The Horse’s Mouth: Episode 38

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from Studio three at buzz TV it’s the
horse’s mouth with Tom McManus all right welcome into another edition
of the horse’s mouth here at Tommy Macs and on buzz TV hope you had a great week
out there Jacksonville believe creating hustling getting it done and
having a good time while you’re doing it we’ve got a good time headed your way
here on the horse’s mouth Sam is back here at the bar
we’re joined by Donovan Darius double D talking about his foundation talking about
the Super Bowl Tony boselli getting in the into the Hall of Fame all that and
more we’re even talking business with David hopper from audit max it’s all
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manhood all right welcome back to the horse’s
mouth here on buzz TV and of course at Tommy Mac’s my good friend Sammy the
bull Kovaris is here what’s up Sam welcome back boo how you doing I’m doing
great now I see it could always to see you the Superbowl in Atlanta number
three all set and it used to mean that that was the end of the football season
that’s right right right in the place he used to play the Pro Bowl out there
afterwards afterwards but football season never ends
yeah that’s on purpose the NFL has done that they because they want you to buy
t-shirts in March yeah you know that kind of stuff well I tell you what man a
great championship games I mean so close down to the wire both in overtime
phenomenal bunch time that’s almost right with controversy yeah no question
that you know the previous five years you know the home teams were ten and oh
oh wow in the chase yeah yeah yeah and and in that weekend they were Owen too
right and certainly in the first game I mean New Orleans clearly got job to the
point where people are referencing the rule in the NFL rule book about how
Roger Goodell could make them replay the game or whatever which is which and then
can’t do that obvious well yeah I don’t know
I mean III agree I don’t think that that it’s human you can do that with the very
first thing I do think and the idea that I heard that I really liked it I never
heard before the guy said look why don’t they put a
ref quality control in the boos omen in the booth so if there’s such an
egregious error right like they did they call a facemask but the guide never
actually touched or right the guy never looks back for the ball and violates a
guy and it’s head-to-head right that it and the ball is still not there then
it’s actually interference so I didn’t mind that but well that’s two years in a
row that New Orleans had had a chance and nobody hit it had the best team in
the league and they’re not gonna get a chance to you know there’s obviously a
lot of validity to that you know I don’t like to say it all comes down to that
one play but that’s a big play in the game there were others right that good
Moreland’s on this on that I mean that’s part human error unfortunately is part
of the game now here’s the quote the crumbs II from by the way a side judge
and a back judge we both live in LA in LA that’s what I was
by the way one guys coming in trying to call it and the line judge right there
is like no don’t cause like right you crease so I mean you know when the
integrity of the league is at stake Roger Goodell has to have something has
to happen and Sean Payton’s on the competition committee and he said he’s
gonna bring up the fact that maybe some some interference like that should be
reviewed you know I I think Belichick said it too during the week he’s a cook
I think every big play that should be reviewable even before the weekend game
horse started he’s like yeah I think they should be it makes sense like that
could be an easy fix all right they have the technology
that’s a big big big play in the game that’s the country I mean think about
Google the the league is already stepped in that direction
under 2-minutes right everything’s reviewed in the booth without anybody
challenging know right all right it’s a booth review no doubt what do I don’t t
man do you think everyone should be side should get a shot you know I used to
think that this was a pretty good rule where if you scored a touchdown or a
safety the game was over but now that the league has emphasized offense so
much if you’re gonna make it such an offensive league and they’ve changed the
rules to do it I don’t think anybody denies that no they don’t they can’t
change the rules to make it more of an offensive league right you’re gonna do
that then why shouldn’t patent mahomes have a chance to score a touchdown
obviously Chiefs had a chance to stop them and I didn’t write but it does seem
like the way the league is set up now yeah ten years ago I just I like this
rule right but the way the league is set up now yeah now all of a sudden I think
with offense being stressed and the rules being changed so much that both
teams should have a chance to get to 40 you know it’s funny before we go to
break you know I was at two different parties for the the Pats game past two
weeks right everyone did nobody likes Brady in the past I’m sitting by myself
look man I love the I love a guy coming to play every single time cares about
playing there’s one guy in the league that can be again whatever you know I
got it made yeah it’s him but he doesn’t and you know it’s amazing so it was
finding the championship game Chiefs score
everyone’s going nuts except me I’m standing there like like don’t you worry
too much John – in slappy retirement we’ve seen this
