Many of his works feature him as the running
character of Madea, an elderly black woman with a tough demeanor, despite Perry being
a towering six foot five. He also performs as an actor in projects outside
of his own, appearing in movies like Gone Girl, Alex Cross and Star Trek. #8 Howard Stern (6’5”)
From his beginnings as a shock jock host, Howard Stern has exhibited a gift for garnering
attention. His morning show with WXRK in New York lasted
20 years and accumulated an audience of twenty million at its peak. Stern would go on to expand his media empire
with ventures into late night television, pay-per-view events and home videos chronicling
his projects. The flourishing of his career launched Stern
out of AM radio and into satellite radio in 2004, where he signed a five-year deal for
500 million dollars! After his contract ended with Sirius, Stern
went on to be a judge on America’s Got Talent. Today, his career continues to blaze on as
the 65-year-old, six-foot-five “King of All Media” looms over modern shock jocks
who dare challenge for his throne. #7 Dwayne Johnson (6’5”)
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a megastar and potentially the most successful professional
wrestler of all time to cross into the mainstream. Hailing from the lineage of accomplished pro-wrestlers
Peter Maivia and Rocky Johnson, Dwayne first pursued football at the University of Miami
where he and his team would win a national championship in 1991. From there, he would try and pursue a career
in professional football, but he was cut from the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL within just
two months. Luckily, his true calling was awaiting him. Johnson spent a collective ten years with
the WWF-turned-WWE and used his incredible rise to the top of pro wrestling to take a
shot at acting. What began as a rocky start with 2002’s
Scorpion King would become one of the most profitable careers Hollywood has ever seen. By 2016, the six-foot-five Samoan renaissance
man was the highest-paid actor in the world! #6 Penn Jillette (6’6.5”)
Crafty and sophisticated, magicians often maintain an air of dexterous sophistication
to work their illusionary sleight. But at 6 feet and 6 and a half inches, Penn
Jillette looks anything but graceful. This magician doesn’t wear his skill on
his sleeve, though, opting to keep his best tricks under them instead. In addition to headlining a live act at The
Rio with his long-time iconically silent partner Teller, the magical duo has produced a number
of successful television shows. Jillette often acts as the contrast to Teller’s
self-induced muteness with his own loquacious monologues, typically providing a distraction
so as to more easily trick an audience. The large illusionist is known for his gift
of gab, choosing to speak out on behalf of a number of subjects, like atheism, libertarianism,
and superstition skepticism. #5 Tony Robbins (6’7”)
With a list of clientele that reads like a red carpet and commercial success out the
wazoo, few motivational speakers compare to the illustrious Tony Robbins. This life coach has reportedly helped millions
of people during his four decade long career, and in turn has brought in billions of revenue
for his efforts. Beginning at the age of 17, Robbins has a
work ethic and a natural charisma that’s slingshotted him to stardom. Throughout his work, Robbins has helped a
number of celebrities like Bill Clinton, Leonardo Dicaprio, Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman and
even, as he claims, prominent figures such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, and Princess
Diana. He assists everyday people as well, often
using his intimidating stature to help control the conversation and sway those he coaches
into being on the same page. And at six-feet, seven inches tall, there
are very few who are immune to his aggressively persuasive ways. #4 Lebron James (6’8”)
One of the most dynamic athletes to enter the mainstream, Lebron James has been the
talk of the sports world since he was first signed to the Cleveland Cavaliers directly
out of high school. Since then, King James has gone on to lead
his teams to three NBA Championships, two with the Miami Heat and another during his
second run with the Cavs. For the past decade, James has largely been
regarded as the face of the NBA thanks to his constant appearance in advertising campaigns
and his utter domination on the court. Heralded as a genetic machine, James has made
an undeniable impact in professional basketball due to his ability to out muscle opponents
in the same position and out maneuver taller competitors. At six-foot-eight, James is an average to
large sized forward, but wields a muscle mass, agility, and shooting ability that launch
him miles ahead of others in the league. This athleticism, mixed with his inherent
charismatic appeal, has even landed him roles like hosting the ESPY Awards and Saturday
Night Live, as well as a co-starring role in the 2015 comedy Trainwreck. #3 Brad Garrett (6’8.5”)
Known for his co-starring role on the nine-season long sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, Brad
Garrett is a massive man who uses his size as a comedic advantage. With his unmistakable baritone voice and imposing
height of six feet, eight and a half inches Garrett’s giant-like demeanor often played
the role of punchline on the hit show. But this titanic actor actually began his
comedy career over a decade before the debut of the television show, finding his start
in stand-up comedy. In 1986, Garrett appeared on The Tonight Show,
completing a performance that would get him banned from the show but also send his career
skyrocketing. He performed in Las Vegas early on, opening
for names like Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra, David Copperfield, the Beach Boys, Julio Iglesias
and Sammy Davis Jr. Now, at the age of 58, he’s returned to
Vegas full time with the opening of his comedy club inside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. #2 Andre The Giant (7’0”)
Professional wrestling is one of the most physically demanding forms of entertainment
in the world and as such, it helps to be on the larger size. And no one was larger than Andre the Giant. Billed at seven feet, four inches, and weighing
a colossal 500 pounds, the squared circle juggernaut made his opponents look like adolescents
as they grappled in the ring. But given the blurred reality and pageantry
of pro wrestling, many believe this number to be exaggerated. In truth, Andre Roussimoff, the man behind
the character, was likely around 7 feet tall at most. Due to gigantism, his physical proportions
gave him a much larger appearance as body parts like his hands were often nearly twice
the size of his peers. #1 Shaquille O’Neal (7’1”)
Rising to prominence in the 1990s, the star center of NBA teams like the Orlando Magic
and Los Angeles Lakers crossed over into the mainstream thanks to his commanding size and
undeniable charm. Shaq used the momentum of various ad campaigns
and his burgeoning popularity to propel himself on the silver screen in films like Blue Chips,
Kazaam and Steel. Going on to appear in episodes of television
shows, on the covers of basketball games, and even in pro wrestling, this mammoth of
a man earned his place as a household name. Which of these super-tall celebrities would
you try to high-five? Let us know which one and why in the comments


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