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Get off the streets!
They’re coming! I see them, Miss Jessie.
They’re here. – Abe.
– Take care of the horses. Where are the men to stop them?
Where are the men to help Thomson? I’d like to see them
all burn in hell. Thomson! Thomson, come out of there. Roy, want me to go with you? No, thanks. This town may not need a deputy,
but it sure needs a fireman. I’m here to talk about my man.
It’s death, murder. You’ve murdered too many
good men, Thomson. Come out into the street.
Or are you a coward? A back-shooting coward
who won’t face me! Going for a ride,
sheriff? Come on, let’s give him a hand. That’s a boy, good boy. Oh, Sheriff. Come on, you’re all dirty.
You’ve got to practice your mounting. Look, here’s a present for you.
Come on, get him up. Let’s give him a guard of honour. I’m old.
Much too old. Warlock beats me.
Got to get out of this town. – Got to get out.
– Too late. Too late for us all. – Come on, Curley.
– I can’t find Johnny. Where’s my horse…? Johnny! – Wake up, Johnny.
– No, let me sleep. You’re a fine example
of a big brother. – I want to feel good…
– Yeah, sure. Come on. Attaboy, Billy, help me. – Help me to feel good.
– I can’t figure you, Johnny. I swear I can’t figure you. Pony Benner!
Come on, let’s go, Pony. – Hurry up, I’ve got to go.
– If you’ll just give me time. It’ll do no good.
You’re the ugliest. Come on. Look what he did. Look what he did. Come on, Pony, let’s go. Johnny!
We’ve got to go. Thomson didn’t stand a prayer,
did he? – Did he, Abe?
– Johnny, you’re drunk. Were Cade and Benner supposed to
shoot him before or after he drew? They had orders to shoot only if
there was interference from outside. From who? No man in Warlock
would dare come against you. No? There’s getting to be a lot more.
New ones all the time. I’ve got to keep letting them
know I was here first. How long does that give you
the right to run things your way? – As long as I want.
– Yeah… All I’m saying is,
when you stand to win, you’ve got to be able
to stand to lose too. The time has come to take up arms
in our defence. Last night was the fourth time
in a month. Driven to cover by them
murdering cowboys. We put our faith in Thomson
and he ran. While everyone else hid. An excellent point, Miss Jessie.
It’s time to stop hiding. We’ve got them outnumbered 5 to 1.
We’ve got to fight them with arms. At the risk of losing our own lives? I have ore I have to deliver
from my silver mines. Yet my miners are terrorised,
my wagons wrecked. We can’t let this anarchism, murder
and violence destroy Warlock, even at the risk of our lives. I say we arm ourselves
and stand and fight. That’s the only way
and you all know it. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
All wrong. You’re using anarchy and murder
to prevent anarchy and murder. You’re doing the same thing
as McQuown. – What’s the alternative, Judge?
– Law and order. There is one other way,
we can hire our own marshal. – Lots of towns have done it.
– We can’t hire a marshal. There’s no such position here,
we’re not legally a town. He’d be just as much a marshal
as you are ajudge, Mr. Holloway. On acceptance, as you put it. You’d
act for the citizens of Warlock. The only way to handle this
is the legal way. Send for Sheriff Keller. What’ll he do?
Send another Thomson? Keller’s 50 miles away. He might as well be a thousand,
for all the times he comes down here. I say we try our own marshal. This looks like a happy gathering.
Something we should know about? Just foolish committee talk.
Something I can do for you? With all this foolish committee talk,
half the stores in town are closed. It is supply day at San Pablo,
Mr. Richardson. Let’s see, a half dozen
sacks of flour… Give me a few minutes, Curley,
and I’ll be open. Yes, sir, Mr. Richardson. We wouldn’t think of breaking up
such an important meeting. I tell you what,
we’ll wait outside. Pony, Johnny and me. Benner killed our barber. An hour ago, we were all
very indignant about that. Yet, there he stood,
and none of us did anything. All right, Henry.
You’ve made your point. But who are you going to get
for your marshal? I have a man in mind.
Clay Blaisdell. Serving at present
as marshal in Port James. You mean, vigilante, gambler,
gunman. I’m sure we’ve all
heard about him. There’s even been a book
written about him by Kalib Bane. Mr. Bane attributes all manner
of courage to Mr. Blaisdell. He presented him with a pair of
gold Colts for his brave deeds. I saw Blaisdell once,
in Port James. The day after he killed
big Ben Nicholson. Nicholson was a bad one.
Blaisdell deserved those colts. Is this superhuman going to
subdue the savage beast by the pure power of his eye, or the menace of his six shooter,
or simply by his reputation? None of those, Miss Jessie. Blaisdell’s only hope in Warlock
is to be lead-proof. There she is, Clay. Warlock. A pretty enough town. Better than some I’ve seen. – Just for a short stay.
– We’ll find out. They’re coming!
They’re coming! I saw them!
They’re coming! I saw them!
They’re coming! Well, Jessie.
There he comes, gold handled Colts and all.
This is a real beginning for Warlock. – He’s here.
– And I’m going. – I’ve sold out to Morgan.
– I guess you have. I wonder if we all have. Morning, Mr. Blaisdell. Blaisdell,
I’m Judge Holloway. – I didn’t know Warlock had ajudge.
– On acceptance only. Same way you’re a marshal.
I want to get a good look at you. – They say you’re a decent man.
– I thank you. But it’s not enough to be decent where you have to kill men
and judge which men to kill, the word is the law. I guess I’ll be the law, Judge,
on your acceptance. Not on mine.
I don’t accept you. Any man who’s got himself set
over others and isn’t responsible
to something bigger – Is a murdering swine.
– Shut up, Judge. There’s something bigger than
all men, and that’s the law! Do you hear me? The law! – A nice welcome.
– Better than some I’ve seen. As I understand it,
I have full authority accountable to you,
the citizens’ committee. – Yes, accountable to us.
– That’s what I said, Mr. Petrix. I’ll carry out my duties in ways
best fitted to the job, the aim being public safety. Peace and safety,
that’s our aim. You won’t be surprised then,
if I have to post men out of town. As a last resort, in the case
of real trouble makers, they’ll be informed they come
into town at the risk of their lives. I suggest you start by posting
every one of the San Pablo cowboys. Just a minute, Buck.
All those boys ain’t bad. I like Curley Burne and Billy Gannon,
among others. It’s McQuown and Benner… Mr. Skinner and Mr. Slavin,
you’ll let that be my choice. There are one or two real trouble
makers. If I give you their names… He’s not your private marshal,
Mr. McDonald. Also my choice,
Mr. McDonald. One other thing. Some of the town folk have been
