The Horse’s Mouth: Episode 31

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from Studio three abuzz TV it’s the
horse’s mouth with Tom McManus all right welcome into another edition
of the horse’s mouth here at Tommy Mac’s and of course on buzz TV hope you had a
great week out there it’s Thanksgiving week hence you know the festive shirt so
to speak want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving I know that I have a ton to
be thankful for from the good Lord up above and this great community my family
my friends I’m so thankful for everybody out there and I’m not thankful for it’s
the way my hometown Jaguars are playing for crying out loud they’re playing like
a bunch of individuals that aren’t coming together as a team they lose the
nail-biter to the Pittsburgh Steelers of course should have won that game had
that game won but let it slip away but hey I’m still gonna sleep well at night
I wish they would do better but at the same time man I think I’ll hit that
pillow no problem hey good luck to you Florida and Florida State fans this
weekend I know that’s a big game so good luck to whoever I don’t have I don’t
have a dog in a fight so I don’t really care but I know it’s a fantastic outing
from both those programs and the universities with their alumni we’ve got
a great show lined up feyza you want to get inspired you want to be inspired to
do great things well look no further than my guest
Donovan Darious DD fantastic football player doing great stuff in the
community we’re talking a little bit about everything whether it’s the X’s
and O’s of the Jags this whole miscommunication stuff going on and what
he’s doing in the community to help people to help them reach their dreams
and their goals it’s quite inspiring and I’m looking forward to catching up with
him and all of that headed your way right here on this week’s edition of the
horse’s mouth live from Tommy Max and I’m buzz TV proud to introduce my title
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launched at Jacksonville party all right welcome back to
the horse’s mouth here on buzz TV of course we’re at Tommy Maxx and I’m
joined by my good friend and former teammate a guy that was a heck of a
football player on the field even better guy off the field doing some great
things right here in the community and beyond it’s the one and only double D
Donovan Darius welcome to the show life this is great
man it’s nice nice little place I feel right at home that’s right homey right
yes warm yes you and I go back quite a way still do I remember when you came in
in 1998 as a first round pick I think I’d been with the team for three years
you made an immediate impact when you look back on that you know what what
comes to mind you know you had a fantastic 10-year career in the yeah
well you know first initially walking in just seeing the guys that I watched on
TV and being a rookie not knowing you know did I belong how would I fair I
mean everybody comes out of college and you could be the best in college but
does that translate into how well you’re doing a new environment and so but just
seeing those guys you know you guys as veterans my number one thing I wanted to
do was I wanted everyone learn to play book and I wanted to learn next to
somebody who already been there that was like Chris Hudson yeah you know Travis
Davis and Dave Thomas and although oh yeah DT was great all those guys yeah
man that brought back so great memories you know I think about guys that like
yourself and Freddy T you know you come into an organization that’s successful
right and we want we won again in 1998 we were very good in 1999 and then you
think wow this is we’re gonna do this every year and then it doesn’t happen
it’s amazing from one year to an X or a couple years to the next year it’s not
the same that success does it translate for whatever reason so you know you
always hear people say NFL stands for not for long and yeah that that holds
true to when it comes to your success right it’s not for long
it’s only as good as it is now but one of the things we I’m sure you learned as
much I learned as well is that every year I will
and I would approach the offseason as if I didn’t have a job and I would say
starting in February after a couple weeks off of football from postseason or
after the season end I would start all over and I would have to build up myself
build up my my body build up my mind build up you know just the athlete that
deserved the right to be on the field and so come come game day or game week
or games so during the season you knew you put the you paid the price to be on
the field and so the success didn’t last long and I think I think as we look at
the Jaguars and now I think I’m never the same way man
you can put your hat on what you did before you got to do this every day
we’re gonna get into the Jags obviously it’s a local show but you know how do
you like how if you’re gonna talk to somebody about look I want to be the
best I can be I want to be a Pro Bowler I want to be an all-pro I want to be a
hall-of-famer whatever it is but that that want that desire can’t come above
the team success how do you do that well I think again within every team there
isn’t an AI but there is kind of in me in me so I think in order for the team
