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Where are we? This doesn’t look done… Oh! WIP!
Work In Progress. So it isn’t done! This must be the new Silverglade! Hello there StarFam! and welcome to Star stable News! We’re finally back in the studio! Last week we had a live stream where we
were talking about the update and we didn’t have a video, because I’ve been sick! We’re back and it feels great! and we are ready to tell you all
about this week’s update! so this day is super exciting both for you guys and for
us here in the studio, so make sure to you stay tuned all the way through the
episode because we will have a special guest! and in the game our starter horse
is finally getting a whole new look today and I must say it’s come such a
long way from when it first set its hoof here on Jorvik! Let’s have a look at
the progress our four-legged bestie has made over the years! ah, the first model! remember when our horses looked like that? yeah, it was dark times… The first upgrade! In this update all old models were updated, right? Yes! all the breeds with the original
starter model got the new looks! Is this?!
Yes! Is that?!
I KNOW! In this update only the starter horse will get the new look, so all of
your other horses they will just stay the same! and it will happen automatically,
so you don’t have to do a single thing! AND it happens to everyone,
so it doesn’t matter if you’re a Star Rider, or if you’re a player playing the
free trial of Star Stable Because you’ll get a starter horse, You get a starter horse You get a starter horse Everyone gets the starter horse! Not only has the models of the starter horse gotten an revamp but all of the starter horse colors have new looks! All variations are very beautiful, so if you feel like on top of this model
makeover your starter horse need a little change, you can actually change
the appearance of your starter horse! best part is that everyone can do it for
free once after this update, even if you’ve done it before! All you have to do is
go into your home stable Visit your bulletin board Click it, and choose change starter horse appearance! what’s your favorite thing about the updated
starter horse? Tell us in the comments below! Galloper Thompson and his keep have
returned back into the shadows and all portals are now closed, which means our
fall loading screen is back in action! We fix bugs in the game all the time so we
have gathered a list of all of the fixed bugs on our website! You’ll find the link in the
upper right corner where you can find all the bug fixes from
October starting today! Read it! This week the horse market is
up and running in Fort Pinta As an update bonus today we have
a developer in the studio! Welcome Lisa! You guys may know her from Star Stable Live where she was a crucial part! but for you guys who may not know Lisa tell us, who are you? My name is Lisa,
I work as a 3D artist here at Star Stable! I do mainly the 3D models
and textures of the horses. Oh, you got like the best job! It’s my dream job! YASSS we’re gonna start off with asking you three short questions and then we’re gonna proceed
into asking you four longer, a little bit more in depth questions! And if you guys have any questions
for Lisa that we didn’t bring up put them in the comment
section below and we might include them in the future! Let’s get to questioning! First question is: How long did it take to develop the starter horse? It actually took several months! we had to go through a lot of discussions and decision-making, before we even knew that we were actually going to update the
starter horse. Making a normal horse for Star Stable like a new breed, takes
roughly two to three months. So, you are not the only one who’s working on the
horses, right? and in this project how many,
approximately, were working on the starter horse? Here at the company, at SSOHQ, we are roughly about 120 people and during the starter horse production there were roughly 25 people involved! They came from different
disciplines, so it’s not only art or animation or design, there are other
disciplines as well! Roughly 25 people on the starter horse how many people, for reference,
is working on a regular horse? For the fjord for example, roughly 10
people. So the most important question is: Which one of the variations is your
favorite Lisa? It’s this one! It’s because it’s grey and it has the pink snip! That was my first horse when I started playing Star Stable. I’m looking forward to get
him updated! Why did we decide to update the starter horse? From a developer’s point of
view, we wanted to update the starter horse so that it looks coherent in the
style from for example the Silverglade revamp we want the horses to look like the
breeds that you buy in the game. and from a players point of view we want them to feel proud
riding around on their starter horses and we wanted to give you this free update! What was the most fun part of making the starter horse? I think it was to work together
with so many different disciplines so not only artists working with animators
and designers but actually us all working together with web, for example! And all the reactions from the players on the teasers, knowing that the players
will start riding their starter horses! That feels amazing, like the entire team
is super super hyped! It was received very well by you guys we thank you for that! What was most difficult about
making the new starter horse? From an artist point of view, it
was to try to stay true to the old colors! Because we don’t want you guys to
log in one morning and then see a completely other horse, like a dark bay
turning into chestnut! It’s very important that you recognize your old
starter horse even in the new style and the new texturations (colors). Many people, including myself, are super excited about the new braided mane style How come that you chose to put this in the starter horse update? We wanted to include it on
the starter horse, because we want all the players to experience it! They don’t have to buy the
latest horse in order to get this mane style. But is it true that it started
as a passion project? Yep, exactly! It started as a passion project on a passion Friday and we wanted to figure
out how to introduce it to the players! The starter horse was a good choice! I’m so excited! I am super excited to ride my new starter! Thank you Lisa so much for coming! Thank you for having me guys,
it has been awesome to be here again! Thank you so much for watching! If you guys would like us
to invite more developers here to our studio to talk to you guys, leave a
comment below! Remember to subscribe to our YouTube
channel and like this episode ! You can visit our website by clicking
the link in the upper right corner! and check back with us next week
for the latest Star Stable News! Byeee!


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