before exactly it was almost even my wife said
at least that least Brady does it to everybody not just the Jaguar yeah and
you know when you when you look at what he’s capable of doing I wrote about this
last week in the in The Times Union and on my website at Sam sports
that you know Fred Taylor and Kyle Brady ended their careers in doing this right
I said what’s that like to play up there yeah and they said the the level of
precision and professionalism is another step up from everywhere else and they
said it flows from Belichick to Brady to the rest of the leaders on the team Kyle
said he went up there thirteenth year final year of his career yeah said they
got all these veteran players there they just won 3 FC AFC championships and like
two Super Bowls he said I expect an arrest on their laurels never seen a
group of guys more dedicated and held accountable to it and I look I mean it’s
one thing to have an idea you know and to have a culture right you got to go
actually implement baby and Brady’s able to that’s right all right we’re taking
time out here with Sammy cavorts Donovan Darius is joining the snacks right here
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launched at Jacksonville party hi welcome back to the
horse’s mouth here on buzz TV and of course at Tommy Mac Sammy Cabarrus is
here and Double Dee Donovan theory it’s number 20
back on the show are you doing dumb things going well great to see you man
Thank You Man how you doing I’m doing very well yeah getting ready for the
Super Bowl Super Bowl 53 you know every time the AFC Championship game ends and
I see the team celebrate the victor celebrate I think that must be a great
feeling so close right I mean that’s so close help you all to stir all the time
I’ll never forget going back into the locker room after the AFC champion game
and seeing all the lights all over the place just in case we wanted a swing all
right you know seeing the frustration of guys
throwing the chairs and just realizing that we were that close yeah and you
never get a bank I was going to say it’s bad when they roll the coolers out of
your locker yeah right yeah yeah they wrote it out
would I do it on a t-shirts you about that I don’t know they do send them to
Central America yeah okay yeah that’s a good idea
no yes show could you guys both of you guys in your careers played the game
very differently than its plate now could you have played can you play that
game that they’re now asking to play now I think so now granted if they were a
nickel I’m probably coming off or so they’d have to be in the base defense so
but yeah I think it up base defense I could I could hang for the most part and
I think I think as a professional you you come into the league you understand
they’re always want to change the rules one way or the other
so you actually have to adapt to it and I think it takes time to adapt to what
they’re expecting so you can under the day at the end of the day get the
results right because the game is now coached differently than you know I mean
well the rules are different there’s rules actually forgot I got so as
players you know in it for the rest players are gonna have to adapt to a
very different kind of football well I mean you think about the quarterback
rule now I mean it’s very hard to even touch the quarterback right you know let
it let alone be around him without anticipating the flag yeah I
mean these receivers running you know freely in the zone TT I mean that’s they
don’t belong there that’s why I know she did not that I
continues I continuously thank God that I played at the air I did yeah where you
can intentionally you know inflict punishment for person coming to your
zone that’s right you can do it legally that’s the thing you can do it legally
we write technique but it also intimidates them from being able to just
come in there which adds to an advantage on what you do on game no doubt about it
no doubt well the Super Bowl for its come and Sammy one of the big things you
do up there’s you vote for the Hall of Fame break Tony Boselli up again top
fifty I really think he gets in this year yes I think this is his year to get
it you know it’s a very difficult it’s the most difficult Hall of Fame to get
into it starts with over a hundred guys and then we’re asked to pare it down to
25 and then 15 by email and then those 15 get what they call in the room and we
talk about all 15 guys and this year once again there are three guys who
potentially are first ballot Yallah Famers so they only allow us to
elect five guys right so three spots are already taken tends to spots for 13 for
enough for 12 guys huh it’s funny tough and there’s no more offensive linemen on
the ballots you know while it’s my job to present Tony’s case you know it’s not
my job to argue for Tony right it’s gotta show night you know what I’m
saying I do it’s not it’s not a competence for sending him I’m
presenting I’m presenting and and what’s interesting is that you could say every
year look these guys aren’t going to change their careers are over right the
stats are the same right and you if you get into the room as they say they have
about an eighty nine percent chance of eventually getting into the home oh wow
so just getting into the room is a very big deal to get to that final phase I’d
love to see like along with the voters like former players have played against
that player and say why there should be in all faith maybe it shouldn’t be in
the end at all and that’s part of my job yeah right get out of I talked to John