to do well you have to first personally have personal responsibility and
accountability you have to know what you need to know for you to be successful
and you had to be willing to put in the hard work that it takes because I think
at the end of the day what is on defense there were 11 guys I could not do the
job of a corner I was a safety that’s right if I didn’t do my job then the
whole team suffers so I think it starts with being having personal
accountability and then for that personal accountability now I’m tied is
tied into the vision of the whole and we had guys like like your son you’ve
worked on your craft yeah yeah always worked on your craft I remember you I
don’t know if you remember this was a cardinal late that got you doing this it
was a really hard drill with you it was every five yards you had to turn yeah I
remember that yeah and I remember getting into it with you guys man this
is really tough drill but it challenged you to what to be more fluid to have
have better change of direction then you always constantly work on your craft
that’s what your professional athletes do well and that’s exactly what they do
because they’re they’re not satisfied as I said with what they you know what
they’ve accomplished okay if you’re just focusing on
what you’ve accomplished that you’ll never continue to grow and I totally
believe that and so I always tell people wherever I go you got to get comfortable
with being uncomfortable and so sometimes it’s very easy for us just to
do what we know but when you have guys like right now Lake who’s an all-pro
player and I’m looking at him and it’s the power of mentors and I’m saying what
does he success where what has he done better than anybody and if I can just
gravitate a couple things from him still being myself then that means that I grew
even in my performance as a whole you know I think back to my career in the
NFL and college and I of course remember the good place put I’ve relived the bad
ones you know do you as well we don’t and that’s because they say about 80% of
our thoughts you know it is our negative because we’re always being critical with
ourselves and that’s why we always talk about you got to think about what you’re
thinking about you have to what is the tape that you’re replaying over and over
and over you have to build yourself up from the inside you know inside out
power visualization all these things that has to happen before you step on
the field yep and so I mean again it we’re creatures of habit that’s where
that’s what allowed us to be successful and I think beyond the game that’s what
helps us be successful in anything we do that’s right all right we’re gonna take
a quick timeout but when we come back TT we’re gonna get into this whole
miscommunication stuff I keep hearing okay hang in there we got more to come
with TT Donovan Darius right here on the horse’s mouth
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started me in scouting when I was actually a Cub Scout the values that
scouting teaches guided me most of my life since I’ve been involved values
that have continued to serve me even in my job as as a judge but it teaches
teamwork it teaches leadership I urge parents to explore the program
and to hopefully go home choose it for their children sign your child up for
Scouts at via scout org today all right welcome back to the horse’s
mouth here on buzz TV of course at Tommy Madsen with my good friend donovin
Darius former safety 10-year NFL player man ten years what a career man
I played five a night that was great but you get to that ten man that’s that’s
something special well you know what’s most impressive man I was just thinking
about the other day the very fact that when you think about it man how hard it
was to just to make it into the league yeah less than 1% make it into the
league and so to play two years three years five years ten years yeah there’s
something to that yes beyond God’s grace and and all that
there’s something that you have to do yeah and you know what I do now a little
bit we’re working with you know the life coach with the rookies coming in it’s
trying to help them understand what is that professional mindset look like that
first is just a talent alone no absolutely you and I both know it can
end like that it can one way injury how many I mean how many surgeries have you
had I’ve had in the NFL two major ones knee and foot you know foot took the
output yeah those are some big-time injury and I had a shoulder surgery here
so to hear me an ACL I broke my leg I’m grateful that I came back recover from
that you know the walking wounded but you recovered that’s right but yeah it
is it is it is tough but just like anything else man when you have the
right people around you yeah like I saw Mike Ryan last year trainer hate
athletic trainer and and I just told him man thank you because of you and your
team I was able to continue to live a dream I was able to do what I needed to
do so yeah I’m grateful man no man is an island of itself mates when you think
about it I could have done what I did for as many long years without somebody
like you tittle said in the first so I’m just grateful now I’m grateful for the
opportunity no no all right let’s talk this whole
