Tangled’s Rapunzel Visits the Spirit Barn Playset

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– [Child] Family fun for everyone! – [Narrator] Oh wow! Look what we get to play with today! It’s the new Spirit Barn playset! Let’s get this super
cool toy out of the box! Oh wow! Look at this super cool stable! Oh and look! There goes Lucky with a wheelbarrow! Hey Lucky! – [Lucky] Oh hi Engineering Family! – [Narrator] Hey Lucky! Do you think you could give us a tour of this super cool stable? – [Lucky] I would absolutely love to! Come with me! So right here is where we keep the horses. See? There’s my good friend, Spirit. Hey Spirit! (neighs) I’m getting ready to take him out for a ride later, which is why his
bridle is right over there. Let’s see if we can put it on him! To tell you a secret, he usually
doesn’t like wearing one. Okay Spirit! Let’s put your bridle on! (neighs) Come on Spirit, it’ll help
me to ride you better! (neighs angrily) Oh Spirit. Here, here we go. Oh come on Spirit. (neighs) Come on Spirit, just
wear it for a little bit, see if you like it! (neighs) Well I guess it looks like Spirit won’t be wearing his
bridle, but that’s okay, I actually quite like
riding him without it. But don’t tell him that. (laughs) Now come on, let me show you some other places in the stable. (neighs) So over here is where we house some of our friends’ horses. As you can see over there,
we’re stabling Maximus, that’s Flynn Rider’s
horse if you don’t know, and Phillipe, that’s Belle’s horse. And right back there is Elena’s horse. It’s Skylar. He’s so cool! I’ve never seen a horse with wings, but he’s pretty awesome! – [Skylar] For the last
time, I’m not a horse! I’m a Jaquin! I don’t know why Elena left me here, I can take care of myself
while she’s on vacation. – [Lucky] (laughs) Oh
Skylar, you’re so funny! Now come on Engineering Family, let me show you some more rooms! Okay, so this is the side of the stable. I can go through this door right here if I want to get into
the stables this way. Really cool! Oh come in here! I wanna show you something really cool! We keep a lot of cool stuff in this chest. Right here, do you wanna see? Okay, see! It’s a lot of gold! That’s pretty cool! (choral music) Don’t tell Captain Hook! He may come and steal it! (laughs) Now follow me, we still
got so much more to see! Come on! Now we’re at the front of the stable. I really love this part. Let me show you! This barn door is just
so much fun to open! Let me show you! Ready? Here I go! Woo! Whoops! I knocked over the water! Here, I’ll show you
from the other side now. Ready, here it goes from this side! Woo! So fast, and so much fun! Oh whoops! I left this hay bucket
here to feed Spirit, here, let’s go feed him now! Okay, here we go! Here you go Spirit! Sorry I forgot to feed you earlier! Now you enjoy that while I go show them the last room in the stable. Here, follow me everyone! Just have to climb this
ladder here, up I go! And here it is! My favorite room at the stables! Come on inside! Up here is where me and
my friends hang out! See, there’s a really
comfy couch up there, and a comfy beanbag! Huh, I think I hear someone
coming up the ladder! Who could that be? Oh I wonder who it could be? Oh hey! Hey Rapunzel, what are you doing here? – [Rapunzel] Hey Lucky,
I was just coming by to pick up Maximus! Flynn and I are back home and we’re ready to take him home with us! Thanks so much for stabling
him while we were gone! – [Lucky] Sure thing Rapunzel! Here, let’s go the quick way! – [Rapunzel] Which way’s the quick way? – [Lucky] Right there! Oh no, Rapunzel! I’m sorry I’m coming! Don’t worry Rapunzel I’m coming! Oh no Rapunzel are you okay? I’m perfectly fine. Maximus here caught my fall! You’re such a good boy, Maximus. (neighs) Okay, bye Lucky! Thanks again! We’ll see you later! – [Lucky] Well, Engineering Family, that’s the whole stable! You’ve seen all of it! Now I think Spirit wants to go for a ride. Isn’t that right, Spirit? (neighs) Okay, let’s go bud! Bye Engineering Family, see you next time! (neighs) – [Narrator] Wow, this
new Spirit Barn playset was so much fun! It has so many rooms! Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Next video! Wow, look what we’re playing with today! It’s the new Chubby Puppies Pug, Carlin! It looks like he’s ready
