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Alex, you have to make a review. Oh man, I didn’t mean that kind of oil but the new products of Oil Can Grooming. Ahh, nice! Hello and welcome to another pomade review from our showroom in Ottobrunn. Well, as always. I’m so excited to show you a new product line, or rather to make a review about one of these products. But on this occasion I will give you a quick overview of all the new products by Oil Can Grooming. Very fancy products made in the UK. And as you may have already seen at the beginning, the designs are brilliant. Very fancy and well made tins. I will make a review about this one, which is called Grease Pomade. All the Oil Can products are modern, so there’s no classic oil based pomade, but this one right here is definitely very unique. The other ones are a Grooming Cream, Clay, Waterbased Pomade and a Matte Paste. So these are all products rather made for the matte look. I will show you the only shiny product from all of these today, which is the Grease Pomade in the brown tin. First I show the pomade and after that I want to show the beard oils, because they are amazing. One of the most beautiful packagings I have seen in a long time Now the pomade tin first. The top of the tin is engraved, which reminds me a bit of Royal Crown. It had an engraved top as well. What a pity it’s not available anymore. It’s also a very solid aluminum tin with the Oil Can Grooming logo here. Another cool thing about the tins is, that there is a second tin inside of the actual tin. You can pull it out pretty easily. So if you maybe collect the tins it’s very practical, because you don’t have to wash out the tin. Just pull out the inner tin and you can use it for other things. Very cool idea and brilliant design all in all. I will try the pomade and tell you how it is, but before I want to show you the beard oils real quick. Look at that! This is just brilliant! Suiting the brand perfectly it comes in this small oil can. The scents are amazing as well. You can read the descriptions on our website. There are 50ml in one can, so it’s even a bit more than many of the other beard oils. Great products! Now back to the Grease Pomade. The Grease Pomade is neither an unorthodox waterbased nor an unorthodox oil based pomade. You would have to find a new name for it, because it’s a water soluble lanolin based pomade. So it’s a … … ULB? Unorthodox lanolin based pomade? I have no idea, but I will try it. Then we will see what this pomade has to offer. When you open the tin you can see a creme-colored pomade When you smell on it, it’s a super intense scent. That’s the kind of pomade, similar to the Womanizer pomades, you are completely perfumed with, so you don’t have to add a another fragrance. You will smell the scent throughout the whole day. As you can see we already tried I before. It’s an intense scent of amber and vanilla. Some of you may not know what amber is. It’s a pretty expensive scent I don’t want to explain exactly now how this scent is made, because it’s that’s not so nice. But this scent is very interesting. It has notes of wood and tobacco, but also smells sweet and dry. So it’s a very interesting combination in my opinion. It smells a bit like tobacco with a slight note of vanilla. A great scent. It would be a great perfume for me. But it’s very intense. If you’re more into decent scent, this might not be for you. My hair is almost completely dry now. They are just slightly damp and I don’t have a build up either. Now let’s see how it goes out. It’s like a hand creme. Super easy to take out of the tin. You can’t really compare it to a normal waterbased pomade It’s feels like something between cream and gel. Very hard to classify, because I haven’t seen such a texture before. It’s so smooth in my hands. Applying it to the hair is also very easy. Since I usually use stronger pomades, I’m curious how the hold will be. First I work it all in. And it feels more like a waterbased pomade. Super easy to apply. A second scoop. Which comes to the back. And I can already smell the intense scent. Wonderful! I love it. It’s probably not for everybody, for people who like dry, woody and tobacco like scents, it’s a very nice one. Now let’s see how the styling works. I have almost nothing left on my hands and it doesn’t stick either. It could be applied very easily. Let’s comb through. There is a very small resistance, but not too bad. It’s not comparable to an oil based pomade, but more to a waterbased pomade. Very easy to comb through. Let’s see how the hold is. It’s interesting that a product, which feels that light, gives such a good hold. A very interesting combination. It’s going very fast. Especially for thin hair unorthodox products like this are often a good choice It really is … … one of the easiest products I have used in a long time. And interestingly, everything holds immediately. My hair does exactly what it should do. I’m not sure, if it also works that good with very thick and stubborn hair, but especially for thin hair or classic hairstyles it should work very well. And what’s absolutely insane, is the shine. I think you can already see it on the sides while I’m combing. It’s like the shine of a light pomade. Like DAX blue or Murray’s Super Light. Super high shine from the beginning. And … well, it’s not a real waterbased pomade, but it washes out as easy as a waterbased pomade. And it doesn’t loose its shine throughout the day. That’s often a thing with waterbased pomades but this one keeps its shine throughout the whole day. Unbelievable how that works. Maybe you could compare it to Layrite Super Shine Cream, but even this one gets more and more matte throughout the day, while this one will stay like that. So it’s really an amazing shine pomade with a medium hold I would say. Medium to firm hold maybe. It’s not the strongest pomade, but especially for slicked hairstyles with a high shine and you can also create some height pretty easily. Topic combability: UWBs usually don’t stay 100% as combable as oil based pomades, but still better than waterbased pomades. And I have to say about this one, that it can be combed very easily throughout the day. It also holds as good as before. Only the nice shine gets less when you comb your hair afterwards. That’s the only little thing about it. But apart from that there’s almost no difference to an oil based pomade. Lanolin ist the main ingredient, but it also contains beeswax and grape seed oil. The other ingredients are similar to normal waterbased pomades. So that’s why it can be washed out easily. For those, who are searching for an unorthodox, water soluble product, that has the handling of an oil based pomade and also shines a lot, the Oil Can Grooming Iron Horse Grease Pomade is, which is the complete name, is the right one for you. A great product with an amazing scent. I love it! I hope I told you everything now about the Grease Pomade and also a little bit more about the brand. I also hope you liked the video. If so, please subscribe to our channel and ring the bell, so you will always be informed about our upcoming videos. See you soon. Bye Bye!


