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I had in mind to make a short video handling about an image which I discovered on the surface of the earth But that is an image… well… you first have to understand what the story is about, before you can see what the image depicts. But I am well aware of the fact, that many people have no idea what this story is telling! It is a story in the book of Revelation, and this story is subject of explanation in very few churches. Next to that: there are multiple interpretations of this story in the world and… there are very few people, who are getting even close to the correct explanation! We are talking about this image I wanted to show. Ofcourse you don’t see anything in it yet, that is impossible. I had to look at it a very long time. that began after an earthquake in that region some while ago. But first I have to explain the story. It is concerning the “White Horse”. The “White Horse” is the story in Revelation 6, ‘the opening of the seven seals’ and the first seal is the “White Horse”. Most churches don’t explain this at all, but there is an explanation which particulary the Americans like to adhere to: the White Horse, and he who sits on it, would be the coming of the anti-christ. But that is not the case! Alas! I have to disappoint you! at least… …nobody is waiting for the coming of an anti-christ ofcourse… although we know that he will come anyway, for all what is written will come true! But the book of Revelation: “all what is written in it, is future to come” so people say oftentimes. “all is still to come true”, and many times they paste it on the ’70th Week’ of Daniël. and that is… (I dont want to go into too much detail) …partly true, but for an important part totaly not true! This is what I say: everything what is written before Revelation 6 verse 13… is happening now, and happened already in our past! So that is in play today! Revelation begins with ‘the 7 churches’: those have been build yet those 7 churches are excisting in the world today! Next thing in Revelation is about ‘The Scroll’. John, who is in Heaven in a vision, and writes down what he sees. and John writes that he is in Heaven and cries very hard, because there is nobody in Heaven, nor on earth, nor under the earth who is able to open the 7 seals of the scroll! Reading this, you have to ask yourself: at what moment is this in play? We all know that Jesus Christ is the only one… who is worthy to open those 7 seals and He is only than able to do so, after He ressurected from the dead here on earth, and comes back in Heaven. So when John says: “nowhere, not on earth, not under the earth, and not in the Heaven… is someone to be found, who is able to open this seals”, this points out just one thing: John sees this during the Ascension of Christ! Jesus is on His way from earth to Heaven, You have to read this kind of texts logicaly and academicaly! Just use common sense, but above all: listen to that voice in your head; the Spirit teaches! So listen to that voice, and don’t listen to all the theories of the people left and right! Ofcourse… studying is very well, perfect! But read these texts yourself soberly also! You will be inspired yourself! So John is ready in Heaven to write down in his notebook… and at that very moment Jesus arrives in Heaven! And everybody is happy that He is there, because He is the One who can open the seals. Now, it seems to be a tall tale to me… that Jesus just ascended from earth, arrives in Heaven, everybody is happy about that, but that Jesus would say: “Oh, you’ve got a scroll here?” “Well, that can wait… till the anti-christ is ready to ride”. In that case nobody had to be sad after all… Or there would have been 2000 years (or more), so wait a little longer to make you nervous… time enough! No! They are glad the opening of the seals can make a start right away! That is why I say: Jesus did start right after He arrived, and began opening the seals! And to those who say: “But we Always thought that this would be the anti-christ!” That is not even possible! That is nonsensical! I think I have read Revelation some 20/30 times now, plus all stuff surrounding the subject… But than: read it ! read it again! what is actually written? Analyse pragmaticaly! Who?… and Revelation is very clear about it!… Who, in the complete book of Revelation, are given a white horse? A: Jesus Himself, and B: the saints of Christ! Who are given a crown? Jesus Himself, and the saints of Christ! Who are “conquerers” in the book of Revelation? That is the Christ, and the saints in Christ! Conquerers together with Him So this makes it a clear case: the one to be meant under seal 1, which will be opened, can impossible be the anti-christ! Dont think: the son of the devil gets a white horse and a crown!! That is nonsensical! That is just common sense! The Holy Spirit will never tell you such things! Like: yeah… the son of the devil will get that also… The devil sure is a copycat… that is something else! But, in Heaven… he won’t get a white horse, and he won’t get a crown! Impossible! So who will it be than? Therefore, it has to be someone or something that belongs to Jesus! And what promise did Jesus make just before His ascension? He promised His disciples to send them the Comforter Therefore, here is meant: the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is riding the White Horse, was send right away to earth after the Ascension of Jesus, having a bow with arrows, and is riding for 2000 years here on earth now! You may regard this like a kind of Cupid. Everybody will comprehend this. Cupid, the Holy Spirit, shoots his arrows, at people right and left who he sees, in the hope he hits his targets, so that those people will be drawn to God and Jesus! This are ‘arrows of love’ which have to hit your heart, whereby also those people can become “conquerers” in Christ! Not without reason is written in Revelation 6, verse 2: “…and he went forth conquering, and to conquer”! The Holy Spirit makes sure of an increase of saints! By means that those people are able to conquer! “…and to conquer”! That is ‘the White Horse’! It is really this simple! No need to make this more difficult! Jesus comes up, starts His work, sends the Holy Spirit down, And he made sure the church to grow, to make ‘pillars’ on top of the ‘groundwork’ of the 12 apostels So, we don’t have to wait for somebody on a white horse… and, in line with this, we don’t have to wait for somebody on a red horse… for that is the 2nd Horse. “Red Horse’ means war! As it is written: “and power was given to him to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another” Well, we don’t have to wait for this anymore… Shall we together count, how many wars have been fought the last 2000 years?! and how we gave each other a hard and difficult time? these things are… I would almost say: “as old as the way to Rome” (a bit of a silly joke) Anyway… The ‘White Horse’ is riding, the ‘Red Horse’is riding… The ‘Black Horse’ is riding! Which is the 3rd seal, and is responsible for the fact that food will almost be unaffordable “And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.” “A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny” Thus… Unaffordable! And lots of people on earth earn a dollar a day, and have to spend that dollar on food the same day. That is not something new! We are still not bothered by this today, but.. well.. They tell us that the economics are doing fine again… but we live in a economy build up of debts It may be so, if something bad happens, that also we have to spend a daily wage in the supermarket Ofcourse this could be much worse than it is now… but we don’t have to wait anymore, for it to come true! Those seals are opened a long time ago! Long ago! We don’t have to wait for it anymore! Oke, this started concerning the image… (oops, what a long intro…) Uhm… the White Horse=the Holy Ghost: makes sure the church gains new believers So now I think I have to show the image, and in what fantastic manner this image, is hidden in the surface of the earth. A better painter has never… (that is not even possible!) …has never been around! I’ll show it now:


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  1. Mrs Pleasants

    September 26, 2019 11:36 am

    Interesting. This has been on my mind the last few days about the horsemen in general. I will continue to research and I will go back and read Revelation for more context. My only question is the time it would take for our Messiah to ascend to heaven as Revelation was written decades after the ascension. I am not critiquing, I am just laying out questions to better come to a better understanding.



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