The 1,000mph Car, Inside Bloodhound SSC – Guinness World Records


Rocket systems primed Pumps primed Full throttle Standby for stage one Stage one down Stage one’s lit 3:30 stage two. Now. 400 500 600 700 Supersonic 850 1000 miles an hour


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  1. Andrew James

    March 3, 2018 5:59 am

    This is nothing.. cough x-43 cough
    Does this even equality as a car? It’s just a plane with a car engine..

  2. Das Wunder

    May 6, 2018 4:59 pm

    Did it even drive?
    So thrust ssc is the still the number one!
    But I can't wait to see the bloodhound ssc 😉

  3. jorgensenmj

    May 19, 2018 9:51 pm

    Wow! Since it's already been driven that fast in a virtual reality…why spend any money actually building it. Just keep saying you need a little more funding (like the Moller flying car) and you can live off the hype.

  4. Sumo Bear

    May 23, 2018 7:15 am

    Do they have the actual recorded video somewhere? All i can find is this CGI generated simulation.

  5. FalconGamer58

    July 4, 2018 12:46 pm

    When you're playing Squads in Fortnite and someone dies so you gotta get the loot before your teammates

  6. xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    November 20, 2018 7:23 am

    Engine 1 = RR EJ200 TurboJet
    Engine 2 = unknown Rocket
    Engine 3 = Cosworth V8 (as pump for the rocket)

    Crazy 77,000HP… damn

  7. joe quillun

    March 4, 2019 11:18 pm

    Pistons!? I saw pistons in this video at the 2 min. mark. Where are there pistons on this machine?

  8. Louis Cortez

    March 6, 2019 9:08 pm

    Pfft my dog can run faster than that

    this is just a joke please dont think im forcing my dog to basically die

  9. xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    July 11, 2019 5:58 am

    Bugatti chiron = im the fastest
    Hennessey venom f5 = oh rlly?
    Koenigsegg Jesko = you guys are so cute
    Bloodhound SSC = i didnt know these babies could even run smh

  10. Dan E Garner

    August 11, 2019 10:38 pm

    Fast but I hear Hector is going to be running three Honda civics with spoon engines, and on top of that, he just went into Harry’s and bought three t66 turbos with nos, and a motec exhaust system.

  11. Seeing Dragons

    October 27, 2019 3:18 pm

    I've heard about this thing for years bragging how fast it is and marketing it in CGI. Are they EVER going to actually drive the damn thing? Can they get it over 55 mph?

  12. Javier Mac

    December 9, 2019 10:07 am

    The car should hve gone 3 times the speed of sound. Those rocket powered sledge have already gone at Mach 10 !!!


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