Waterfall Day Trip Near Crater Lake | Toketee, Watson, Clearwater, & Whitehorse Falls in Oregon

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Whoa. I’m getting drenched, oh my God. (Music) Good morning, everyone. It has been so
long since we have seen a waterfall, so today we’ve decided to see four of them. Our first stop is here at Clearwater Falls which is a spring fed 30 foot
waterfall right off highway 38. And there’s snow here. (Blaine: It’s slippery.) Oh and
look Josh came with us this time. You’ll notice this water is super clear because
it is a springfed river this is Clearwater River right here and it is
definitely clear water. Check out this cute little trail. There’s the waterfall
over there. This waterfall you don’t have to hike to get to it so it’s really
convenient if you don’t like hiking but you want to see a pretty waterfall but
if you want to you can easily hike to the top of the Falls you can actually
swim up there if you want to, though the water is really cold. And here it is. Woot woot woot!! We just hiked to the top of the Falls
and look how beautiful! Look, Raya’s throwing stuff in the water as usual.
(laughing) This is like a running tradition. The boys are attempting to cross the
river via logs. Which I don’t think is a good idea. If someone falls in
that water they’re gonna be freezing! This is actually a campground too, so you
can camp here. There are picnic tables. There are bathrooms which actually were
pretty clean, so it’s not a bad spot at all. Oh,
Josh is being risky, I’m serious if someone falls in that.. Our trip is ruined. Now we are at Whitehorse Falls, which is another waterfall that does not require
a hike to get to it and just like the previous waterfall it’s a part of
Clearwater River and this one is 15 feet in height. So perhaps not as impressive
but we haven’t gone to see the Falls yet because we were hungry, so we’re having a
picnic. But we can hear the Falls I think it’s just like right there. Is that good,
Raya? (Raya language) Oh, there’s the bathroom in our car over
there. I don’t know what you’re talking about, girl. This one has a cool
bridge and viewing area but it looks like there might be a little trail right
there if you want to closer look. What’s it look like? Whoa! Hey, that one’s not too bad. That water looks deep. I would not want to be stuck
in that. It falls into a little Bowl. Okay, so now we are getting to the good
waterfalls. We’re at Watson Falls, which is the third largest waterfall in the
entire state of Oregon. It has a height of 272 feet, but we do have to hike to
get to it. It’s not a long hike, though. Round trip there and back is only 0.8
miles. So a little less than a mile. And I’m really really eager to see this one. Oh my gosh, Merrrick. He’s got a butterfly on his finger. Whoa. He’s the butterfly
whisperer. All the butterflies keep surrounding Merrick today. Hey! How did
you get up there? I am a giant. Blaine: Oh no! I was trying to get up there. So here’s the beginning of the trail, it looks pretty cool. (Raya’s amazed/confused) Do you hear her? She’s so confused. (Merrick: Maybe it’ll come back.) How did he get up there? Aww, Merrick lost his butterfly. He’s calling for it. (laughing) Are you sad? He’ll come back. Raya’s so confused. how did he How did he get on that rock? I like these miniature pine cones, so cute! Miniature pine cones. This trail is rated as moderate because it’s gradually uphill pretty much the
entire time. It’s not honestly too bad Raya’s doing it and she’s a toddler, so.. We’re starting to see bits of the river. This water that we’re following along
right now, this is Watson Creek. So this waterfall is called Watson Falls
because it’s part of Watson Creek. Hey, how’d you get up there? Merrick: I climbed. (Josh: He’s a monkey.) There’s the big waterfall up there. Oh my gosh. This waterfall is so big, I’m starting to
get wet. Do you see all the mist? It’s like it’s raining. Oh, I can’t even walk! It’s so slippery and muddy. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a waterfall this
high. It is crazy and the mist is insane. Some people were just hiking back
down and they were drenched. Oh my gosh. This is crazy. Whoa! I’m getting drenched, oh my God. Okay, this waterfall is pretty amazing
but I couldn’t get footage too up close because the mist is crazy, this waterfall
is so strong. and it’s actually getting really cold because the sun is behind
the falls so it’s like misty and cold. I think we’re about to head back down and
go to our next waterfall. Now we have saved the best for last. At least I hope
we did. This is Toketee Falls and here at the trailhead, we have this huge pipe. This pipe actually diverts water from the North Umpqua River all the way to a
powerhouse a bit downstream. And because of that, the waterfall actually flows
pretty consistently all year long. This is an easy 0.8 mile round trip
hike just like the other one, so it’s not very long and I think this trail is
actually easier than the other one. But this trail can be treacherous during
Winter. We came in January one year and it was so snowy and so icy, we all kept
falling down while holding Raya as a baby, so it was just way too dangerous we
had to turn around and leave without ever seeing the waterfall so this is
actually gonna be our first time seeing it. You got it, whoa! (laughing) The reason that we are all really
excited to see this waterfall is because this is one of the most well known
waterfalls in all of Oregon and that’s because of its extremely unique basalt
formation surrounding the waterfall. And basalt is like a type of lava rock, but
it usually shows up in column form, which you will definitely see when we get to
the waterfall. Whoa, check that out. That is so cool. Oh my gosh, you got another butterfly on your finger? It looks like the same one. How do you keep attracting all these butterflies? Josh is
actually in a hurry because he has some friends coming over tonight for a game
of D&D, but we keep having to wait on him he’s stopping to take pictures. I’m
like, well.. This is as far as we got last time. These were the stairs of death. Yes,
they were covered in ice. I really like this part of the trail because there’s
stairs there and then you go around the trail. And then there’s stairs there. There’s the viewing platform over there for looking at the waterfall. Which is
right over here. And here it is! This is actually a 113
foot tall waterfall. There are 2 steps in it. There’s one right there and then
you can’t really see it but there’s one up there too. (laughing) Raya’s dancing. Woo-hoo! (Josh: Victory dance.) Yeah, we did it Raya! Well, it’s official. Our waterfall adventure is done
for the day. It was so much fun. Merrick, what was your favorite waterfall? I guess the tall one. Watson
Falls Alright, Blaine. What was your favorite? The tall one. Watson Falls. Look, you know everybody’s gonna say Watson Falls because it was
like, “Oh my goodness it’s gigantic!” (laughing) And guess what mine was.. Watson Falls. Now we have a two-hour drive back
home. Luckily we have a DVD player in this car. And we still have snacks. I
actually rented some movies out of the red box for the kids to watch. But I’m
pretty sure Raya’s gonna sleep and the boys might take a nap too. And do you think
we’ll be home in time for your D&D game? (Whispering) We better. Alright. Well I’m gonna go ahead and end
this video. Thanks for watching. See ya. See ya. (Music)


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