wondering about Mr. Morgan whether he’ll have any
official status. May I see that? Tom Morgan is my friend. We’ve been friends
for over ten years. I’ve never known him commit an evil
act. You’ll have to take my word. I started working for him as a faro
dealer. I still do on occasion. – Faro dealer?
– Yes. We’re partners. The 400 dollars I get from you
would hardly pay for my ammunition. Fortunately, as a faro dealer, I’m
an attraction. Things work out well. I presume by that you mean
that people come hoping to see you
shoot someone dead. – You don’t approve of me, Miss…
– Marlow. Jessie Marlow. It really doesn’t matter.
I’m in the minority. You won’t be in the minority
very long. People generally begin to resent me. I don’t mind,
it’s part of the job. – I let me assure you…
– It will happen. I come here as your salvation
on a very high wage. I establish order,
ride roughshod over offenders. At first, you’re pleased because
there’s less trouble. Then, a strange thing happens. You begin to feel I’m too powerful,
you begin to fear me. Not me,
but what I am. When that happens, we’ll have had
full satisfaction from one another and it’ll be time for me to leave. You speak as though from experience.
Has this happened many times? Yes, ma’am.
In a lot of towns. Clay, aren’t you finished yet? – Come on up.
– Excuse me. We might as well adjourn. They can’t hold guns,
but they sure can hold meetings. What’s that? The black rattle snake
of Port James. That’s a very poetic image. Come on, I’ll show you
your quarters. Murch, start cleaning up
downstairs. All right. Well?
This’ll fix up fine. First, we get rid
of all this trash. Look, we each have a bedroom.
I’ll fix this up real fancy. Don’t work too hard. There’s only one bunch of gangsters,
the McQuowns. Won’t take too long. These aren’t just tuners
like up in Port James. I hear this is a bad bunch. In any case, let’s drink
to the next town. To this one, first, and a successful
meeting with the McQuowns. The sooner, the better. Get back to work. – Evening.
– It is, isn’t it? Some of McQuown’s boys
just came in. Is that so?
McQuown come himself? Not yet. I’ve been doing
a little investigating. See that big fella?
That’s Jack Cade. Number two to McQuown.
Next to him is Chet Haggin. The little sneaky one on the right
is Pony Benner. Jack Cade is supposed to be
the meanest. – I see you added something.
– I wondered when you’d notice. She came in the last batch from
San Francisco, with those drapes. I held out because I didn’t know if
you were big enough to handle her. Very pretty.
I wonder if McQuown’s coming in. Don’t worry about McQuown.
He’ll never come up against you. His style is to play with
a backshooter. Watch out for Cade. You said that before. Want me to handle
some of the action? I’ll play it my way, Morgan.
See if they don’t have to too. It’ll help to put on
your gold handled pair. There’ll be a lot disappointed
if they don’t see them flash. They’re for Sundays.
This is a work day. See you downstairs. – I’m ready.
– All right. Let’s have a drink
in the French Palace. Maybe that marshal
will join us. – Let’s go get him.
– Take it easy, Billy. Let’s go, Johnny. Murch, they’re coming. Watch for backshooters.
Anyone moves, you let go. With this?
It’ll mash half the place. Anyone moves on Clay’s back, let go.
I don’t care who you mash. All right. – What will Blaisdell say?
– Nothing, if he’s dead. Evening, Mr. McQuown.
Gentlemen, the place is yours. – Nice place.
– Thank you. A drink for Mr. McQuown
and his friends. – Hope you enjoy yourselves.
– We will. Blaisdell will be half way back
to Port James by now. – Don’t you wish it, Pony?
– This is a different breed of horse. This will be a real good one. Hey Billy, maybe you, me,
Curley and Chet can have a game of cards. Whisky. Mr. Marshal. I wonder,
could I make a little complaint. I guess it’s up to me. There’s just been a heap
of fussing about it, but it seems like folks have
gone and left it up to me. It’s them gold handles of yours,
Marshal. I hope you ain’t wearing them.
They’re awfully hard on a man’s eye. I’m just speaking for myself. I’d hate to get a case of eye strain
from them gold handles. They’re so bright
in the sun and all… A man just ain’t much use
without his eyes. And I hear there’ve been an awful
lot strained in Warlock lately. You could close your eyes. I’d just look foolish. I’d bump all over the place, trying
to get around with my eyes closed. Marshal, por favor,
couldn’t you just not polish the handles so bright
rubbing on them, like they say? I guess I might do that,
if things felt right in town here. Marshal, what if somebody painted
them handles black for you? That might do… But, who’s to do it? McQuown. McQuown. McQuown, my name’s Blaisdell,
I’m hired to keep the peace here. I’m going to lay down two things
and back up all the way. The first one’s this. Any man starts a shooting scrape,
I’ll kill, unless he kills me first. Number two is what the citizen’s
committee has agreed to. If a man makes trouble, he’ll
see himself posted out of town. It’s what some towns call
a white affidavit. It’s backed by me. Any man posted
comes in, comes in against me. That’s all I’ve got to say,
McQuown. Blaisdell! – Go for your arm, Blaisdell.
– Billy! – Go along, son.
– Let’s go, Billy. That wasn’t so hard. I thought they’d never leave. You dirty yellow,
I’ll cut that stinking… Stop it! – Stop it!
– One day, I’ll shoot that hand off. Stop it, Johnny. Let’s not stand around
squalling at each other. I knew about Cade, now I know about
you. You’re both backshooters. That’s enough.
It’s bad enough we’re running back – Our tails between our legs
– I just want to make it plain. Shut up, Johnny. Shut up. You coming, Johnny? No, Billy. I guess I’ll be staying in town. – Afternoon, Mr. Gannon.
– Hello, Mr. Morgan. Seems like you and me
are social pariahs. What do you mean? We’re the only two in town
not invited to the wedding. – Yeah…
– Me, because I’m a no good gambler. You, because you’re a no good
San Pabloite. I’m not a San Pabloite,
not anymore. It’s a pity they don’t believe you.
Just as they don’t believe me. – Weddings.
– You don’t like them? Mr. Gannon,
we pretend to be free men. Yet, when conventionality
spreads herself out fold by fold, we eagerly approach pretty misses
that bind us to domesticity. You read that in a book somewhere? I think I just made it up. What I’m trying to say is that
civilisation is stalking Warlock. Mr. Morgan. I’m Fen Jiggs.
Ed Hamilton sent me from Port James. Come inside. Maybe you gentlemen feel
things have improved in Warlock. – Maybe your safety is improved.
– It certainly has. Not one drop of bloodshed
since the marshal took over. It ain’t the same outside, I lost
a thousand stock in two months. I ain’t holding McQuown responsible,
but he’s shifting a lot of cattle. It’s not only rustling,
