This Old Horse: A tribute to the beloved aging horse


♪ [music] ♪ “This old horse,” the rancher said,
“she’s seen some better days. She’s eaten up my profits,
and cost a lot for hay. Another horse would suit me,
a stronger one at that. She’s seen a lot of miles,
just like my cowboy hat.” “Why,” they asked, “then keep her? Why not trade her now? Bring her to an auction,
replace her with a cow.” The rancher’s brow grew heavy,
took a staggered step. His eyes did show his hardships in
wrinkles as they crept. “This old horse,” the rancher said,
“her service she did lend. Her and I have seen the years. And this old horse, she is my friend. Another horse would suit me well,
but her home is here to keep. I owe her sanctuary. My love for her is deep.” ♪ [music] ♪


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