miss community I’m hearing it from the Jags we don’t like the season we could
get into that but all I hear from this defense and I just heard it from the
offensive side this past week after they dropped the game to pitch for a
nail-biter at the end miscommunication TT I don’t get that how do you miss
communicate how do you not know what you’re doing on every single snap in
every single situation so it’s very very simple so again people
shifts people have been divorced divorce is not the actual thing is actually a
symptom of what’s happening before then okay so when they get to the game what’s
happening in a game is exactly what they’ve done in practice and before so
what is the key to great communication amongst many guys it is basically coming
together sitting there watching film everybody understanding what is the big
picture first that’s right when they understand the big picture and then they
understand what their piece is in it now they know how how things can fit so that
way when you watch a team as you know we typically wise about three to five games
of the team before you start to know their tendencies what do they do on
third down and one to three yards third down four to six third down seven to ten
I’ll never forget we played against Peyton Manning when he was with the
coast and I was watching film and I saw I knew that I knew that when they were
in three by one that means three guys was to them to my reps three wives from
my left one to the other side when Marvin Harrison was lined up on the
bottom of the numbers number one he and another guy ran up five years and came
in but well he was lined up at the top of the numbers three yards away he’ll
run ten yards up and in so I’ll never forget we got into the game was third
down to seven and in my mind they caught a defense that would have caused me to
be where he was going to be and I was so excited it was like that it was like a
kid going for kiss the first time I didn’t wanna be too excited let
everybody know you know it’s gonna happen but when Peyton Manning snapped
the ball I act like I wasn’t going to be there and I’m and I actually went like
cover to or went to the deep you’re gonna at the last minute I jump down and
pay money through it it was like taking candy from a baby why was that able to
happen it was because together as a unit we all got together in the film room and
we said what are the tendencies and what is your job here and we kept talking it
out so you don’t get good on game day that’s right game day is when you show
the masterpiece of what you did all week yeah you’re right about that
I’ll just say this whenever I was in a defense or meeting room college or pro
or even high school and I hear I didn’t get the call yeah I always call psi
that’s not a that’s not an inch no that’s
have the call yeah before I even answer and so people know I I was the mic for a
couple years with Donovan answer safety he would set the the secondary he would
set the coverage I’d set the front I could hear him he could hear me if there
was a check we could hear each other and but even before we could hear each other
we already knew what what we was going so there and Sonia so when you’re out
there on the field there is anticipation not guessing that’s right guessing is
when I have no idea you know and I’m just trying to make something happen but
anticipation it has everything to do with what I’ve already rehearsed and now
any opportunity happens and so when you talk about communication in different
atmospheres yes is loud so that’s why we have verbal communication and we had
nonverbal communication this right here was Buster that meant that the corner
was going to have the flat the saves is gonna be over top tapping your hands
only on your show on your hip meant backer that meant that a linebacker like
you would now had to had the force that just means that if anybody come there
you’re responsible not me and I fit differently and so what I don’t see out
there I don’t see the non-communication I see you know a lot of guys with their
arms up and that’s how that happened in business that I have in life I was on a
football field well you’re not prepared enough you
can’t anticipate and when you can’t anticipate if you can’t make the plays
that are there for you know and as we wrap to a break you gotta study the
tendencies that’s gonna tell you everything like you just pointed out
with Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison it was the same way for other teams they
came out and offset I with with twins away from it yeah something was
happening and were one of three things and I I didn’t guess but you anticipated
it right because you were ready repaired you’ve already played it in your mind
you’ve seen it on film you’ve seen it in your book yeah but that’s what it takes
that commitment to do in your own craft that helps your team so I’m not seeing
that so here’s what happens so at the end of the year
okay people talk about how their body is physically tired but more than
physically tired you should be mentally tired that means because every week you
are now putting what you did last week behind you and you’re saying I got to
start all over I got to start with my notebook and start drawing out their