there are road agents. I told my drivers
not to resist a hold up. I carry no shipments
of any value. Today’s the last bank shipment,
I don’t count on it getting through. I’m making no accusations,
but if I were marshal I’d get after a couple
of boys named Benner and Friendly. What would you do with them? Take them before ajury of trembling
fools that would let them off? – Allow me, Miss Marlow.
– Thank you. – May I join you?
– Of course. I enjoyed your playing
and your singing. – Thank you.
– You have a sensitive touch. My mother played the melodeon. Even killers and gunmen
have mothers, Miss Marlow. – And you loved and respected her.
– Yes, ma’am. Mr. Blaisdell. – I think I owe you an apology.
– What for, Miss Marlow? Dr. Wagner told me what you did
against McQuown and his men. You’ve done what nobody else
even came close to doing, without firing a shot. I did it only to convince you I’m not
the wickedest man in the west. I respect that,
and I admire you for it. My father hated violence. – He opened the mines, didn’t he?
– Yes. Anyway, Mr. Blaisdell,
will you accept my apology? You see? It’s happening. I warned you about that in
my first meeting with the committee. People changing their minds
about me, I mean. You said people would fear
and resent you. People that liked
and wanted me would, people that disliked me
would… Change, Miss Marlow,
it’s inevitable. – But it goes both ways.
– Does that worry you? No, not at all.
It has compensations. – How many on the stage?
– Three. Her, him and the one
from the bank in Bright City. There must be money in the box…
She could be in danger of a hold up. You better leave now.
And tell Ed thanks. I wasn’t planning on going. Get a fresh horse at the stable,
tell them you work for me. Thanks, Morgan. – Ed said you’d be pleased to hear.
– I am pleased. Murch, have my horse saddled. Here it comes. Reach!
Put that down. Box down. Let’s see what the passengers have. Calhoun! Friendly! – Get the doc?
– Henry. – Get the doctor!
– Get the doctor! – What happened?
– Threw down on us on the road. Shot a passenger.
The team took off. One of them was Pony Benner. One was Pony Benner,
the other was Billy Gannon. If we ride to hit the river,
we can get them. Marshal, deputise me
and I’m your man. – I’ll ride with you, marshal.
– Jack, get some horses ready. – There were two of them?
– Only Benner and Bill. There were three. – I only saw two.
– There was one up on the ridge. – The one that killed the big fella?
– What big fella? My friend’s name was Nicholson,
Bob Nicholson. A brother to Ben Nicholson
of Texas. We had to let him lay
when the team took off wild. – I’d like to go with you.
– Didn’t you hear, Gannon? – One of them was your brother.
– I said I’d like to go. Ride out after the passenger. – I’d rather not.
– Somebody has to, I’m asking you. Well, boys, let’s go see
what San Pablo looks like. Welcome to Warlock, Miss… So you couldn’t get along
without me, Lily? – You could’ve told me you were coming.
– Didn’t you know? – I’d have had a brass band out.
– Didn’t you? Didn’t you? Won’t you come into my parlour? Remind you of home, Lily? I was on the stage
when it was held up. – That must’ve been exciting.
– A man was killed. So I heard. Somebody said
he looked like a high roller. – He wasn’t with you, was he, Lily?
– It was Ben Nicholson’s brother. I went more than 5000 miles
looking for Ben Nicholson’s brother. Lily, Lily… How you run to those Nicholsons. Haven’t you had enough
of killing? Not till I see Blaisdell
shot dead. Wherever he goes, I’ll follow him
and see him shot down. For taking away the only
chance I ever had, and killing the only decent man
I ever knew. You have decent mixed up. There is one decent man,
but hell has turned you loose on him. Ben Nicholson
was a cheap gunman. He came after Clay, called him up
and drew first. You put Clay up to it. If you believe that,
you should get somebody to shoot me. There’d be no satisfaction
for me in that. You don’t care about yourself,
but you do care about Clay. And when he’d dead
and in the dust, I’ll look at you over his body
and laugh. Lily, Lily, Lily… You’d better leave Warlock. You’d like me to go. You’d give a lot, wouldn’t you? I’d give a lot more to have you
come back to me, Lily. For what? So you can send me back to work
whenever you run short of money? I thought you did it
because you loved me. How could I have ever?
You cripple! The marshal’s back.
The marshal’s back. Mike, you and Slater
take him inside. They’ve got Pony Benner,
the killer. – Trouble?
– No, they came like lambs. McQuown spouted scripture
about truth and justice. He’s already on his way
to make sure he gets the right jury. That’s out of our hands.
I sent Sam Brown for the sheriff. – Let’s hang them, marshal.
– Let’s save the sheriff a trip. – Yeah, marshal, let’s hang them.
– Yeah, hang ’em. – Hang ’em.
– Hang ’em, marshal, right now. Guard them till the sheriff arrives.
Use as many men as you need. Get out of here.
This isn’t an assembly hall. Let’s hang them now! – I expect they mean to make trouble.
– I don’t think so. Just the same,
we better stay here. You better go, Gannon. – I just want to talk to my brother.
– I had nothing to do with it. You’re better with a Winchester
than with your mouth, Calhoun. I wasn’t even there.
Go on, tell him. – They’ll be trouble down there.
– Sounds like it. – Saw someone today to shock a man.
– Yeah. – You seen her?
– Yeah. People I’d rather see in Warlock
than Lily. The passenger they shot
was Ben Nicholson’s brother. Came after me, I guess. Looks like them bad boys
did you a favour. I never could figure that
Ben Nicholson gunning for me. He’d settled down, there was even
talk of him and Lily getting married. There was talk of
a lot of men and Lily. Ben Nicholson
was a man with pride. He had to be top man,
so he tried you out, that’s all. Is that all? He had a reputation,
but he wasn’t that kind. I’d hate to think there was no reason
for me to kill Ben Nicholson. He was on the prowl for you.
He came gunning for you. Now, his brother comes after you. – Is it that simple?
– Clay, it’s that simple. Hold it! Hold it! Get out of here before I shoot. – You can’t stop us.
– You’ll see if I don’t. If you think a bunch of drunks
are going to bust this jail, you’re mistaken.
Get out of here! We’ll tromp you down,
Slavin. What’s Johnny Gannon doing here?
He’s one of them. I said, get. – Need another man?
– We surely do, Clay. We’re taking those road agents
out to hang, Blaisdell. You ain’t gonna stop us.
We’ll tromp you down like the rest. Come and tromp me, Fitz. Come here. Come here. – This ain’t your pudding, marshal.
– Come here. You’ve done McQuown’s work tonight,
Blaisdell. If you’ve anything to say,
say it, or go home. All of you, go home. And while you’re doing it, think how being in a lynch mob
