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There he is The eagle of Simplon pass Watchful He stares towards Italy Reminding us of past times of war We’re here to go on a more peaceful mission The Stockalper Trail was one of the oldest trails in the Swiss Alps It was built 400 years ago by a Swiss merchant with the same name He made a fortune by trading goods with donkeys and mules across the mountains We arrived early in the morning with the post bus to follow his tracks with our own means of transport We follow the trail across alpine meadows and long small rivers Every now and then we pass ancient towers and buildings that were once part of the old merchants empire In the village of Simplon we take a break to get prepared for the upcoming section which will take us into the gorge of Gondo “Sharp stone” Here the river has eaten its way deep into the rocks And at the end of it we found one of the strangest trail sections we ever happen to ride Fort Gondo was a fortification that was dynamited into the rocks by the Swiss army during World War I Today the trail leads right through it As we returned to daylight there were only a couple of kilometres left to Gondo The last Swiss village before the Italian border At the Stockalper tower we stop and wait for the post bus because our journey does not end here We still have the other half of the Stockalper trail ahead of us From Simplon pass down into the lace Then begins the first real uphill of the day It takes us to the entrance of another impressive gorge Finally we arrive in Brig the hometown of the old merchant The trade business made him rich But not only him We mountain bikers inherited 2700 vertical metres – pure single track Mister Stockalper it was a pleasure to meet you We are looking forward to coming back for more


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