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Welcome to the NintendoCade channel, I am Danny. Today is a very special presentation that is the Nintendo NY store tour for 2018. Now 3 years ago, I made a tour of the Nintendo World
Store before they closed down and renovated and reopened on February 19
2016, and it’s a lot of great things to see and new features to be had, and
especially as you are watching leave me down below in the comments, what your
thoughts of the store, if there any things that you would like to add to
your collection, I am really interested to hear you have to say. Please give me a
THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE to NintendoCade that shows me that you love the
presentation and I really appreciate that. So I want to flip to the other
camera, show you the wonders of the Nintendo NY store for 2018. We’re
here at 10 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, home of the Nintendo NY store.
The store originally opened on May 14, 2005 as the Nintendo World Store, and was
renovated and renamed to the current Nintendo NY on February 19, 2016. It
is a 10,000 square foot or 930 square meters spanning across two floors filled with tons of Nintendo interactive game demos, apparel, accessories, collectibles
and exclusive merchandise featuring your beloved Nintendo characters. We are gonna start the tour of the Nintendo NY store by entering through doors, and
you are greeted with this large bronze coin with this store slogan, “Where Everyone
Comes To Play” and is rightfully so. Looking around you will want to take a
deep breath and realize there is a ton to see and experience here. There is
certainly something for everyone. Starting on the first floor to the right,
you are immediately greeted to several Nintendo Switch game kiosks where you
get to play competitively with hit games such as Mario 8 Deluxe or go on
adventure with Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
Nintendo 3DS kiosks are also readily available to play. It is a fantastic way to
try out the great selection of games for that platform. Nintendo NY being the only store in the world open to the public means
they offer ample supply of merchandise you can find only here.
Moving down the center from the entrance you will quickly notice these Nintendo NY
exclusive t-shirts featuring designs of the store logo and these
unique Japanese Nintendo logo shirts and sweatpants to go along with it. They
also have a selection of hooded sweaters and various t-shirts featuring assorted
designs of the store logo similarly found from the bronze coin and others
with the famed Nintendo characters such as Bowser and Mario from the Super Mario
series. Nintendo have teamed up with LeSportsac offering a special
collection of Super Mario themed totes, crossbodies, backpacks and accessories.
The collection features two unique designs such as the Power Up Burst which
is a colorful homage to Mario’s power up items and foes, and secondly is the Mario
travel prints portraying a Mushroom Kingdom inspired travel memorabilia such
as a luggage tag and destination stickers. The store also has a selection
of exclusive apparel for all the ladies out there visiting Nintendo NY.
Just like the men style seen earlier you can find sweaters, sweatpants, and
t-shirts in assorted colors and sizes. There is certainly a color and design
that match different tastes, but one of the designs that gets my attention is the
gold Nintendo NY store logo. Toward the far end of the store is where
you’ll find amazing Super Mario merchandise with familiar characters in
that universe. For the ladies you have these t-shirts featuring a group of
Toad mingling together or Mario getting a kiss from Princess Peach after working
hard to rescue her from Bowser. Right around the corner are these soft pillows
showing 8-bit characters from Super Mario Bros. along with these big
plushies of Bullet Bill, Goomba, Red Koopa shell and Boo. Nintendo NY also have
shirts that fans of the original Super Mario Bros. can appreciate. Yoshi
lovers is also represented with shirts in long sleeves and t-shirt choices. If
you are in school or in need of a way to carry belongings in style, they have an
assorted selection of Super Mario backpacks. For those that are looking for
something different or for that retro fan they have these t-shirts that
combine the world we live in with the imaginative world of Super Mario, and they
have these unique 80’s style designs. For myself, I’m a huge fan of retro
design cues of old-school NES controller and the 8-bit sprites. The Nintendo
Entertainment System is the generation of gaming that I’m most nostalgic for. On
the left, you will find small plush danglers a Blooper and Bullet Bill. If
you are collecting World of Nintendo figures, they have choices like Yoshi, Cat Suit Mario and Luigi and Slippy from Star Fox. Seen toward the bottom are
numerous Nintendo licensed board games such as Monopoly Gamer, Super Mario
Checkers and Chess. If you are a huge fan of Mario Kart, they have these collectible
Mario Kart 8 pull and speed kart racer packs, and if that was not enough you can
indulge yourself with this amazingly large Carrera RC Mario Kart racers where
you can get them moving at a full speed at 20 km/h or 12 miles per hour. On the
side, you will find this cool retro selection of Super Nintendo era
posters to decorate your game room. Toward the center of Nintendo NY
they have a showcase of numerous special edition Nintendo 3DS family of systems,
Nintendo Switch systems and games available for purchase. So fans of Pokemon, Metroid, Zelda, Splatoon or even Super Nintendo there is a system to suit
different tastes and needs. Now on to retro, for those of you who took your
games on the go with a Game Boy or play with the NES back in the day, these backpacks, wallets and snack bags will take you back. If you
have an infant there is something for them as well, such as these Zelda and Mario themed super bib and an NES controller silicon teether.
