This Extravagant Zebra Tent Is An Ole Miss Tailgating Landmark | Southern Living


(upbeat rock music) We started tailgating with the zebra tent actually about 15 years ago. It’s just so different, I think that’s what pulls them in. They walk in and they feel welcomed. There’s food for everybody. When you come to this campus, no matter where your from, even if you’re from the rival school you’re impressed. On any given weekend we’ll have anywhere between five to seven hundred people visit our tent. We want our opponents that come here to feel comfortable coming into the tent. We offer them something to eat or drink, and then we get to talking and before you know it we’ve met people from all over. It was just a fun, fun thing. (cheering) Come in and see what we have today. This is our western theme for Texas. We’ve got the saddle in the front, we’ve got the.. Cactus. What’s that, cactus! We change our theme every week. We try to coordinate the theme with whoever else our opponent is. Our french skewers, some sausage and cheese, we’ve got specialty meat balls. The prep time actually starts in the summer. You almost have to have a map. Because we have so many different containers, and so many different ways we want to style the foods. Today we’ve got the taco bars. So we’ve got, taco and some little yellow rice. And then we’ve actually got our kids table back here. One of the things we do, is that every game we have a kids table. So we’ve got plenty of red and blue sweets, cupcakes. There’s our mimosa fountain, we’ve got our color coordinated champagne glasses today. We’ve also got some flavored waters. It’s lots of work, but it’s lots of fun. The fellowship and the friendship that we make with friends. Ole Miss just puts so much time into coming into a ball game. We roll out the red carpet, we show that southern hospitality. Now we’re a landmark, and people say well I’m two tents behind the zebra tent or two tents to the left. We’re gonna be here rain or shine. 45 mile an hour winds, we’re gonna be here. We want to welcome everybody to Ole Miss, and make sure that people have somewhere to go. Ya’ll come see us at the zebra tent! (cheering and clapping)


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