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Hi Tofu! Who was that? That is Lilly. She’s my new friend She has an aquarium in her house and her brother has the latest robots collection and I want to see it So, I told her that I love fish and she invited me home to play with her Since when do you like fish, Tofu? I don’t. They creep me out I just said it to her so that she would be friends with me and let me see her brother’s robot collection You’re the donkey with the lion’s skin What kind of a donkey is that, Tia! One day, a donkey found a lion’s skin Oh! Look at that! It’s the lion’s skin Let me put it on He put it on and looked at his reflection in the river Wow! I look just like a lion! No one can say that it is me I must take advantage of this The donkey wore the skin and marched into the village Obviously seeing a lion in the village the villagers got scared and started running helter-skelter They left their stores and kiosks open The women dropped baskets full of hay and fruits on the road grabbed their children and locked themselves indoors This is so much fun! The villagers have left their food and belongings out here in the open for me to feast on. The donkey ate as much as he wanted to grabbed his loot and went back into the jungle For the next few days he relaxed and enjoyed what he had brought from the village When his supply ran out wearing the lion skin he walked into the village once again. The villagers once again ran at the sight of the lion and the donkey gathered his loot This went on for many days Every time he was successful, the donkey’s confidence grew We must do something about this lion What can we do? Let us follow him and see where he goes And so, the villagers decided to follow what they thought was the lion The donkey was particularly happy that day after plundering the village Still wearing the lion skin he went straight to the wheat fields and started singing loudly The villagers who were behind him recognised his braying It is not a lion… it is a donkey! Braying in a lion’s skin I say we teach him a lesson The villagers caught hold of the donkey and beat him mercilessly So, you see, Tofu… it is not enough to pretend to be what you are One must genuinely be what they say they are Otherwise their true nature will start showing and people will recognise their lie I agree with you, Tia I will go and tell Lilly the truth


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