Tame a Wild Horse Quick – Red Dead Redemption 2 – Horse Guide


Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is
Andrew and welcome to a horse guide for Red Dead Redemption 2. In this guide I’m
gonna be showing you how to tame a wild horse the quick way. So first what you’re
gonna do is find a horse that you want. Keep in mind that the breed, gender and
coat, will actually affect the horse’s stats. Fortunately, you can use the
binoculars to get an idea of what stats you’re gonna get. You just aim at the
horse and press R1 to bring up the information, assuming you’ve already
studied it. so this Tennessee Walker only has about two bars for speed and
acceleration, whereas this thoroughbred over here, has four and three. That’s
the horse we’re going to go for. What we’re going to do is we’re going to
charge at the horse and catch it with the lasso. Make sure you’re not too far
or it won’t hook and make sure you’re not too close because you will actually
get pulled off. Let’s go! Alright once it’s lassoed, you want to move towards it while calming it, just keep pressing Square or X and the goal is to get to
its side so that you can mount it. Just keep a lookout for the mount prompt that will pop up really soon. Okay so he keeps moving to the right so we’re gonna start moving to the left. There we go. Now, if I get close, mount horse. Once it’s
mounted you’re gonna need to break it in. The general gist is to move in the
opposite direction that the horse moves. So pay close attention to the horses
movements, if it goes forward you’re going to pull back on the analog stick,
if it goes left you’re gonna go right, if it goes right you’re gonna go left.
Eventually it will start to settle like this, when it’s doing that you’re just
gonna keep pressing L3 until it’s completely calm. And you’re gonna give it a pat because
they’re kind of cute and you’re not a complete monster. If you intend to make
this your main horse, whistle over your other horse and go up to it, while
holding L2 or LT, just hold up on the d-pad to remove the saddle then
all you’re going to do is go up to the other horse and place the saddle on this
one. This will actually start the initial bonding process as well. There we go, horse bonding achieved level one. If you intend to keep both horses, while you’re on the new horse you can actually whistle the other horse and it will
follow you wherever you go. Just make sure you store your old horse in the
nearest stable as soon as possible, otherwise you risk losing it if it dies. Just keep in mind if your previous horse was a pre-order horse you can actually
repurchase it at the Valentine stable for no cost. If you intend to use the new
horse as a temporary horse, just hop off and remove the saddle and put it back on
your old horse, while doing this you should notice that the new horse now
shows up as a temporary horse icon on the mini-map, otherwise you actually have
to spend a bit of time bonding with it before the icon actually shows up,
assuming that it does. Once the saddles on your old horse you can actually just
hop on your new one and that’s it, now you can ride off into the sunset… hold on
a second, hold on, sunset? Wait, sun sets in the West or in the East?
Rises in the east and sets in th- F*** it we’re just going to ride in this
direction, we’re riding, this is the sunset, we’re riding off into it and
that’s all you need to do, this is a very vital step, you have to do this step if
you plan on keeping a temporary horse. Thank you guys so much for watching,
please don’t forget to subscribe and visit the channel for more videos. I will
have a few more horse guides coming up: stuff about bonding with your horse, benefits of bonding with your horse, horse care and maintenance and how to
use the stable as well, so stay tuned for that. Once again; thank you for watching
and as usual ladies and gentlemen I will see you in the next video.


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  1. Red Cap Juice

    November 15, 2018 6:40 pm

    Fuck it, We're going to just ride in this direction. HAHAHAHA! Thanks for the video, I can't wait to tame one after work.

  2. Jeff Jones

    January 19, 2019 6:40 pm

    Finally broke my first horse, a white Arabian I found in the mountains thanks to this guide. In the epilogue?! Typical Rockstar flash up vital information in a few seconds and expect you to rember this stuff 60 hours later. Ah well, thanks again.


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