The New Sitero Triathlon & TT Saddle


NICK GOSSEEN: We create body
geometry saddles with the rider’s geometry in mind, the
rider’s anatomy in mind. We allow for proper
blood flow. We allow for adequate support. The saddles are designed around
a theory that we want the saddle to work with the
rider, not the rider to have to work with the saddles. BEN HOFFMAN: I’ve been on
specialized saddles now for about five years, and I’ve
always been really happy with the quality of saddles,
especially the roadside. But I’ve never quite found a
perfect saddle for triathlon. I was using a Romin Evo Comp. And that was about the best
saddle I could find, but I was always looking for
something else. So it’s really exciting now
that they have a dedicated triathlon specific style. NICK GOSSEEN: We’ve been at this
process, creating Sitero for about two years now. And we started with the distinct
rider need, that riders in an aero position,
in an aggressive tri or TT position, needed to
be comfortable. BEN HOFFMAN: Oftentimes,
athletes neglect the importance of staying in
the aero position. It’s probably one of the easiest
ways to gain time, and having the Sitero saddle be as
comfortable as it is, and the aero position designed
specifically for that, it allows you to stay locked into
that for the entire ride. And that can make the difference
between winning and losing right there. NICK GOSSEEN: Position of this
is rotated so much that they’re sitting on
different bones. They’re using bones
called pubic rami, not their sit bones. The shape that we finally
arrived on is a very angled shape that matches the
angle of the pelvis. We found that this certain
angle accommodates such a large variance in sit bone
width, we were able to really hit a comfort level with such
a wide range of people that we’ve never been able
to hit before. If you ever thought you were
comfortable in aero position before, you haven’t known
comfort like this.


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