is a low a thing as a man can do. Thank you, marshal.
Thank you kindly. I have to thank you.
It was my job. There’s a man. Why don’t you bring his boots and
we’ll kiss them like he wants? Like you all do.
Bring us his boots! He just saved your life,
Billy. I wonder why. Mr. Richardson, you’ll see that
any witnesses against him get to the trial. A lot of good that’ll do,
sheriff. If you thought that, why didn’t
you let the mob have him? We don’t do things that way
in Warlock. Oh, we don’t? I hear you get paid 400 a month,
Mr. Blaisdell. You and Morgan
are quite a team. I hear you have silk sheets
from China. I get a hundred a month
for being legal sheriff. Plus rheumatism
from sleeping cold nights. Mr. Blaisdell,
I’ve read a lot about you. The way I figure, you operate outside
the law, same as those cowboys. What law?
When do you come down here? Why aren’t we supplied
with enough deputies? Job’s open. You can have
all the deputies you want. Well, you want the job, Buck? For what? 40 dollars a month
and a free pine box. How about you? You want to try doing it legal
for once? Sorry, sheriff. The principle
appeals to me, but the pay doesn’t. Any man here ready to be deputy? Or is everyone in Warlock
chicken-livered? Or too greedy? You want law in this town,
I offer you law. Just don’t come whining to me
when there’s trouble. And watch yourselves, hiring outside
gunmen who make a living by killing. Anybody? All right, then. – I’ll take the job.
– You, Johnny Gannon? If you think I can do it. Sure you can do it, Johnny.
Sure you can. Come inside. Keller, you can’t do this. – Why can’t I?
– He’s one of them. I’ve known Johnny Gannon
all his life. He seems to have been
a good boy. Maybe a little wild,
but you can’t condemn a man for that. Further, you can’t condemn a man
for his brother or friends. What’s more, he volunteered
when no one else did. So I’m making him
the new deputy of Warlock. And he’ll be there
till I remove him. Or he’s carried out. You know you’re putting him up
against Blaisdell? Against any law breakers. You understand that,
don’t you, Johnny? – I understand.
– Fine. Adiós, gentlemen. Looks like law’s coming back
to Warlock. But for how long, Judge? Miss Dollar, I just saw you coming up here. – You’re the new deputy?
– Yes, my name’s John Gannon. I thought I might ask you
a few questions. Those boys were let off, you know.
Acquitted. Isn’t that what everyone expected? Yes, ma’am, but I’d like to know
who killed your Mr. Nicholson. He wasn’t mine. You said there was a third man,
a shot came from behind some rocks. So it did. But what’s the difference?
They got off. Yes, ma’am,
but I’d still like to know. Of course, your brother was
one of them. They’re your friends. I’m not one of them, Miss Dollar. Suppose I tell you I know
who killed him, what would you do? I’d go after him.
Do you know? No, there’s very little I know.
I’m a woman, I only feel things. You’re a deputy and you want
answers to questions. – I tell you it doesn’t matter.
– It does matter. The citizen’s committee
is meeting right now. And those men from San Pablo
will be posted out of town. – By Clay Blaisdell?
– Yes. And if they didn’t do it… Your brother’s just a boy,
isn’t he? He’s nineteen. No, he’s not a boy. But that’s not really
why I care. – No?
– No, ma’am. I’m the deputy sheriff,
and if Clay Blaisdell goes after him, I believe it’s my job
to keep the law. – You’d go against Blaisdell?
– If I have to. I’m not a boy either,
Miss Dollar. Mr. Gannon… I’m sorry. I’ve rented a house. I rented it off Mr. Petrix and… some boys are dropping
my trunks round this afternoon. I wonder if you’d help me
move in? Sure.
I’d like to help. – Around five.
– All right. – I’ll try and cook supper for us.
– Fine. You don’t have to look
so worried. I can cook. – Good evening.
– Good evening. I thought you’d come
dressed for work. You said work and supper,
so I wasn’t sure. – So I did. Come in.
– Thanks. It’s a nice place. There’ll be no supper
till all the work’s done. All right.
What would you like me to do first? You can start by putting
those trunks in my bedroom. Yes, ma’am. That smells mighty good,
Miss Dollar. – Corn bread, meat and greens.
– Fine. Guess there’s not many men
in Warlock eating home cooked food tonight. – Keep working, deputy.
– Yes, ma’am. Mighty good. You didn’t finish your greens,
Mr. Gannon. – My mother used to say that.
– It’s a thing women say. – Where is she?
– She’s dead, Miss Dollar. Lily. Just Lily. She died about nineteen years ago
in Nebraska. – And you father?
– The Apaches killed him. That was in the early days
out here. And Blaisdell’s going to kill
your brother and the others. – If they come into town.
– You know they’ll come in. You knew Blaisdell back in
Port James, didn’t you? Long before Port James.
I knew Morgan. If you knew Morgan,
you knew Blaisdell. He dealt faro for Morgan. People knew him as a killer
right from the start. He was a colonel in the army
at 21. He never quit being a colonel.
All he knows is killing. What sort of man
is this McQuown? Worse than he ought to be
and getting worse all the time. – I used to think highly of him.
– But you left, and your brother stayed on. That’s right.
I left. – Why?
– Oh, a lot of reasons. What reasons? I never told anybody this before,
but… About 10 months ago, some Mexicans
were supposed to have been massacred by Apaches
in Rattlesnake Canyon, at least, everybody said
it was Apaches. But it wasn’t? No… No it wasn’t. You see, we’d rustled more than
a thousand head at Haciendo Puerto across the border, but those
Mexicans trailed us back here. So one night, a bunch of us stripped,
smeared ourselves with mud and boxed them up
in Rattlesnake Canyon. We killed them all.
37 of them. 37… I don’t know,
it was kind of like a dream. I’ll never forget laying there,
sweating, covered with mud, waiting. It was so quiet and then, they came. Abe gave the signal,
we all started to fire. It was just awful. I don’t think they got off
a single shot. All around me, Abe and the rest
were screaming like Apaches firing into the canyon till
there wasn’t anybody left to shoot. I say it was like a dream,
but it wasn’t, it was real. It happened that way. – Good afternoon, Miss Jessie.
– I was just out riding… on my way to Medusa Mine and I heard the shots.
I had no idea it was you. – My, it’s hot today.
– Yes, ma’am, it certainly is. – Not as hot as yesterday though.
– No, not nearly. I heard Buck Slavin say
he thought today was hotter. – Matter of opinion, I guess.
– Of course, a matter of opinion. Would you happen to have
some water in that canteen? – The heat makes one terribly thirsty.
– Yes, ma’am, I do. That’s all right, I can drink
right from the canteen. – You were out riding, you said.
– On my way to Medusa mine. That mountain water sure
