The Future of Retailing – Zebra’s Mobile Self-Scanning Solution

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In today’s fight against discounters, dot comms, and competitors, customer experience is key, and they want it improved by technology. So, how could you use technology to gain competitive advantage? Introducing the MC18, our most advanced personal shopping solution. All the familiar functionality of a smartphone in a handheld scanner. Let’s see how the MC18 could revolutionize your customers’ shopping experience. It starts with unlocking the device, which is quick, easy, and can be done with a loyalty card. In an instant, your customers shop can begin. The handset is light, well-balanced, and designed so you can use the touch screen and scan function with just one hand. A personalized welcome makes customers feel more valued. They can connect to their online shopping list sorted by aisle and scan any coupons they have to load promotional offers. Scanning is simple, even for loose produce, making shopping in your stores easier and more convenient, but the MC18 offers so much more. Why not suggest recipes for scanned items with tempting content, promotional offers on key ingredients, and the option to add to their shopping list? You can create office based on your customers location or use in-store navigation to guide shoppers around your stores. They simply search and use the map to navigate; not forgetting those ingredients on the way. The light bulbs are found and packed, and there’s no need to unload and repack at checkout. Customers can check their spend so they can budget better and statistics show they will spend more. With the MC18 checkout is hassle-free, no queuing, no stress, no delays, and you can combine it with SmartSense or RFID to identify tagged items in shopping. After scanning the end-of trip barcode customers can pay at the kiosk or alternatively on the MC18 or Virus Smart- phone using an app. You can also use the MC18 for queu-busting, in store-picking, stopped checking, price markdown. Zebra’s personal shopping solution is proven to increase revenue, loyalty, visits, satisfaction, and as shoppers do the scanning it saves staff time too. Can you afford to ignore the potential? Discover more at www.zebra.compss


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