The life and legend of America’s most famous wild horse


“This is Picasso
in his element…” “running through Sand Wash Basin.” “He’s actually in the midst —
you can’t see the other horse —” “but he’s in the midst of a battle.” “You can see scars on his neck from
battles, you see that wild mane tussling.” “You see the chips from his leg, you can
see the muscle and the sinew…” “This is just pure, raw, wild horse.” So, I think a lot of people might know
about the wild horses in Colorado… the herd in northwestern Colorado… and I was just interested about these
horses, that they live in the wild… they roam free.
They’ve been free their whole life. But as I’m looking, doing some research
about these horses, there’s one horse… that is more popular than the rest. In fact, he’s alotmore popular. His name is Picasso. He isn’t the biggest horse out there but
he’s kind of the most unique-looking horse. “That horse, given he’s nearly 30 years
old, he just has a swagger about him.” “He’s just got this arrogant, cocky,
bring-it-on kind of attitude…” “and it’s absolutely wonderful to see.” “It just epitomizes what you want in a
wild horse.” What makes Picasso so special is really
the connection people have with him. People from all over the world have this
deep connection to a horse that they’ve probably never even seen in person. They paint his portrait, they write songs
about him… [singing] “I think Picasso is the epitome of the
wild American mustang.” “It speaks to the nation in that way.” “It’s what much of that kind of wild,
raw energy that America has is about…” “and it lives in this amazing horse…” “and I think people just want to feel
like they’re a part of that.”


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  1. Western Horse Watchers

    January 20, 2020 12:22 am

    Nice!  Here is the BLM page for the HMA,

  2. Aislyn

    February 22, 2020 1:46 am

    Interesting, I've never heard of him before.
    I always considered Cloud to be one of the most famous horses due to his documentaries.


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