The King has Donkey’s Ears | + More Fairy Tales & Moral Stories in Magicbox


Twas not in my time, twas not in yours, but it was in somebody’s time, there was a beautiful kingdom, ruled by a King named Marcus. One day, King Marcus was in his room looking into the mirror, at his reflection. Ah! What a charming personality I’ve got! An attractive face and a majestic body, a perfect look for a King. Well, I should be sending my soldiers around the world, to make sure that no King could match my charm. Said the King to himself. That is going to be a total arrogance and a waste of time. Let me teach him a lesson. The fairy boy chanted the magic words, and Oh, no, is this happening for real? I, I, I have got the ears of a donkey!!! Panicked the King. Soldiers, ask the barber to walk in my room, all alone. The royal barber who came in, Oh, no, that’s scary. I am out of here. And, when he tried to run away, he was caught by the soldiers and was thrown into the dungeon, as per the order of the King. Followed the royal barber, many other barbers who tried to run away on seeing the King, were thrown into the dungeon, too. Finally, a barber named Bryan walked in, as per the King’s call. Majesty! What can I do for you? Before we go ahead, promise me that you wouldn’t utter a word, about what you’re about to see. Over my life, your majesty. Yikes!!! What? Is this real? Yes. Do not try to run away panicked, or you’ll be into the dungeon with the others. No, I wouldn’t. I stay. Okay, now prepare me a wig, that would hide my ears. As per the King’s order, Bryan designed a gold wig and gave it to the King. Here, have this 10,000 gold coins, and you shall not say this to anybody. Please, don’t ask me anything. Said the poor Bryan. I know a secret about the King that i shouldn’t be telling to anybody. But, I find that hard. Don’t worry about that I have an idea. As per his wife’s idea,Bryan went to the forest, shouted the secret to a tree trunk. THE KING HAS DONKEY EARS!!! And, from then Bryan felt relieved. A few days later, a woodsman cut down the very tree to make a drum for the King’s birthday. And, on the King’s birthday, when everyone was gathered at the
palace, a drummer played the drum which was made from the trunk, to which Bryan shouted the secret. And, The King has donkey’s ears!!! The King has donkey’s ears!!! The King has donkey’s ears!!! The King has donkey’s ears!!! The King panicked and rose *Laughs* *Laughs* *Laughs* *Laughs* And, the King ran away to the jungle and never came back. And, as he realized, that wisdom was greater than beauty, his donkey ears got back to normal. Only after a long time, his ministers found him in the forest and brought him back to his Kingdom. Kids, what have you learned from the story? King Marcus was about to commit a
mistake because of his lack of Wisdom, and the little boy fairy taught him a lesson. So, remember, wisdom is always greater than beauty.


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