tendencies I got to go to the practice field and I got to put
self imposition I gotta start alerting and even and you can imagine there’s
teams that’s in your division that you play only three weeks away and the
temptation is to say I’ll play in three weeks I know them but if you don’t
approach every game with the same amount of professionalism they will you know
watching Tennessee’s and putting some of the right position then they’re gonna go
member they’re studying you two that’s right and they’re studying you and your
strengths and your weaknesses and that’s all they’re looking for is just enough
in your tendencies is the same way are we’re gonna take quick timeout we’re
getting when we come back we’re going to get into a Donovan is doing now he’s
doing some fantastic working has for a long time right here in the Jacksonville
community stay tuned as we come back big event or party at your home or business
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for scouts at be a scout org today all right welcome back to the horse’s mouth
here on buzz TV my good friend Donovan Darius joins our we’ve talked football
talk to me real quick about what sports mm-hmm means to you in terms of getting
you prepared for the rest of your life because sports ends for everybody rear
ends for everybody what did it teach you what does it continue to teach you to
allow you to be successful away from the game well I mean just several things in
in no specific order I mean I learned about team I learned about the fact that
no man is an island that there that I am codependent and cold and interdependent
with other people that means I’m here for a common purpose
that other people share and the fact that I can’t do nothing by myself I can
do my part but I need other people it also taught
me about perseverance the fact that you are going to go through things but
remember this there is no chain there’s no change without the challenge we’ve
never lived we never got stronger if we didn’t have resistance I never got fast
if I didn’t have the sledge and so I understood that and it also taught me it
also taught me humility you know where I can have my talent we’re the professor
the best but you are within a team structure you have to garner that you
have to control that to be able to utilize who you are the best of who you
are you’re me for you know for a right moment and the last thing it just taught
me the fact that you can dream man that’s right you know I mean a kid out
of Camden New Jersey number three most dangerous city in the world being able
to take care as parents as his mom his community and now I do things that I
only dreamed and imagined though it lets you know that guess what anything is
possible if you just put your mind to it and you get
other people are like-minded believe create and hustle your butt off because
it’s gonna take it right go got about it so you and I both do motivational speech
yeah when I when it fits which is a lot I talk about my keys to happiness and
success number one is faith faith in the good Lord up above and faith in myself I
know you live it I know you live both of those talk about that oh I have to me at
the end of the day I didn’t give myself the breath that I have on and get it
myself you know the heartbeat that I haven’t so I am totally humbled by the
fact that I am I am made as a masterpiece I’m created with a purpose
and that purpose is to serve God and to serve man and so when I think about even
just a cross I think that I am under Authority and I’m in authority that
means I have an ability and I have an instruction to what I’m here to do and
beyond that I’ve been given those instructions and to me I get those
instruction from my motivational manuals I call it a Holy Bible
you know people can have theirs but that’s where I get mine that’s where I
find my identity and because of that it empowers me to go through life to go
through challenges to go through everything knowing that all my life is
being led and as there’s a great plan for me you know God gives us talents and
our job is to use those talents for the betterment of ourselves and for people
you were really passionate about helping people with your foundation with your
camps your motivational speaking what what stripes that double-d what gives
you that every single day to want to say you know what this is what I’m here for
well as I said it all goes back to me discovering my purpose I truly believe
that everybody life has a purpose but every purpose isn’t known to man so that
means some people had different phase like man what am I here to do Who am I
well guess what you’re not just your problems you’re not just your
circumstances you’re a creator with a greater purpose and as you start to
discover that by looking back at your life circumstances saying what am I good
at what am i passionate about how do I want to change the lives of other people
then you start to discover it and so I just basically found my opportunity to
where I get a chance now to know my gifts of teaching and encouraging and I
get a chance to help companies organizations teams
you know I mean just with solving problems connecting with them and
creating some strategic plans to help them take their lives to the next level
