Unboxing the Zebra ATR 7000

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Hi, this is Marc with AB&R. Today I’m
pretty excited to unbox the new ATR 7000 from Zebra. This reader is an RTLS UHF
RFID reader, able to track assets indoors. I’m going to take, I’m gonna unbox it
right now. Take the styrofoam, user’s manual, right here on the side. And I’m
gonna slide it right out of the box. It’s not very heavy, this reader uses UHF to
track your assets indoors, again like I said, it is a very accurate reader for
real-time location systems. It’s pretty simple to set up. You want to use
software, you can connect it right here via Ethernet connectivity. You can power
it over here over Ethernet or you can supply your own external power supply. The location system is actually pretty accurate – better than two feet in accuracy. If you have any questions, please contact us. We’re the RFID experts so you don’t have to be.


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