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It looks like a UFO, its flying straight towards the Jungle to land, I will go and check. What is a UFO? It means Unidentified Flying Object. When people from some other planet come here in space ship, we call that space ship a UFO. Robo boy suit on. What happened then? It looks like a UFO, come on let’s go and check. Stay here, we will come back to pick you up. Look there, a small alien, let’s go and catch him. Haha!! This is my alien. Haha!!! Leave him alone. Look Robo boy, I have caught an alien, isn’t he cute? Haha!! I will showcase him in the world and become famous. I said, leave him. Let him go. If a dangerous animal will catch you, then how will you feel? I will love it, now, can you please excuse me? I have a lot of work to do. You go and do social services. Oh, if some dangerous animal will catch him, then he will love it. Run!! Robo boy, save me!!! How are you feeling kid? Loving it right? I’m scared, please let me go, please Robo boy, save me!! Will you catch any alien next time? No, never, sorry. Gintu, you are so bad, you should not frighten someone like that. Please leave me. Who are you? Which planet do you belong to? My name is Tutu, I am the prince of turtle planet. Trozan wants to imprison me and become the king. that’s the reason why my body guards hid me here and went away. Now no Trozan will harass you, you might be tired now, go to sleep, we will talk in the morning. What is that? I haven’t seen a creature like this before. He is here, Trozan is here Vir. Don’t you worry, nothing will happen to you. Robo boy is here, now there is no danger. I feel that the root of all the problems is robo boy himself. Why did he leave so early? We cannot tolerate cold. If we will wait here for few minutes more then I may freeze. The temperature of water is normal. You wait inside this tub, you won’t feel cold here. I will go out and tackle him. Come on Trozan, lets fight. Robo boy’s fight with an alien.Today it’s going to be fun. Vir, oh Robo boy! Are you alright? The baby turtle is in a water tub which is inside the ice factory. Go and take care of him. Give me Tutu back and save yourself otherwise nobody can face the anger of Trozan. Tutu is not only my friend but also my guest, you won’t get him. Today, we got to know that aliens seriously exist. I guess Robo boy won’t be able to win. Why are you both after me? Yeah!! Robo boy!! It is difficult to defeat him here. He doesn’t like cold, let’s see how much cold he can tolerate. Vir stop it. The height is increasing, come down otherwise your entire system will freeze. Vir!! Are you listening to me? Vir!! Grandfather, this is the only way to save Tutu. Stop Vir, come down. Vir!! Vir, wake up Vir. The height is decreasing. 1000 feet Vir, 800 feet, 700 feet, Vir wake up!! Vir!!! Grandfather, please do something. Vir!! Vir!! Yeah!! Robo boy won!! Thank you Vir. You are welcome Tutu. I don’t feel like leaving you. But I have to go, I will come back someday. Ok take care all the best. Bye!! Bye bye.


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