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what is up everybody welcome to another
episode of world record winds as we break or set a world record every single
Wednesday today I am joined by Mark Mon John baby and they are something
ridiculous because they do basketball on unicycles they juggle it’s gonna be a
really good Caleb’s here to ride we’re gonna make some trick shots we’re gonna
do some juggling we’re gonna break some world records it’s gonna be a lot of fun
here we go ever get them to work on it Oh Lord before well it’s time to go big Josh let’s go
baby wanna see it we got a pen trick that’s a
big unicycle swear my butt’s gonna be I’m gonna stand right here okay and
we’re gonna throw basketballs back and forth over your head while you do what
you do that montage was pretty sweet I think it
deserves a thumbs up right guys oh yeah Caleb Caleb decided it’s more
fun on one Caleb let’s do it yeah I’m actually super nervous all right you got
your lucky short time I got my regulator got no problem I want you to do between
your legs all right you can leave the wall here
put your right foot on the pedal huh what you’re gonna do is just lean
forward and step on to that other pedal hitting that power position power we
want to be power a little further away from the wall you’re kind of tight
against the wall and if you swittel your hips you can get your chin up straight
like you have good posture look at that this guy’s a natural I’m riding it go
with you yeah Caleb you crushed that crush my knees it is now world record
time look Josh Caleb before we get into the records I think it’s time for the
– mom – yeah let’s Bob we’re on the unicycles you guys are on your feet yeah
we’ll see who’s got the real trick shot you want to keep things fair all right guys it’s two on two team cash
that’s Josh and Caleb versus team leave a comment right now who do you think is
gonna win cash or ridiculous leave a comment Haas money here we go
first seven wins the past guys it was a pass it was a
pass Oh Oh Oh for the woods boys Stabler’s rigged I
can’t believe you guys are so impressive my gosh you’re gonna shave you mustache
it’s not written it’s actually not real yeah you gotta figure your bullets
actually all right oh we’ve been swinging time you don’t want to touch
this well it is world record time you guys
can redeem yourself let’s go bond John and Mark are gonna be
trying to break the current world record for the longest basketball shot on a
unicycle which is currently 38 be no problem right half court here is 47 feet
so if they get from half-court it is a new world record so there’s a fire drill so we’re outside
taking a little bit of a break this is a great time to give the Instagram
shoutouts for I was too on fire yeah yeah give our Instagram shoutouts for
today here they are follow me on instagram at juggling Junko all these
guys ridiculous jugglers go comment on their most recent posts the little
juggler emoji so I know you came from this video and Caleb Nash cream stir at
Caleb – beamster I want to let’s go – been done watching this video make
sure you head over to whistle sports channel you’ve got a lot of awesome
sports videos that you’ll love and they made this video possible thank you
what’s the sport setting a new world record for throwing a frisbee on a
unicycle distance – ladies Brodie Smith learns how to riding hey I’ll teach him
call me out Brody that was so much fun thanks for joining us guys hey make sure
you check them out on Instagram ridiculous jugglers they’re a lot of fun
we’ve got videos coming every Monday every Wednesday every Saturdays make
sure you subscribe you haven’t yet also check out Caleb on Instagram thanks
Caleb – beamster a coon if I make this lunch on you yes lunch is on Caleb let’s
go to the beach


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