makes one feel much cooler. Yes, ma’am, it generally does. What are you doing out here?
Not shooting at bad men? – No, practising.
– Practising? Yes, ma’am. Just as you practice
the piano, I practice the Colt. The stakes are different,
but the reason’s the same. What should we talk about now,
Miss Jessie? The men you posted
are coming into town. Thank you for warning me,
but I’ve already heard. Why does it have to happen? Why do these things always end
in bloodshed? That’s how things are. That’s why I was hired,
why you hired me. So, they’ll come into town – And you’ll shoot them dog dead?
– Or them me. Or them you. Understand, Miss Jessie,
I enjoy being marshal. I’m a simple man,
good only with Colts. It’s all I am,
handy with Colts. Besides, being marshal’s a habit.
Habits are hard to break. I know about habits. Before my father died he was sick
for nine years and I nursed him all that time. Guess I have the nursing habit. That summer,
there was a typhoid epidemic and I turned the house
into a hospital. There were the injured
miners… It’s strange… When I came to Warlock,
a very young girl I had dreams that someday,
I’d be someone. My father kept telling me
I’d be someone. You’re someone, Miss Jessie.
You’re the miners’ angel. Don’t say that.
I hate being an angel. Miss Jessie. If you had whisky in that canteen,
you’d see how much of an angel I am. Have you ever tasted whisky? – Many times.
– How many? Once. – I wanted you to do that.
– I know. – I came out here to find you.
– I know. Is that dreadful of me? Dreadful. It’s cooked just right,
Jessie. It takes a while
to get used to a man’s tastes. My father used to like his meat
barely scorched. Chicken fried,
that’s the only way. Clay… Why must those cowboys
come into town? They’ve been declared guilty
of being road agents. If they stay out,
yellow bellies besides. If they come in,
they’ll think they’re heroes proving their innocent. Striking a blow for freedom, too. Men have died for that
many a time. I’ll fix your eggs. Morning, miss.
Is the marshal available? Will you inform him there are three
murdering cowboys in town? – Come in, Morgan. Have a coffee.
– No, thank you. There isn’t time. – Where are they?
– Down at the Lucky Dollar. I better go see what they want. – You haven’t had your breakfast.
– Just as well, miss. If he takes a stomach wound,
it’s better if he hasn’t eaten. Keep the coffee hot,
I’ll be back. Clay… – I’ll make you a fresh breakfast.
– Thank you. I think we’re going to see a finish
of the McQuowns this morning. Yeah, then we can move on. Where to? A fellow dropped in last night
from Palfrie City. Sounds like it’s made for us,
booming with a gold strike, we ought to take a look. – I don’t think so. Not this time.
– What do you mean? Jessie and I
are going to get married. Yeah?
When? In a couple of weeks,
as soon as I can get a preacher. I guess I’ll be going to Palfrie City
alone… Why do you have to go? It’s the way it’s always been. You do ajob,
you move on to the next. This time, it’s different. Blaisdell, reach. It’s a bad morning for thinking. Thinking of weddings
could lead to a funeral. – Shall we, marshal?
– Thank you, Mr. Morgan. – We’re with you, marshal.
– Good luck. If I can help, marshal… Deputy! – Marshal, let me try to talk to them.
– What good would it do? – One of them is my brother.
– We’re wasting time. – We have to move now, Clay.
– It’s my fight, deputy. – They called me out.
– Yes, I know that. – All right, go ahead.
– Thanks. You’re throwing in with us, Jonny? – Billy, you can’t do this.
– You’re a weasel, like Calhoun. Blaisdell saved you
from that lynch mob and he could’ve killed you
that night in the French Palace. There’s no need for this,
no reason. There’s reason enough,
to stand up and be a man. This is a free territory, and while
gunmen like Blaisdell… You’re talking Abe’s foolishness.
He’ll kill you. I’m not scared of him. Are you, Johnny? I’m scared of dying,
just like any man, and so are you, Billy. I just want to know
what you’re going to do. Are you going to back me,
or Blaisdell? I won’t back him,
because you’re my brother. And I won’t back you,
because you’re wrong. Pony said it’d be no use. Come one, Blaisdell! Billy, don’t! You don’t have to fight me. You and your partners,
just ride out. Go for your gun. Don’t make me kill you, boys.
Clear on out. Go for your gun! Oh, no… Billy, Billy… I had nothing to do with it… Start shooting,
or get out of town. I could’ve killed you,
if they hadn’t done that. We only wanted to talk. Mr. Richardson,
we only wanted to talk. Friendly… Three hits. One through the throat, two not
a finger apart, through the heart. I must be losing my touch.
All three were chest aimed. Clay, you’ve been hit. Is that true,
what Friendly said? You saw it, Mr. Petrix.
Did it look like they came to talk? – Let’s have nurse fix that up.
– I’ll take it to Miss Jessie’s. Doc will fix it
while I finish my breakfast. You gotta…
You gotta… You gotta tell everybody, Johnny. Yes, Billy. – I didn’t know.
– Yes, Billy. Billy… Billy, Billy, Billy… Billy… – Evening, Mr. Marshal.
– Are you McQuown’s messenger boy? No, sir.
This poster is my work. Excellent lettering and spelling,
don’t you think? But not your idea, I hope. No. I have to give Abe
full credit for that. Chief of regulators. That’s a fancy
title. Did you think that up? No, sir.
Once again, Abe gets the credit. He said that if Warlock
could appoint a marshal outside the law, then somebody could appoint
a chief of regulators. And who would that someone be? That’s be the Cowboys’ Council
for the Protection of San Pablo. I made that title up. You know, this could get to be
quite a thing. The town of Warlock
appoints a marshal he kills a whole bunch
of us cowboys and we appoint regulators and we kill you and the town gets another marshal
who kills more cowboys and we appoint… Well, you can see how it’d go
back and forth for all time. It’d be like looking
into two mirrors, put face to face. Marshal,
I’ve got so many of these. I wonder if you’d like to have one,
as a keepsake. Thank you. For your collection. Clay… You’ve seen the poster, huh? You take the buggy, Jessie.
I’ll stay and talk to Tom. All right, Clay. Maybe you better stay
and find out what it’s like being married
to a marshal. If he doesn’t handle this right,
he’ll be a dead man. I’m sure Clay can handle
almost anything. An army.
An army’s coming in. This isn’t just a test,
like when we first came. This is a war, ma’am,
a war they have to win. Fifteen or twenty men
against two men. If you’re worried about the numbers,
maybe I better handle it alone. Maybe I will, Clay. Maybe you better go
to Palfrie City alone. All right, Clay.
Maybe I will. Miss, maybe you’d like to take
a Colt in his defence. Blaisdell… I just want to tell you
that this is my job. – To keep the peace.