to come out of the box! (barks) Wait, Carlin, get back here! Wait, Carlin, get back here! Now that we’ve got him to calm down, let’s take a closer look at our cute, chubby puppy named Carlin! Carlin’s a cute pug,
with beautiful brown eyes and a cute brown snout, and
look at his tan soft fur! He’s definitely super duper pettable. Oh and Carlin loves butterflies. I don’t think he can help
himself when he sees one! Oh no, there’s one now! Oh, he’s excited! I think we should go ahead and take Carlin to the Chubby Puppy Dog Park,
to help him make some friends. What do you think, Carlin? (barks) Let’s go! There he goes! (dogs barking)
Well, it looks like it’s a busy day at the Chubby Puppy Dog Park. Hey people at home, can you spot the different types of dogs? I see a boxer, a dalmatian,
a Labrador and a beagle. (gasps) Oh and can you spot
our Chubby Puppy Kitty? There she is! (dogs barking) I wonder what will happen
when we have Carlin the Chubby Puppy Pug come in! Oh I see him now! He looks excited! I don’t know, Carlin seems a
little big for this dog park. What do you think, people at home? Do you think we should send him to another dog park to have some fun? One that’s a little bigger,
so that he can have fun too? He looks super excited! Carlin I think you’re little
big for this dog park. How about we take you to a dog park more your size, so you can have some fun! (barks and pants) I think that’s a yes! Okay, it looks like Carlin wanted to play Hide and Go Seek, so let’s see if we can find that sneaky pug! Do you see him? Look for those chocolatey brown eyes, and I’m sure we’ll find him. (gasps) Oh I think I spot him! Do you see him, people at home? (barks) Here you are Carlin! Are you gonna hide again? (barks) Okay, people at home, let’s
see if we can find him! I think Carlin loves the color purple. Look at these purple flowers! Do you see him? (gasps) I think I see those
chocolatey brown eyes! Good hiding spot, Carlin. Carlin loves to roll around in the grass. (barks and pants) (laughs) Maybe he has a scratch! (pants and barks) I think he sees a bird!
(ecstatic barking) Come back, Carlin! (barks) (wet licking sound) (laughter) I think he kissed you! (barks) Hey Carlin do you wanna play fetch? (barks) Okay, let’s go get you a ball! Okay Carlin, do you
wanna fetch this cupcake? (barks) Alright, I’m gonna throw it! Let’s see if you can find it! (sniffing) Do you see it Carlin? (barks) (eating noises) Is it good, Carlin? (barks) Alright, Carlin, I’m gonna
throw this stick, okay? Let’s go see if we can find it! I don’t think it’s over here. (barks) Think it’s up on this tree? (barks) Good job, Carlin! You found it! Okay Carlin do you wanna jump? Okay it’s kinda high, you sure you got it? (barks) Okay… Let’s see if you can! Ready? Jump! (barks) Good job Carlin. (barks) Oh are you gonna jump from this rock, Carlin, to this rock? (barks) (wet licking sound) (laughs) I’m gonna take that as a yes. Okay, go for it! (barks) Good job, Carlin! You did it! Good job, buddy, good job. (wet licking sound) (laughs) That was so much fun, playing with our new Chubby Puppy Carlin! He’s the cutest little pug around! Hey, people at home,
where do you think Carlin should go next? Should he go to the zoo? Or maybe the fair! Or even the circus! Let us know in the comments below! And for more fun Chubby Puppy videos, with Carlin and all of his friends, make sure to subscribe to our channel. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and give us a huge thumbs up if you loved this video! And today’s secret spelling word is… Chubby Puppy! C-H-U-B-B-Y, a space, and then P-U-P-P-Y. Like Carlin the Chubby Puppy. Make sure you type that
in the comments below! Bye everyone! Thanks for watching! – [Narrator] Hey there everyone, thanks for watching our video, now make sure you subscribe
to the Engineering Family, so that you can see lots of cool videos! In fact, there’s another
cool video right there! You can select and watch it, I think you’re really gonna like it! Its a Team in Missouri, proper cool! Surprises, Frozen, Blade, Masha, there’s so many videos to watch! Bye!


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