TDN Mare Visits: Stonestreet Stables

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Stonestreet Farm is known for its
illustrious broodmare band and that star power was on display during our
recent visit for the next installment of TDN Mare Visits. We checked in with
Cavorting, Dreaming of Julia, Glinda the Good, and D’Wildcat Speed. She’s a fairly laid-back loving mother. Takes very good care of her babies.
Her babies have a tendency to look a lot like her, got a huge shoulder, great big
rump to them. This foal this year looks a lot like Lady Aurelia, got the big nice
shoulder, big hindquarters, she’s probably has a little bit more leg than Lady Aurelia
did at this point in time in her development. She very much knows
herself, she won’t put up with a lot of nonsense, if she wants to be groomed
she’ll be groomed but when she’s had enough she’ll let you know. This year Cavorting had a Medaglia d’Oro filly. She looks a lot like her mother, a little
bit more stretchier. The first foal that she had was a Curlin filly and that
was a little bit more compact than the filly that we have this year but both of
them have a bit of their mother’s temperament which they know themselves
and aren’t too terribly shy to show it from time to time but they’re
generally easy to work with. She’s quite night and day in her
transition when she was first brought as a weanling here. We were loading her up at
the sales ground and she somehow gracefully jumped out of the back of a
van and managed to take that talent to the farm and jumped out of the paddock
which transitioned well to the race track. She- that fiery spirit that she had
did well for her there, she’s a Grade One winner but since she’s come to the farm.
She settled down into motherhood quite well, has relaxed a bit, but on a good day
you can see that fire in her eye where she wanted to run and she’s a
mom who’s only had a few foals so she’s still very attached to them. Glinda the Good,
this year she has a full brother to Good Magic, a colt by Curlin. Looks a lot
like him, chestnut with the blaze. Has the most chill attitude that you’ve probably
ever met on a foal. Will come up to you and want all the attention.
Won’t run away from you, he’s just very personable. It’s a horse that I would put
in front of anybody that even if they didn’t have horse experience you could
just kind of put them up there and know that they’re not gonna get hurt. His brother and about now was like a little bit more compact, this one’s a
little bit more in that he as a little bit more length to him but they both still had
that kind of chill attitude where they just came in, they were easygoing they
never gave you a real problem. She adapted really well, she didn’t miss a
beat at all from being that Grade One race mare to a Grade One producing
broodmare. She’s very easygoing when it comes to her foals, it’s easy to work
around her and haven’t had very many issues with her at all. He’s a lot more
relaxed than she is, not to say that she’s a mare that’s more on the muscle,
but he- just you can do basically anything you want with him and he doesn’t care. He is a very typical Medaglia d’Oro which will do well on the
race track.


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