– How do you propose to do that? I’ll tell McQuown
he’s not to come in. He’ll come in all right and, when he does,
you’re not going to fight my fight. I guess I’ll have to. This is
the law’s business, not yours. Nor yours, Mr. Morgan. Looks like our problem
is solved, Morgan. The law’s taking over. – You can’t mean that.
– Why not? Let’s see if Warlock is grown up
enough to take care of itself. Clay, if you’re not the marshal,
you’re nothing. Maybe it’s time. Maybe we’ve run out of towns. Boys, we have a visitor. If it isn’t Johnny Gannon,
come back to San Pablo. Come in, Johnny. Don’t stand there
like you mightn’t be welcome. It’s bad manners coming out here
with that star hanging on you. – Whisky, Johnny?
– No, thanks. Didn’t come to drink. I came to tell you
not to come into town, Abe. – Blaisdell sent you out here.
– No. – Who’s the message from then?
– From me. You. You’re telling us. I’m the deputy, Abe,
and I’m telling you. – You are posting us.
– Nobody’s posted. But no wild bunch of “regulators”
is coming in to make trouble. Let me rip that star off him, Abe. – That’s the way it is, then, Johnny?
– That’s the way it is. What do you mean coming ton my place
telling me I’m not to go in there? Look out, Abe, I rode out with him.
Johnny’s getting mad. Blaisdell will cut us down one by one
unless we go in there together. That’d be a thing
I’d be bound to stop too. Yeah. Like you stopped him
from cutting Billy down. That was a fair fight, Abe.
At least, from Blaisdell’s side. Billy came in to kill him.
Calhoun was set to backshoot him. – That’s a lie.
– No, it’s the truth. I talked to Billy before the fight
and I’d swear it in any court of law. Yeah, you’ll swear all right, but, you’ll swear Billy said
he only wanted to talk to Blaisdell. Swear it. Swear it here and now or I’ll see your dirty, lying soul
in hell. I guess I won’t, Abe. – Swear it.
– No. – Swear it, or I’ll kill you.
– No. Go on, hit in.
Cut him up. – Say it.
– No. Say it! Move, Johnny,
and I’ll cut it off. Don’t move, Johnny. – Swear it.
– No. Abe, this isn’t doing any good. Hold off, Abe. Swear it, Johnny,
or I swear I will kill you. You better kill me, if you want
to take your regulators into Warlock. Otherwise, I’ll stop you. I’d sure like to see him try
to stop us, wouldn’t you, Abe? I’d like to see that, Abe. Stop us, then. We’ll be in tomorrow. Give it to him.
He can’t do anything with it, anyway. I’ve warned you. Don’t come into Warlock. Johnny… I’m the law, Curley. I’m the law. I’m alone. They coming in? Yes, near sundown. Cade says he’s going to kill you
himself, Johnny. – I thought I saw…
– It’s all right, Buck. Why did you come in, Curley?
Abe’s gonna be mad. I thought that if you knew
they weren’t coming till sundown, maybe you’ve got business
in Bright City or something. I’m staying here.
Go back and tell him that. – That hand, against Abe and Cade?
– I’m staying. – My, but you’re brave…
– Go back and tell them I’m here. You’re a fool, Johnny. Curley… Cade gonna be doing
his usual backshooting? The least you’ll get
is a fair fight. – I promise.
– Then, tell them. It’ll be a waste of time. I’ll stay around town and wait. This hand won’t hold much,
especially not a Colt. Well, I guess I’ve got time
for some sleep. So you’ll be clear-eyed
when you die. Doc, maybe you could give me
some laudanum for later. – Six drops in a glass of water.
– You’re against McQuown and Blaisdell. You’ll be killed,
you know that! Yes, come in. A lady to see you,
Mr. Blaisdell. Come in, Lily. I came to ask you for something,
a favour. I want Gannon for Ben Nicholson. – You owe me this, Clay.
– I owe nothing. Ben Nicholson came after me.
He called me out. Don’t you know he went to see Morgan
first? Morgan sent him. I don’t believe that. It’s not important any more.
I don’t care about that. I don’t even care
about Ben Nicholson anymore. I only want an end
to this killing. I hated you
and wanted you killed, but I don’t want that anymore. Clay, I was wondering… Well, well, well…
Hello, Lily. What’s she going to do,
shoot you or poison you? – What did she want?
– She’s worried about Gannon. Is that all? – Morgan…
– Yeah? Did you talk to Ben Nicholson
the day he died? What would I have to do
with Ben Nicholson? – What did you tell him?
– None of your business. Come here again and talk to Clay
behind my back, and I’ll kill you. I’ll kill anybody who’s dangerous
to Clay, even you, Lily. Tom, why do you do this? He’s the only person who looked at me
and didn’t see a cripple. Get out of here. Better say a prayer
for the soul of your deputy. Not too bad, huh? Not too good, either. I never was very fast,
but I can shoot well enough. Well enough
may not be good enough. Afternoon, deputy. Hello, Mr. Blaisdell. Guess I’ll be getting
some early supper. Blaisdell, if you’ve come to offer
us help, we don’t want it. We? Hadn’t you better let Gannon
decide that? Don’t you understand that as long as
you’re here there’ll be killing? You’re a target. They must come after you.
Let us alone, Blaisdell. Come on, judge. Come on. – Mind if I sit?
– Go ahead. – How’s your hand?
– It’s all right. I remember when I first
killed a man. It was clear
and had to be done. I went home afterwards
and puked my insides out. I remember how clear it was. Afterwards, nothing was ever
clear again, except for one thing, to hold strictly to the rules,
only the rules matter. Hold onto them
like walking on eggs. So you know you’ve fought
as fair and as best you could. But there are things
to watch for, in yourself. Don’t be too fast. When there are people after you,
you know it, you’re worrying, then, you think… if I don’t get drawn first,
and them killed first… Know what I mean? I know. Can you draw
with that hand, deputy? I can. Let’s see you draw. This evening,
there’ll be a lot against you. I’d be honoured
if you’d accept my offer to help, just to back you up. Mr. Blaisdell, I’d like your help
more than anything in the world, but it’s time this town
stood on its own. Who knows? Maybe the people of Warlock
will help by backing the law. I wouldn’t count on that. But I’ll be there to back you.
Will you come and have a whisky? No, thanks. Maybe later. Right now, I’ve got things to do. Sure is noisy out there today. Little boys waiting
for the circus parade. How. How. Lily is sure gone on that deputy. – Pity she won’t have him long.
– Unless we take a hand. Meaning what? Remember that time in Gran Fort, those strangers had us in a hotel
with a guard? Lily splashed a can of kerosene,
came running up all on fire. She sure got us out of that one. I think we owe her one,
Morgan. That’s funny,
that’s very funny. You’ve practically give up marshal
in this town. The only way for you to be important
is for Gannon to die. Now you want to back Gannon, so he’ll
be the hero and you’ll be nothing? – That’s very funny.
