Valentine`s day, birthday and white horse День влюбленных, День рожденья и мечта из детства


Yes, I just thought recently that still one of my favorite films is “Amelie”. And just yesterday the owner of the salon from which I go now, called me, Guess what it’s called? It’s called Amelie. Moreover, the owner of the salon is Irina. Master of his craft, a wonderful woman. And I’m very happy with all the girls, all the masters are very good. And, as a matter of fact, now there is only one problem – to put on a hat. Valentine’s Day and, it turns out, today is Shiva’s Day … and my Birthday. It’s actually a wonderful day. And not only thanks to you and your congratulations, but also thanks to a wonderful coincidence. I was congratulated by the Amelie salon. They offered me discounts and gifts … Well, was it possible to reject it on the birthday? But do you see … hjw Im today? I am dressed in the camping clothes, because today I finally fulfill my dream. This is also a miracle: I was able in such a busy and full of wishing to ride day … I still found a club that is ready to receive me at a suitable time for me. . I’m looking forward to the fact that dreams come true! Pull the reins on yourself! We turn to the side. Why are you pulling up the reins like that? She should go! Man, thank you, we will deal with this! Maya, go! Move your legs forward! Do not overtighten the reins too much and move your legs forward. Turn to the side. Turn, turn! Stop, stop! Hold the reins. Now lead her to the side where she refused to go. Oh, she’s categorically refuses to going … but it’s necessary. Can I hold the reins differently? My fingers froze and did not bend. Yes, only in this way. Go now! We do not run, weare walk! We just walk. We are two good girls. We do not run anywhere. Where should we hurry? We are walking. We have a holiday. We have a day of Love … Oh, I do not want to fall! I also! Well, we’re not at the races with you: we’re just walking! Exactly! Go forward! You can run a little if you want. There’s a car! Stop! We stand, because there is a car! Now do not go. Go on! You’re my girl! Go ahead! Quietly, quietly! Do not go from the back! Now it will fly away … Do not go behind! Quiet! Turn to me! In short, hold the reins in short! Yes, like that! Stop, stop! I hope you are not too scared? Aldeady no! Already everything terrible has happened, right? It’s just slippery! No one will look at your cries: “Stop!” Wow! You already understand me from the half-word! You are my bird! ! And what happens if I go to you all week every day? Keep the reins shorter! No no! It is undesirable to go there! Turn! Yes, like that! And hold the second! That’s right, good! And come to me.


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  1. hencar averson

    February 19, 2018 2:58 am

    You keep surprising me. with your talent You are so natural, when you express your emotions. I am captivated by your sensuality. beautiful forever.

  2. volnay853

    February 19, 2018 4:03 am

    What was the recipe for the gluten free chocolate cake? My daughter is gluten intolerant. Lovely video, and well behaved horse

  3. Bhupendrasingh Vaghela

    February 19, 2018 7:56 am

    Beautiful video.. I am speechless.. God bless you with all the happiness and joy.. I have missed your birthday party, better luck for me next year..


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