Trump supporter confronts donkey


Donkey boy I’m coming for you man. Take off
that mask. Are you Hillary Clinton? Who are you under there? Hillary, Why are you hiding Hillary? Take off the
mask. Take off the mask Hillary. What’s up? I can see your eyes. Let me see. Is that a
burka? Is that a burka? Is that a burka? I’m just asking, is that a burka? Are you allowed
to take off your mask? Who hates gays more than muslims? Tell me who hates gays? Did they massacre 49 people? Did they massacre 49 people in Orlando? Ya, what’s up? But It was about guns, right? It was about guns, right? It was about guns though, right? Ya, it wasn’t about Islamic terrorism, no, right? He worshiped Islam yo. He wants to kill you, you liberal dove.
Okay. Okay. Bend over and let them chop your head off. Go to Syria you dumb f***. Racist. I didn’t say I’m racist. You are a racist. You support a racist. Racist, racist, racist, Are you going to cry? Racist, racist, racist, racist, racist.


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  1. River Rosenberg

    June 22, 2016 4:59 am

    Wished Donkey dude had a Hillary mask underneath his donkey mask. There's always next time though!!


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