– I’m not playing king of the mountain. It’s not a question
of who’s top or bottom. It’s this town holding together
against McQuown. – I’m a citizen of this town…
– If you want to play second fiddle, don’t expect me to back you. I’ve never asked for your help
before, Morgan. Clay, how do you think
you’ve stayed alive this long? They’re here, Morgan. You’re not going out there
to save Gannon. After he’s dead,
they’ll beg you to protect them. Just sit down and wait, Clay. Blaisdell was right. He said I’d put too much on you. – They’re here.
– You put nothing on me. It’s just a time and a place
for a showdown. You haven’t a chance unless
you let Blaisdell help you. No, judge. If a deputy’s worth anything, he
can’t hole up when there’s trouble. You’re nothing to me, just a badge
and an office, that’s all. Get yourself killed.
You’re nothing to me. Abe, I’ll give you five minutes
to leave town. Johnny, go for your gun,
you yellow-livered coward. Go on! – Hold it.
– Hold it. – Drop your gun.
– Take it easy, Joe. I promised you, Johnny. I promised you a fair fight. You regulators
are all under arrest! Brown, you, Bush, Mosby, you’re deputised to take them
into Bright City for trial. Now, we’ll see how far
the law can go in Warlock. – You gambled and lost, Morgan.
– At least you’re alive. Am I? Think they’d have backed you,
like they did Gannon? They pay you half hoping
to see you killed. Wouldn’t it be better
to go down decently? Isn’t that what
you’ve always said? – I’ve kept you from it many a time.
– Like now? – Hiding in a room with a gun on me?
– No, like in Port James. It was me that got
the drop on them. And the Ellersons, me again. And Calhoun, ready to backhoot you,
who saved your life? Me. – And Bob Nicholson at the stage?
– And Bob Nicholson. And Ben Nicholson, too. Lily was telling the truth. You used me to get back
at Lily. Lily had nothing to do with it… Morgan, you’re telling me things
to make me kill you. I’m going to Jessie’s.
I’ll send for my things. We’ll talk later. Clay, you’ve got to face Gannon. – Let him know you’re in charge.
– Gannon’s in charge. I’m resigning. Or would you have me kill him too
because of Lily? – That’s not why I did those things.
– No, then why? – Why? Was it for me or you?
– Not for me. You’re my friend. – The only friend I ever had, Clay.
– It’s finished, Morgan. Clay! You won’t face Gannon
because you’re yellow clean through. Has Jessie made you like that? Clay, I’m not the cripple here,
you are. If you don’t kill Gannon,
I will. I swear I will! Murch… Murch! Bring me some whisky. “Tomorrow and tomorrow
and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace… from day to day… to the last syllable
of recorded time.” Murch, give me your Colts. – You’re been drinking…
– I said give me your Colts. I’m the black rattlesnake
of the whole territory. I’ll kill anything that moves. Just sit still, or die. And, if you move,
you crawl. Who wants to die? I got lightening in both hands,
I’m just spoiling for a fight. I’ll kill anything that moves! I’ve killed 45 men, and tonight
I’m going to run up that score. Where’s that brave deputy? That great cowboy killer. What’s he doing?
Hiding? Gannon! I’m the all time
champion cowboy killer! Sorry, deputy,
drop it right there. – Get inside the cage.
– What is this? – Inside.
– What do you think you’re doing? You’re a brave man,
but Tom Morgan is my responsibility. Gannon! Crawl out of your hole,
you yellow-belly. I’ll run you out of town. Gannon,
do I have to come in after you? Morgan! Morgan. Hello, Clay. – Let me kill him, Clay.
– No, Morgan. Why? Because you think
you owe Lily? This isn’t a game you can cheat
and make a fraud of. I’m going to have to
run you out of town. Then, I won. Clay, you run me out of town,
I’ll go like a lamb. You’ll be a hero again.
That’s all I want. – I’ve won.
– All right, you’ve won. We’ll play this out till the end,
just as you wanted. I’m telling you to leave town. All right. – I’ll see you in Palfrie City.
– No, you won’t. – You’ll be there.
– No, Morgan. I’ll be waiting for you. – Goodbye.
– Goodbye. – Goodbye.
– Goodbye. – I’ll tell you something, Clay.
– What is it, Morgan? I’m better than you.
I’ve always been better. I can beat you, Clay.
You hit it. And you better hit it fast. I won, Clay. I won. Get your hands off him. Say something. Say something! – He’d have killed somebody.
– He broke my arm. – He was after trouble.
– What are you worth? He was out to kill somebody,
marshal. – Who? You?
– Might’ve been me. – What are you worth?
– The Lord delivers. Judge me. You judged him, judge me now. Judge me. What will you do? Kill all of us for your pain? I’ve had too much of you.
Crawl for it. Crawl past him.
He was a man, not all talk. Take your hats off. Take your hats off! Now, you can sing. Sing! Stand back. Johnny, he’ll kill you. Stand back, deputy. Sorry, Blaisdell, it’s time. – Time?
– You can’t stay here. Trouble and death follow you.
Warlock’s had enough of both. – Are you running me out of town?
– No. I’m just saying I’ll have to
arrest you in the morning, so I’m asking you to get out
before. Nobody tells me that.
I come and go as I please. No longer, Mr. Blaisdell.
I’ll have to come after you. Come shooting, if you do. – I’ll do that.
– You’ll have to. I told Blaisdell
he’s to get out of town by morning. I heard. And is he going? No. What do you want?
Your whole life in one night? Johnny. Clay. I’ve been looking for you. Have you been here
all this time? – Jessie, why did he do it?
– I don’t know. – Clay, what are you going to do?
– Yesterday… Was it only yesterday? I told him
he was nothing without me. Maybe I’m nothing
without him. That’s foolish. We had a council meeting and everyone
agreed that if you wanted to stay we could go to the deputy,
I’m sure there’d be no problem. What would I do here? Stay with me, as we planned. – What would I do?
– I don’t know. Whatever you planned on doing
before this happened. I never saw past this morning. I suppose I figured
Morgan and I… What now? Shall I clerk in Richardson’s store?
Sell needles to old ladies? Should I take over McQuown’s
and nurse calves? Become a miner
and live in darkness? If you loved me,
none of these things would be bad. Jessie, come with me. We’ll go to Palfrie City.
I can become the marshal there. – To another town, and another…
– Why not? It’s the way I’ve lived,
it’s the way I’ll always live. Times are changing, sure, but there’ll be enough towns
to last my lifetime. I’m not Morgan.
I can’t back you. I can’t even hold a Colt,
much less fire one. Who’ll kill the backshooters
in Palfrie City? Maybe I’ll have to find
another Morgan. Morning. There’s the key,
the judge has got the other one. Take care of it. People are out.
Funny how they find out about things. Yeah… Well… – I guess it’s about time.
– Chilly out. Yeah.


