Thumper Equine Pro Product Information | The Strongest Thumper Massager

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The Thumper Equine massager has the same design and features as the Thumper Maxi Pro but with more power to handle the
larger, thicker muscle tissue of horses. It’s the only massager designed
specifically for horses, pets, and livestock; and is used by professional
equine trainers around the world on racehorses, jumpers, rodeo and reining horses, dressage horses, three-day adventures, professional cutting horses,
polo ponies, draft horses, and chuck wagon teams. The Thumper Equine massager is
also great for horses that don’t get enough exercise or those who just need
some pampering. It’s also been proven very successful for easing the delivery
of folding mares. The areas shown here are the first to
break down on a horse during a strenuous activity and are the root of most
lameness problems. Most equine injuries are a result of repeated stress and
overuse. A physically fit horse has very strong tight muscles that naturally
produce extreme resistance. Keeping these muscles relaxed and working freely will
enable your horse to perform at its best A daily maintenance program including
Thumper Massagers will help prevent muscle injuries from developing while
allowing your horse to realize its full potential. Please note when using the
thumper equine massager always plug the unit into a ground fault circuit
interrupter or GFCI outlet. This safety device protects against electrical shock
in moist environments like washrooms, barns, and stables. Note do not use the
Thumper Equine massager in an area that causes discomfort. The horse should
always be relaxed and comfortable. If your horse has a medical condition
please consult a veterinarian before using this device.


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