Randle and what do they say sam well John Randle said he’s Tony’s the best he
ever played against and and Tony says that Randle was the most difficult guy
said there was a heavyweight fight it would always have been a draw
well and Randall talked about it right his ballet ik feet but most important I
talked to Gary Zimmerman who’s in all yeah it was the other tackle on the 1990
all-decade team right that’s right and he said Tony had flowing feet and both
Randall and and Gary Zimmerman said the same thing
said he had incredible patience and that’s what makes tackles great because
you can do whatever you want there in front of them that’s right but once they
engage you they’re just weighted basically waiting
for you yeah and Walter Jones by the way who’s in the hall first ballot
hall-of-famer you know played 181 game started 181 game so only left the league
because he had microfracture surgery played at Florida State obviously for a
couple of years he said he wore 71 because Boselli wore 71 Wow that’s to
all Famers someone said I wanted to be Boselli
I wanted to be the cornerstone of Seattle like Tony was the cornerstone
left tackle yeah and I think he was I mean not I’m not saying it’s just biased
because he was on our team but even when you when you go against other teams and
you see like you mentioned the patients that he has but then is also his ability
just to protect mark I mean that was that was amazing I mean we went up to
Super Bowl I’m sorry to the Hall of Fame every year and talking to those guys
that did make it in after several years asked them what is the hardest part they
said just waiting yeah just to know that you’re bringing your family there
anything about you prepared to speech you know did everything you can you
brought your family there and they still don’t call your name and you can imagine
every Hornbeck what’s gotten worse so it used to be the meeting started at 7:00
they serve a continental breakfast and the announcement was at noon now the
meeting starts at 7:00 they served two full meals in the announcement dragon and and Gary Zimmerman said you know
they wanted me to come and wait in the room wait for the secret knock yeah I
said I want water skiing yeah I would have to do some art hanging there one of
getting about the foundation you’re doing some great things out there in the
Jacksonville community and beyond more to come right here on the horse’s mouth
on buzz TV we’ll be right back all right welcome back to the horse’s
mouth here on buzz TV we’re at Tommy Mac you Sammy Cabarrus double D Donovan
Darius and David hopper joins a CEO of audit max right here on buzz TV David
how are you man great to have you on the show thanks for having me yeah it’s
great to have you and you’re here with two legends literally double D and sam
kouvaris no doubt about its double D foundations a big part of your life you
got lots going on I want you to tell the viewers what what the latest is well
well I mean here’s his one things man I knew that football was what I did it
wasn’t who I was and so I understood that once it once to my time in the
league got done I wanted to come back to Jacksonville and try to prefer to put on
events now allow people to get the information that they need and be able
to take their lives to the next level so we host life camps down at the stadium
area for fathers for mothers for children or everything from building up
character development leadership skills life skills and then we also bring a lot
of organizations in that provide services so that way we can kind of be
the bridge if you will between those organizations and the families that we
serve so at the end of the day my foundation is not about me it is about
the people that we serve and how can we help them take their
lives to the next level I tell you when you live in Jacksonville you you feel
that that kind of love around town you know every every charity event I’ve been
to it seems packed I swear every it seemed like people answer the bell right
think they’re helping the community you’re helping to clean you’re helping
people I mean we’ve been here longer than anybody I don’t think we give
ourselves enough credit for that I agree you know I agree here exactly right
David you’ve been in business how long now with thought of max going on 16
years now first of all congratulations that’s fantastic
what what got you involved how’d you get it started well it had a career in
technology and after fairly extensive career technology helping enterprise
companies you know manage their technology voice data internet those
types of services okay I always wanted to be a business owner
and it finally took the plunge again almost 16 years ago and mm-hmm just in
an effort to really help companies manage their their communications their
networks etc and sort of now where we were doing a lot of sub auditing which
the name my max comes from and okay saving
companies lots of money on technology their voice data mobile all those
services and then what it evolved to with working with these companies is
they’d like the savings obviously but the narrative like we have struggle
managing our tablets or iPads or phones or debts or cloud services all these
things so that launched a managed services division of the company so now
we not only do all the auditing we’ve always done in Clontz again they like
the savings but now we actually manage and provide all those services to all of
the end user support you know all those things so expanding it out over a very