Around the corner you’ll find this really neat Famicom pillow, along with more NES
themed infant accessories like a wet bag and a splat mat. NES backpack, plush
throw, beanie along with other accessories is a wonderful way to show your
nostalgia and passion for the Nintendo Entertainment System. With the adults
having all the fun so far, youth apparel is also available with a selection of
shirts from the Super Mario cast along with Nintendo NY exclusive matching
sets with the adult selection earlier. Kids can pick their favorites of either
Mario or Luigi, or if they have the Courage, Wisdom or Power, go for t-shirts from The
Legend of Zelda series and become the Hero of Time. Moving away from apparel
you will discover some cool exclusive items that you can only find here like
these water bottles of Bullet Bill and Super Mario Bros on the NES. They also
carry different mugs featuring your beloved Nintendo characters. On the right,
take your pick of different Super Mario items like decals, coasters, wallets and
pocketbooks. You can even grab yourself a really cool question block light to make
your gaming area unique. On this side there is a selection of keychains
featuring Game Boy, Super Mario Kart and even Super Mario World. Did you know Nintendo
created playing cards called Hanafuda before producing video games dating all
the way back into 1889? So be sure to grab a piece of Nintendo history with a
pack of Hanafuda during your visit. Here we have some of my favorite items to grab including this really detailed Figma and cute Nendoroid figures of Fire Emblem
female Corrin. If you are a fan of the Super NES, I recommend checking out, “Playing With Super Power” it is a nostalgic celebration of the Super
Nintendo in all its 16-bit glory. On these cool display stands, you will be
amazed at the variety of character plushies to choose from.
Take your pick or gather a gang of colorful Yoshi available range from
yellow, black, purple, red, light blue and pink. Here is something you don’t find
often, plushies of enemies from the Super Mario Universe. Grab yourself a Bob-omb, Chain Chomp, Koopa Troopa,
Baby Bowser and the Koopalings. Some my favorites are the classic Boos, Goomba
and Dry Bones. On this question block stand, they have plushies I am sure you will recognize with Nintendo stars such as
Mario, with his brother Luigi, Princess Peach and Daisy. if you look closely they
even have Baby Mario and Luigi to top it off. Walking toward the far left of the
store check out the Nintendo Switch section where you can pick up and
purchase the latest and greatest games for the Nintendo Switch. Some of my favorite games include the amazing platform action-adventure, Super Mario Odyssey and
the stunning, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The store does stock Nintendo
Switch systems as well as an array of accessories to go along with it. Be sure
to grab essentials such as the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and an extra pair
of Joy-Con controllers. Once you have finished picking everything
you desire to add to your collection, at the end of your visit this is where you
can check out. Right next to the checkout counter you are greeted to an amiibo kiosk.
On display are the newest amiibo they have in stock. A tip for amiibo
collectors out there, if you are looking for hard to find amiibo, Nintendo NY do tend to restock frequently. So you are more likely to find them here, so
if you are in the area do check out the store frequently. Speaking about amiibo or any
items in the store, when planning your visit be sure to keep in mind they do
tend to rotate the store’s merchandise periodically. So it is wise to grab
everything you need as you may not find them again in your next visit. In the
same corner, you will be greeted to this bigger than life-size statue of Donkey
Kong. A fact about the statue, it is the same one Nintendo used at E3 2013,
promoting Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. If you need a quick charge to
your Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS or any electronic devices,
feel free to use the DK Barrel to keep them juiced up and keep them going for
the duration of your visit. Moving up the stairway you will see one of the most
exciting features of Nintendo NY store, which is this Luigi and Toad
statue welcoming all guest to the next level. Completing level 1 floor, we take a
look back of all this floor had to offer in this panned view seeing everything in
a different perspective. Looking up on the stairway you will see an amazingly
large statue of Mario on a flagpole spanning all the way from the bottom
with Luigi and Toad seen earlier, and once you reach the level 2 floor, you see
Mario reaching to the top like in the classic games he starred in. Here at the
level 2 floor, giving you a glimpse of what is to come, this is where the fun really
begins. Here you see the Nintendo Switch take center stage along with merchandise
featuring other famous Nintendo franchises to explore, and lastly the
Nintendo NY Museum Showcase. Starting on the left side is a section
any Pokemon fan should experience for themselves. In this area you will find a
vast selection of Pokemon merchandise that will cater to fans of all
generations. Did you know the current Nintendo NY store was formerly a
dedicated store for Pokemon called the Pokemon Center?
