Tasting Airag, Fermented Mare’s Milk Liquor


♫ Opening Theme ♫ We continue with our culinary experiences Yes! This time in Mongolia. So, this time is… Airag. Its a drink called “Airag” Its a liquor made out of the milk of a mare Fermented mare’s milk Exactly and it has, apparently, an acquired taste.
So, lets see. It smells… I wish we were not doing this in English Come on! Oh, wow! You really like it! it tastes like vomit Try it Oh, wow! Cheers! It’s very sour WOW! that’s the best you can say, “WOW” it’s fizzy, as well Yeah, it’s like champagne its a little bubbly… I don’t know if I can… finish it You shouldn’t drink the whole thing,
its actually bad luck to drink it all Really? I thought I was so cool once, and I drank the whole bowl and they were like:
“No, don’t do that, its bad luck!” and I was like, “Oh!?!” I kind of… like it though You kinda of like it?
Yeah! This is the fresh cheese, its really nice it’s very nice and mild It is. Oh, wow The cheese is tasty the drink is kinda of crappy, tastes like puke I can’t even consider taking another sip,
otherwise I will throw up It taste like vomit,
but there is something pleasant about it Can you explain what did you like about it? It tastes like vomit! and smells like rancid cheese and tastes like vomit like “bile” its like drinking a gallon of milk and then throwing up This is it.
Its ready to be drank again! It’s baby’s puke if you put like that, gives me nausea but its true!


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