short 15 years they got a whole new client list for you yeah grandparents
yeah no because grandparents just wait around for the grandchildren show up
takes all their technology yeah that’s right that’s my iPad yeah no table on it
showing the way it’s funny there is something to that I mean the our staffs
pretty we’ve got no 75 employees and pretty pretty diversity wide range and
it does seem like there’s something to the younger generation when you’re
you’re fixing because we have some pretty advanced diagnostic tools and
things for doing their pairs and all that and the younger generation just you
know you know get to so much faster than older guys like myself do so so we love
entrepreneurs on this show we’re all entrepreneurs to a certain degree you’ve
done it for a long time what’s your philosophy to success like what do you
would what would your your your employee say about you to think and how you run
your code we’re always it’s kind of funny we’re always uh we’re trying to
ask that question like it’s just what our employees think our clients think
match what we think and and sometimes you learned some hard lessons where
maybe they don’t so so you know we’re pretty open transparent company but you
know what we what we’d like for them to think and what we try to strive for is
that they you know that they see a company that really cares about their
success and you know in Jacksonville we’ve got probably half of everybody
with their name on a building is a long-term client of audit bricks grand
we’ve got testimonials from a lot of these CEOs and so saying those things
but we’re always trying to innovate I mean as soon as you figure it out today
it changes tomorrow so you have to stay off just because you know scam of it
could you withstand a 360 as they say now you know we’re we’re you know
somebody comes in and asks all your employees about what your
– we have a we have actually I don’t know if you knew this no – but how
Resnick he passed away a couple years ago oh yeah he was our executive coach
and he actually did a 360 for maybe four or five years ago he really fascinating
undercover bosses got you written all over it – yup and she was will you have
people have this impression sometimes you know entrepreneurs and egos and all
that uh you quickly if you do it more than I don’t know a day you can get
humbled pretty quickly so you know talk about a pretty open mind when it comes
to 360s and the feedback made how many how many places have we worked where the
management couldn’t withstand a 360 no right so for 10 seconds they wouldn’t be
able to stand before we go to break you know I would saw it like with football
in the NFL you’re you’re in business for yourself I mean you really are it’s a
grin it’s different kind of business but it’s you you’re the entity and you’re
playing for this organization and you got to make sure that you’re doing
everything you can to stay in that organization like you said in the
beginning I mean we’re all we’re all entrepreneurs in our own space and and
really at the end of the day what that means is that you’re taking your gifts
and your talents and you’re deciding to pour them out and so the way I do that
is by serving my gifts of speaking encouraging draining he knows that you
know messaging whether the on social media or in front of boardrooms or
consulting whatever you may be and so to be able to manage those things is you
know is one thing but also to be able to live out the passion they don’t seem
like work at all kind of walk the walk walk the walk in is genuine you could
talk any kind of talk to him I mean you know I believe it my 40 year career in
sports I saw literally what didn’t work and
what did work get it out right often so much like Donovan you know when I get a
chance to speak to management groups about about hey this is what works
because over these 40 years you see that common thread of what what it takes to
be successful yeah and certainly one of the true common threads is you got to
work at it yeah you know look we’re talking Super Bowl – you look at the
Patriots how do they do it year after year after year the stats I’m Brady what
16 playoff appearances 10 straight or 9th Street a AFC championship games and
that’s that it doesn’t happen by luck that
happens bike is the top all the way to the bottoms all on the same page they
all believe it they all walk at they all talking that’s hard to do it’s hard to
do it a company but they find a way to get it done
it’s amazing to me yeah that’s a good point I mean there’s every business we
work whether we think we’re so unique as a company sometimes and you talk to all
these entrepreneurs and again our clientele is typically the larger
because that’s who needs our service is the larger enterprise on the
billion-dollar companies and up or whatever and you start talking to them
and they have the same problems we have right we all think we’re super unique
and we’re all trying to solve the same problem so let’s get back to the
community where I’ll try to do all the same things right so right yeah
interesting and evolving right I mean you got to stay on top of the game uses
just like any of us yeah I mean a lot of industries you know pharmaceuticals
logistics and financial whatever they’re all evolving technology I think is a
class of its own yeah if technology is like accelerated you know 5x times the
typical so every CIO out there is looking for you know within their
ecosystems of their systems they’re looking for you know amplifiers and