It was closed on January 2005 and was reformed to Nintendo World Store and
eventually to the Nintendo NY store we all know of today. In this area,
Nintendo NY carries a wide selection of Pokemon merchandise and if
you are a big fan of the franchise, I am sure you will find something you can
proudly take back home and add your collection. Here you will find a range of
plushies varying sizes, plushy danglers, figures, puzzles, collectible pins,
keychains, mugs and board games. If you play or collect the Pokemon Trading Card
Game they have everything you need to get
started with it starter and booster packs.
Besides collectibles, they have an amazing set of Pokemon apparel along
with hats, scarfs, beanies, wallets and backpacks featuring my personal favorite
first generation pokemons such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander.
Exploring this area of the store really reminds me of my time playing the
original Pokemon Blue on the original Game Boy when it first debuted back in
1998. I would spend countless hours training, battling and capturing all the
Pokemon in the game and at the same time every day
after school, coming home catching up on the latest Pokemon anime and hearing the
catchphrase, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”. At the same time in my youth, I also got deep
into the world of Pokemon trading cards. I competed local tournaments, trading
cards with friends to enhance our decks and collected as many rare and first
edition prints of cards when we get our hands on them. It really was a fun time
for me as a child and it is great to see the great loyal following it gathered
over the years from its humble beginnings. Now moving into The Legend of Zelda area, this is where I am most excited for. For longtime fans of the
NintendoCade Gaming channel knows how passionate I am for the franchise. With
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being among the best games created for
the franchise, the store has some really cool clothing that you can grab to show
your fandom. Here you have an assorted selection of Zelda jackets, sweaters,
socks and scarves. Also carry all your gears and belonging neatly in this Sheikah
and Traveler’s Shield carrying bags. If you are into figures, my recommendation are these highly customizable Nendoroid DX Edition or a premium First 4 Figures,
Breath of the Wild Link, both of which I have in my collection are amazing. Onward,
they have an assorted choice of puzzles from numerous games in the franchise.
Piecing them together can be a terrific way to have an epic display piece to
spruce up a game room. If you are looking into understanding the whole legend or want to see all the artwork production done throughout the entire franchise dating
all the way back to 1986, look no further than Hyrule Historia and the Art &
Artifacts books from Dark Horse. Below seen here are Zelda manga from Viz Media
and one of my favorites to read through is from one of my favorite games of all
time is Ocarina of Time. To the right, on display are selection of Zelda themed
shirts for women, and one that caught my attention as I am a fan of the design is
a sweater featuring the Gate of Time from Skyward Sword.
Here are numerous other backpacks and messenger bags available, and if you
notice carefully some of the designs seen on them shows the map of Hyrule or
can tell you the summary of the Zelda mythos and lore. Moving into the aisle,
Twilight Princess fans can appreciate these highly articulating and
customizable Link and Princess Zelda Figma figures from Japan. Each Figma is
sold with various accessories such as exchangeable faces, hands and other
optional parts that can be used to create that perfect figure pose. Around
the corner, if you’re looking for more Breath of the Wild merchandise, you can find this neat Sheikah Slate notebook, backpack and plush throw. Take your pick at the
numerous Zelda plushies ranging from the Hero of Time Link, Princess Zelda and
Tingle. My favorites are these 8-bit NES classic style Link, along with the
Triforce. The Nintendo NY store has a selection of hats and wallets to
carry your rupees everywhere you go. They come and diverse shapes and designs and
I’m sure you will find the one that best suits you. If you are looking for smaller
figures to collect, my picks are these Zelda Medicom Ultra Detailed Figures
line from Japan. They have excellent paintwork and of high quality.
