Things To Do In Aruba | Donkey Sanctuary


Hey guys, how’s the game going? So today, we’re gonna go to
the Donkey Sanctuary on Aruba. There’s something like 150 donkeys here,
it’s free to get in there and they just appreciate it if you come and
bring some food. Carrots or apples or whatever you wanna bring. So we just went to a shop,
picked up some big bags of carrots and we’re gonna go and feed them. Hi.
How are you? -Good.
-Good. We brought some carrots! Yeah! Perfect! Yeah. So as you can see, there’s not really many people here. I guess it’s something if you wanted to do
something not very touristy. Hey.
-Hi ya. How’re you doing?
-Fine, how are you? Yeah, I’ve got a fat bag of carrots here.
-Whoa! That woman told us that if the donkeys start running at you, you need to drop the carrots and get out quick because you get sandwiched.
DONKEY SANDWICH! So that’s the donkey sanctuary on Aruba. There’s actually…
I thought there was over 100 donkeys but there’s not, they’ve got 70 now.
This is a new location. And basically, when you go there,
you get free range you can walk around wherever you want. You know, you just roam around with your carrots or whatever you’ve brought and feed the donkeys. You can go and get the ones what are a bit sick
and feed them guys, because they keep them away from healthy ones. But it’s a bit crazy, a bit noisy. Yeah.
Apparently you’ve gotta be a little bit careful
with your carrots. Drop them and just run, they said.
If the donkeys start coming to attack you. but… It is really good if you like animals,
something nice to do and… So that’s the donkey sanctuary. See you in a bit.


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