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  1. Blond Bowler

    July 19, 2019 1:42 am

    Read the book forty years ago or so.  This should be interesting.Later:  I was right.  Good flick.

  2. The,ode Tho,masa

    July 19, 2019 3:52 am

    This had more turns than a sidewinder snake. Another win for Grjno- Western Movies! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 five stars

  3. quentin lickliter

    July 19, 2019 4:29 am

    Awesome movie.. Great cast!… Authenticity so fine I thought Jimmy Steward might pop out of one of the stores. 10

  4. robert phillips

    July 19, 2019 9:35 am

    Saw this movie a few yrs ago & enjoyed it so much, l bought the DVD. GR8 Cast. A typically well made WESTERN from this era. There are only a few guys left in Hollywood today (actors) male, who could do justice to a western movie today. Duval, Eastwood, Costner, Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck,
    There are a few others but off the top of my head l cant recall there names. Sorry. Clint may have to sit around the Saloon or sit behind the Sherriffs desk giving orders.
    Just goes to show how many incredible WESTERN actors we have saddly lost over the yrs.
    Cant think of female actresses l would select today to carry the same style of western roles from yesteryear for a role these days.
    Nicole Kidman comes to mind, sorry folks l am an Aussie

  5. suraj amom

    July 19, 2019 4:59 pm

    Who's scrolling down to get the glimpse of public opinion before deciding to go through?????

  6. Wayne Rainey

    July 19, 2019 6:30 pm

    Very good movie, Widmark, Fonda, Kelly (Bones from Star Trek) and Anthony Quinn. I grew up watching these movies second hand on the family Black and white TV many years later. we didn't get a color TV set until the early 70's and I was still watching speed racer and reruns of gilligan's island. By the early 80's I was old enough to appreciate these great actors and their movies. They tell a good story and always had a good Moral.

  7. Carl Rees

    July 19, 2019 11:57 pm

    Seen this one a couple of times. Decent & I love Henry Fonda. Another one of Fonda's less known but really enjoyable Westerns I'd recommend is Anthony Mann's 'The Tin Star'.

  8. Alex Yslava

    July 20, 2019 9:02 am

    No Audio – what happened to the sound? Tried it on two different computers and my phone.

  9. Dindin Private

    July 20, 2019 9:26 am

    Great film, great cast, Richard Widmark has always been a favorite of mine. He outdid himself here. Thanks Gringo for another marvelous entertainment.

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    I seldom watch a movie twice, but I've come back to this one for the third time within the past few years! GREAT movie!!

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    Καλά είναι τα εργα αλλά θα ηταν στα ελληνικά καλύτερα

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    July 21, 2019 7:43 pm

    This was a great movie! To bad all these great actors are gone.
    Which one do you like best, this the original or the reimagining in Appaloosa with ed harris? Sort of the same story.

  13. Guy Valentine

    July 21, 2019 9:03 pm

    No audio for the first 4 minutes 10 seconds. But very good movie other wise. 👍👏🙂

  14. Kree Laban

    July 21, 2019 11:07 pm

    It doesn't get much better than Henry Fonda and Richard Widmark in the same long movie. Thanks for posting it !

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    Thankyou for all the background information, I often ask where a film was made,the backgrounds always interest me.

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    Fine movie with great performances by three great actors together. Simple plot complicated by layered details. Competent direction. Gripping till the end.

  17. Richard Bowers

    July 22, 2019 3:53 pm

    Real men stand by their word! Saloon girls were beautiful in the ole west too! The good guys never back-shoot! Wise, beautiful women shaped the ole west men!

  18. Rotax 636nut

    July 22, 2019 3:58 pm

    Mentally challenged folk armed with Colt pistols, good production values but a shaky storyline

  19. The New Minority

    July 23, 2019 5:12 am

    Thought I saw all the good westerns. Guess I missed one. I miss these old movies. Great acting. The best part……no virtue signalling. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Richard Holman

    July 23, 2019 3:25 pm

    A superior western with a strong cast, it is a little slow or a bit too long which is perhaps why it has never got the recognition it deserves.

  21. Sunny Gee**

    July 24, 2019 7:09 pm

    Wonderful very nice movie to watch, need good citizens to maintain nice community 👌👌👍👍👍 like this movie, thanks for uploading this nice movie. 👍👍

  22. Apsco Radiales

    July 25, 2019 10:01 pm

    Top notch western.
    Saw it first time as a child in Europe, and have watched it several times since.
    One of the best movies of its genre with great acting by top actors.
    They really do not make them like this anymore.

  23. moondoc smith

    July 25, 2019 11:21 pm

    at 14:16  she says "savage breast" instead of "savage beast"  or am I crazy???????????????

  24. edo edo

    August 11, 2019 2:54 pm

    A great movie! Anthony Quinn is the heart of this film; he makes the movie. Of course Henry Fonda was the consummate gunfighter.


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