In case you have not noticed, all throughout the store there are numerous
winter gear like these Zelda beanies made available. In case you are not aware,
New York can be a very cold place in the winter, so it is best to gear up and beat
the cold just like Link in Breath of the Wild. In this last section for the Zelda
area, if you are looking for something unique to “wow” your friends, look no
further than this Triforce light that will illuminate any gaming area in style
along with these comfortable Triforce slippers and plush pillow. Animal
Crossing fans can rejoice to know that the Nintendo NY store has something
for you as well. Take your pick on some of these cute
character plushies of your favorite villagers like Tom Nook, Isabelle, DJ KK
Slider Cyrus, Reese, and Mr. Resetti. Seeing these
villagers brings a smile to me reminding my first time experiencing Animal
Crossing in 2002 on the Nintendo GameCube. I still remember Mr. Resetti getting
furious if I reset my game without properly saving my progress, and totally
scares me by deleting my game save. On the opposite side is something you don’t
see often, check out these exclusive
Nintendo NY Metroid: Samus Return t-shirts to cater old school and new
fans alike. Other hit Nintendo franchise represented includes apparel for the
fast action fighting game ARMS for the Nintendo Switch, along my favorite puzzle
strategy franchise, Pikmin. Moving toward the center we switch our attention to
this larger than life Super Smash Bros. Mario amiibo statue. Similar to
the Donkey Kong statue earlier, it is also has its origins at E3 2014 when
Nintendo first premiered amiibo during that year’s trade show. Right behind this
large Mario amiibo statue you will discover an amazing display
showcase of every amiibo released. This is where anyone can come up close and
see their favorite Nintendo characters. They display all amiibo released along
with Japan exclusives up to the time of this recording. Amiibo first came on the
market with its first wave back in November 21, 2014, and have now spawned amiibo in numerous series including Super Smash Bros., The Legend of Zelda,
Metroid, Fire Emblem, and Splatoon, just to name a few.
Some of my favorites include the Champions from Breath of the Wild, the Guardian amiibo, and I am a huge fan of the Super Smash Bros. line which covers so many beloved Nintendo
franchises. Let me know what your favorites are, and I am sure you have your
picks from your amiibo collection. Moving past the Mario amiibo statue, we head
for into an area full of games, accessories for numerous game systems such as the
Wii U, Nintendo 3DS family of systems and the Nintendo Switch. This is also the place
to possibly find the amiibo you are looking for. Moving toward the right will have a
vast selection of Nintendo 3DS cases to carry and protect your games and system
wherever you go. You can find designs featuring Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and Yo-kai Watch. Right next to it, here are a wide selection of Nintendo 3DS games
available to purchase. The game selection ranges from hit Nintendo franchises and
third-party titles. On the furthest end wall, they stock numerous Nintendo Switch
accessories that include the Nintendo Switch Dock, a variety of Joy-Con controllers, straps, and a power adapter. Immediately
on the right, are the games for the Nintendo Switch. Starting with these
prepaid Nintendo eShop cards, with these you can purchase your games digitally.
Right below are the physical copies of hit games for the platform. The system has
many fantastic titles mentioned earlier, but other hit games that should
be on your radar includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and get into the competitive side
with ARMS and Splatoon 2. Like the level 1 floor, you can also purchase a
Nintendo Switch system along with numerous other accessories to enhance
your experience or to cater to your specific needs.
Turning to the immediate right is where the store keeps their latest stock of
amiibo. You can find amiibo from your favorite Nintendo series including Super
Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, Kirby, Yoshi, Splatoon and Fire Emblem. It is
also fantastic to see Nintendo NY has my current favorite amiibo from my
Game of the Year in 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and of course
the phenomenal, Super Mario Odyssey. Splatoon 2 being among the best games on the Nintendo Switch, is well represented with plushies of popular characters like
Callie, Marie, Inkling Boy and Girl, and Judd. Other goodies found here includes
the World of Nintendo figures. My recommendation is the Art of Splatoon
showing all the fantastic pre and post production artwork done. Just like the
game, customize yourself looking cool with the matching outfits and headgear.