things that can give them a multiplier kind of effect on their investments and
the field of that gets complex really quick if you start looking at some
initiative you’re trying to do all of a sudden it’s like well who’s good at that
right these 200 companies what do you do with that right you know it so it gets
complicated really quick and then you start saying well how does that
integrate with our other 2000 things we’re doing and all sudden you have a
three year project and a decisions never even made because of the complexity of
it right it’s an interesting challenge that’s changing to your point if you’re
not you know reinventing yourself in the writing constantly you’re yep gone but I
tell you what the NFL’s got to implement some technology W yeah especially some
more review we were talking earlier you know there’s there’s critical plays
where they could just review it yeah I got the technology gonna take that long
just take a look at it make sure that everything’s you know cool and I try
them on guys I try my best not to get frustrated because I don’t have
dog huh yeah but at the end of the day doing what you did for as long as you
did it’s just some things they’re just common sense
right element says yeah they’re pretty blatant but I’ve never heard that idea
it’s a great and whether they not do that it’s they’re gonna have to I think
they’re gonna have to us I think especially after this this pass chant or
the championship weekends right there were too many critical blades that could
have went the other one for the other team could have win I mean it’s that’s
just you know the fact so I think they have to David they have to come up with
something where that and I also think and this isn’t technological but
everyone each side should get a shot at overtime and you’re like you were saying
the offense is set up to score so you got to give way the games now play a
chance you know you know the league has to decide because they fight this
constant battle to get it right right and to fit the game into a three
three-and-a-half hour window yeah and so if you’re reviewing every other play
it’s a four four-and-a-half hour game and the you know the league kind of
fights that you know they want to make sure they get it right I’m kind of
surprised that you know a league hasn’t had a lot of official things maybe Roger
Goodell say I think it’s common I think it’s coming fellas hang in there we’ll
be right back more to come on the horse’s mouth
live from Tommy Max and right here on plus TV and let me tell you about my friend
Craig O’Neill he’s the official photographer here at buzz media he
specializes in commercial photography for all those kind of needs check them
out online and Craig O’Neill and if you’re lucky you
get a sweet lid brought to you by I welcome back to the
horse’s mouth with sam kouvaris double d and david hopper from audit max right
guys time for for fun last call which means your final thought of the show
Sammy you go first with both of these guys on my final thought is there’s a
big difference between the leadership and management and leadership is where
people should be looking not just anybody can manage anybody can look at
schedules and write stuff down and sit in their office leadership is truly
something that guides people like you were saying to their best self
and like you were saying as a as an entrepreneur to to get the most out of
people around them best version of them it’s interesting to see leadership
because I was thinking the same thing I mean nothing changes nothing happens and
proves nothing moves without leadership you know within leadership you’re not
looking to create other foot you’re not looking to create followers your cream
you’re looking to create other leaders yep individuals to understand that you
know what leaders make things happens leaders don’t wait right he does
understand it’s their responsibility to build up you know to continue to build
up but what is they’re doing and lead by example I always say I’ll rather have a
tour guide then a travel agent a tour guide will go with you that way agent
will tell you where to go and so as a great leader you want to have the tour
guide if you want to borrow that you got to go through me but wolf works right
right yeah gave a lot with you that’s good points I mean I would say the
leadership front the you know the balance of have enough time when you’re
growing a big company to invest in their people to do the leadership and
mentoring all those things our approach is really simple I mean we’re trying to
be likable and create value if you do those things you be the biggest company
in the plant because most people who literally just fail miserably at that so
you have value creation and likeability but you’re still going to have the time
to balance you work with your people to develop that it just doesn’t happen
naturally because people are more task oriented sometimes yeah sure it’s all
about the block and attack like even lights
so great so good stuff I will say this about about leadership it starts in the
mirror got to look in the mirror because no one’s gonna follow you if you’re not
doing that yourself and you know it’s genuine words backed up by genuine
action be genuine and they’ll follow that will do it for us right here I’m
the horse’s mouth hey Jacksonville believe create hustle and never cool or
never give up make sure you stay cool and be safe
we’ll see you next time right here on the horse’s mouth you


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