yeah I think one of the keys Wendy whether you’re talking to businesses
sports teams your family internal accountability here and leaving a great
impact cuz that’s the job yeah it’s not just running a company it’s your
employees your people going gosh she was a great man
her gosh she was a great lady here she was a great lady right I mean that’s
what it’s all always remember this that a legacy is nothing more than a life you
lived right a legacy you can never be known for which you never did you can
never nobody can ever read what you never wrote nobody can ever sing with
you you know what you’re never sang and so live your life out to the fullness
you know don’t let it be for something else for someone else understand that if
it’s given to you is for you to do it now I know why we got along so well I
think we’re cut for the city your brother from another mother I’m from the
suburbs of Chicago, you’re from Camden that’s it we’re cut from the same cloth I love
it’s a beautiful thing of it I like that you and I appreciate everything that
you’re doing – man I mean – everybody’s watching – Tommy you’re the real deal
and I say from the bottom the bottom of my heart man you care about people you
care about your family you care about God you care about knowing that you are
leaving this world and making this world a better place appreciate you know it’s
an honor to be with you brother get you my friend back yeah try one more segment
with double D we’re gonna find out what’s coming up next on the horizon for
him as we carry on with the horse’s mouth right here at Tommy Mac’s on buzz
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at Tommy Mac’s on buzz TV wrapping it up with my good friend
Donovan Darius all right double D tell us what’s on the horizon for you your
foundation and everything that you’re doing up I’m really excited as I said as
I transition to this next chapter of my life basically been a business building
motivational speakers so I love connecting with organizations they bring
me in and just basically helping them solve their issues their problems
building building a mindset and kind of an attitude within confident expectation
training even among some of the best organizations so I love doing that for
large group small jobs I mean then through the foundation utilizing our
gifts and talents to be make connections so I say up in our 2019 we got a big
Mother’s Day family celebration down at the stadium and or Donna maderas
foundation calm but as far as speaking and training and motivating just donovin
Darius calm and love to connect with people at the end of the day is all
about us moving life forward about how about football camps you got a knee up
spring Spring Break if you are in Clay County if you’re in Duval County st.
Johns County I’m gonna have some Spring Break football camps coming up there
they can check it out Darius next level training comm for kids ages 7 and 13
teaching the fundamentals of the game I was fortunate to win a Sports Emmy Award
for those camps so again come on out man we’re gonna have a great time they’ll
learn about life character athletic development and it’d be an experience
for the whole family as well Sports is business is life is that listening a
life poured out man there’s no personal private life is the life that you live
well hey man it’s it’s Thanksgiving week yes and I’m thankful for a lot of things
but I’m thankful for you coming in man and being on this show it worked out
there man I love it always does Thanksgiving to you and your family and
I look forward to doing it again let’s do it again all right we’ll be
back wrapping it up here on the horse’s mouth on buzz TV as we’re live from
Tommy Mac’s I grew up in Alabama and scouting was a
big deal there I started as a Cub Scout and went all the way through Boy Scouts
and ended up earning my Eagle Scout I’m proud to say both my boys are Eagle
Scouts scouting was to me the number-one thing I wanted to make sure that they
did if you see that on a resume it sort of checks the box that this
individual is goal-oriented strong character strong morals so fundamentally
I think you kind of know that you got a base to work with sign your child up for
Scouts at be a scout org today all right man I hope you liked that show how
inspiring is Donovan Darius just great to have him on this show he
is a brother from another mother love that guy everything he stands for the
way he played the game that we approached the game and prepared the
game and of course the way he is living his life helping others out there in the
community and beyond and you know he’s right when we’re talking ball this whole
miscommunicate there is no miscommunication that’s an excuse get
your head in the playbook study your tendencies and work on your craft and
I’m not just talking about the Jags and their season I’m talking about you out
there working on your craft so you can be the best that you can because hey I’m
striving that way too I’m right there with you in the same boat trying to make
it all the way to the top so that’s going to do it for us this week on the
horse’s mouth here at Tommy Mac so make sure you stay cool out there
Jacksonville and be safe we’ll see you next time on the horse’s


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