Rounding off this section are these soft plush squid pillows, a wonderful way to
make your gaming area comfy Splatoon style, along with these exclusive
sweaters and t-shirts to show off your competitive side. One of the coolest
feature and is a must-see, on display is an actual Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda. It is the original sword the creator of
the franchise, Shigeru Miyamoto held during E3 2004 reveal of Twilight Princess. For a limited time, Nintendo NY have on display a retro showcase celebrating the Super
Nintendo Entertainment System of the 90s. With the launch of the Super NES Classic
Edition, many older gamers get to revisit or for newcomers
to experience the best gaming this generation has to offer. On display are
the 20 excellent classic games in its original cartridge form, including the
artwork for the never before released Star Fox 2, making its debut for the
first time ever. Be sure to take a close look of on display are these interesting
prototype schematics and diagrams of the original Super Nintendo, as well as its
accessories. This generation I consider to be the Golden Age of Gaming with its
amazing visuals and sound that holds up well to this day. Some of my favorites of all
time includes Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, The Legend of Zelda: A Link
to the Past, Yoshi’s Island, Star Fox and Super Mario RPG. We have arrived to the most exciting feature of the Nintendo NY store, here you will find numerous
interactive Nintendo Switch game kiosks. Best part is this massive 50-foot game
screen and everyone visiting the store must give it a try.
This area is where anyone can pick up a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or Pro
Controller and have a blast playing the selection of Nintendo Switch games.
Evelyn, co-host of NintendoCade like everyone else is having her time at the
Great Plateau in Breath of the Wild. The area also contains a cross stand kiosk
with four distinct type of Nintendo 3DS games, anyone can come up and play to their heart’s content. When you are finished
playing, one of the biggest attraction at the Nintendo NY store and it’s a
must-see, is the Nintendo Museum Showcase. The showcase is separated into two parts,
the first seen here is the evolution of Nintendo handhelds. On display, starting
with the Game & Watch is a line of electronic handheld games produced from
1980 until 1991. It was created by the late game designer, Gunpei Yokoi. Later he
moved on to creating a very successful line of handhelds called Game Boy, first released in 1989. The Game Boy went on spanning many generations,
entertaining many gamers around the world with the Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and lastly the Game Boy Micro. Later Nintendo
continued its legacy with its successor with the Nintendo DS and the 3DS line of
systems. The second part of the museum showcase display the evolution of
Nintendo home console systems. Starting with the original TV-Color 15 in 1977. It
was Nintendo’s first foray into the home video game market and was exclusive to
Japan. Nintendo went on ahead and released its successors the Famicom and
Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985. From thereon Nintendo was a major player
in the video game industry that reached worldwide success. Nintendo went on
building the foundation set forth with the Super Nintendo in 1991, Nintendo 64 in
1996, Nintendo GameCube in 2001, Nintendo Wii in 2006, the Wii U in 2012, and the
latest with the Nintendo Switch in 2017. Right behind the Nintendo NY showcase, the elevator have a distinct silhouette design featuring timeless Nintendo
characters that transcend generations of gaming. Completing the level 2 floor,
taking the elevator down you can see a unique perspective of Mario on the
flagpole with Luigi and toad welcoming guests on
the level 1 floor. If you’re curious of how Nintendo NY store looks in the
evening, it really is a treat for the eyes. The store has a different vibe,
illuminating with colors and decorations that only Nintendo NY can do.
Currently it is showcasing an amazing Super Mario Odyssey display with a theme of traveling the world. Keep in mind, it is constantly changed out showcasing the
next big game for Nintendo. I like to give a special thank you to all the
Nintendo NY store staff and ambassadors for their dedication and
hard work to always keep that store amazing and enjoyable for all. This
concludes my tour of the Nintendo NY store please stay for my
conclusions. Well I hope you guys enjoyed that tour of the Nintendo NY store for 2018. It is an amazing store, it’s a paradise for Nintendo fans and
video gamers alike. I am sure that you have saw many great
things that this store had to offer and you want to add into your collection. Please leave me down below in the comments, what are your favorite items that you saw that you want to add to your collection. I have many things
that I gathered over the years from the Nintendo NY store, that is still proudly
displayed in my game room. I also want to invite you guys to watch the previous
tour for the Nintendo World Store, back then it was my previous episode
where I show you back then before they renovated the store into
the Nintendo NY today, so feel free to check it out. I’ll leave it down below in the description of course a card above my head. So please give me a THUMBS UP if you enjoyed this presentation, SUBSCRIBE to NintendoCade, that’s always
helpful, and I’ll catch again in the next episode.


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