Uhtred meets Skorpa of the white horse, King peredur death- The Last Kingdom Season 1 E.6


what do you see? They are Danes! Real Danes! Stand still! Halt! what are you waiting for? They are danes! What do you care, you people will fight anyone for money, even yourselves! You lied to me! Think of the silver! The queen has seen your victory, so fight! He’s a Sword Dane A lord of war If the Lord of war wants to talk, may I suggest we listen Name yourself I am Uthred Ragnarsson Who are you? Skorpa, of the white horse You are the Uthred Ragnarsson who was at Qynuit? I am The saxon son of earl Ragnar Yes You will not defeat me You know this Perhaps not, i could kill half your men trying yes, yes you could And it would be best for us both, if you did not try Lord! Lord, I fear what will happen if they are
allowed to speak Then go to them, listen to what they are saying My presence Lord will serve only to antagonize the Dane Uthred Ragnarsson! What is happening here? They must leave my kingdom or die! Bastard Danes! The queen saw victory I pray, Lord What is your battleprice? Silver And hes says it’s hidden in the fortress No No we have ripped the fortress apart We found nothing He must have something Somewhere Whatever he has I say We split Half and half We kill his men We spare the king He takes us to his wealth Half and half? I will advance you will turn And we will attack, together Now, this is for the benefit of the king You bastard piece of rassragr! I will destroy you! Be ready! We kill them all! Every last one of them dies! Tell the men we are with the danes At the ready! You trust this Skorpa? We have no choice but to trust him Now! Turn! To the death! You bastard Danes! You will cry for your stinking, whore mothers! You lying thieving bastard Danes! I can kill atleast one more of you! It is over Your wealth My wealth for my life, is it? Your wealth and your shadow queen Useless bitch! She saw victory Where is the silver? If i tell you, you’ll kill me! And i would rather you remained poor You have my word, as a warlord You will be spared Where is the silver? Speak, or you will die It’s burried In the hall, beneath my throne I will need a small amount mysel…


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  1. Quq Balam

    July 16, 2018 8:48 pm

    I mean, Holy Hell with those Welsh. And I thought Braveheart was bad in how they're portrayed.

  2. Limbo Killah

    May 19, 2019 12:08 am

    Brush Your Teeth Now Where Is Your Mom!

    give your child his my little pony toothbrush back now woman!

  3. VisionOfDish

    June 16, 2019 9:35 pm

    The actor playing the king also plays the guy responsible for the rbmk reactor explosion in HBO 'Chernobyl'.

  4. TheSm1thers

    June 27, 2019 7:05 am

    4:22 Why does Uhtred think he's going to lose when Skorpa clearly doesn't have enough men?


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