Vintage English 3-Speed Bicycles : English 3-Speed Bicycle Saddles


English cycles generally came with two different
type saddles, if you’re talking about English three speeds. The best is this leather saddle,
made by Brooks. This is a model B72. The leather is thick, but it’s very comfortable, and it’s
actually very pliable. You can find these, even in rough shape, and a lot of times they
can be brought back to life. It’ll have some springs in the back for comfort, and they
will have eyelets for a saddlebag. That’s the classic saddle. The higher end bikes have
this. Another type of saddle is the mattress saddle. It’s made of vinyl. Again, they’re
very comfortable. It has the springs in the back, and it’s nice and broad to support
your weight. Another thing I’d like to show about these is what to do when you have a
seat post that’s stuck in the seat tube. A lot of times you go to adjust the height on
one of these bikes, and it hasn’t been adjusted in thirty years, and you can’t adjust it,
but the best thing to do is to leave the saddle right on the seat post. Sometimes, people
will remove the saddle from the seat post, and put a wrench on the seat post. The very
best thing to do; leave the saddle right on it, back off the seat post bolt, and just
start twisting and pulling up, and you’ll eventually loosen and remove the seat post.


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  1. Steven Mattson

    June 17, 2009 2:42 pm

    Expertvillage: you forgot the part about applying the Liquid Wrench needed to loosen that stuck seapost!


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