Vietnamese French man keeps horses running

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Jean Yves Baudron, a Vietnamese French man Right, have it Just feel poor for other horses Come, come There’ll be no problem, don’t worry. All my beloved I love this horse racing sport as I love the art of it. We put the animal there and we have to keep a close watch at it It’s meal, how it lies, how it stands When it’s back from a run, we have to watch, to find out which standing manner means it’s good, and which means it’s not alright. It can catch a flu like people. Hot flu and cold flu. Hot flu is when its blood clots and it will ram its head to the wall and die. And when it has bellyache for no reason, it’ll also die. I rent this land. I have nine horses here. The cost for them all is VND20 million (around US$1,000) a month. Breeding horses in general is a painstaking job.


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