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  1. MARIUS Von Hessen

    December 2, 2019 12:41 pm

    Sehr cooles Review! Wenn das nicht mal richtig geile Pomaden sind. Allein die Optik der Dosen ist der Hammer.

  2. Lorna Simmons

    December 2, 2019 3:17 pm

    Klingt, als wäre das auch eine tolle Pomade für Frauenfrisuren (und dann später sogar für die Haarnadeln 😍).
    Die wird beim nächsten Einkauf mitgenommen und für Rollen getestet.
    Danke für das Review! 👍

  3. Marcell Bartling

    December 2, 2019 5:02 pm

    Hab die Matte schon ins Auge gefasst….wär cool wenn Ihr die auch noch vorstellen könnt👌👍

  4. Schmierkopp

    December 2, 2019 5:03 pm

    Hm, hört sich an als wäre das nichts für meine Haare. Die Bartöle sehen geil aus. Leider habe ich schon mein Produkt gefunden. Gutes Video Alex.

  5. Tobias Haase

    December 2, 2019 5:29 pm

    Das Bartöl hat ja mal eine geile Verpackung! 👍
    Die Idee mit den Doppeldosen für die Sammler unter uns fetzt. Da braucht man gar nicht erst alles verschmieren und hat trotzdem gleich die Dose in der Sammlung. Ich nagel leere Dosen bei mir auf Arbeit an die Wand über meinen Schreibtisch. Diese Dosen würden sich gut an meiner Wand machen. ☝
    Der Glanz sieht richtig klasse aus. So mag ich das.
    Werde mir diese Produkte mal mit vormerken.

    Der kleine Gag am Anfang. 👍😂 Herrlich! Das Video hat mir mal wieder den Feierabend am Montag zum schönsten der Woche gemacht. Weiter so! Ihr seit echt Weltklasse! 👍👍👍

  6. Endrit Miftari

    December 2, 2019 9:11 pm

    Hallo zusammen💪
    Kann jemand Pomaden ohne Mineralölen empfehlen? Gibt es da eine große Auswahl?

    Danke euch 👍💪


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