We didn’t arrive to festival BY DONKEY 🇨🇿CZECH REPUBLIC


Hello my friends, This year second time I competed on film festival Rajbas in Blansko near Brno city with my newest movie Hitch to Albania for what I got special award special award of jury Hitch to Albania for the beach dream directed, scenation, camera Pavel Klega well it will be probably becuase I am special man as I arrived this time in person I also took part in competition called NaFest you are supposed to arrive by the most original way to festival so with my friend we suited up and set off in big way on donkey however we didn’t arrive and nor we win but made overcrowded hall laughing at most and by this I won Hello, salam aleykum, we coming to festival we are looking forward, today it will be great event with dokney and I think such a journey you have never seen in your life it will be ride both donkey and we are ready it is not big fun with donkey move, let’s go, come on darling come over here, come to me come on you little one, let’s talk Virgin you have to be behind him I do my best, you have to turn him. no, not there, turn him then hit his ass good and follow him more both from one side Virgin what are you doing there? this is it, let’s go kids we are heading that’s right what the hell I thought he would go somewhere else we are going direction festival we are getting to festival this I call real shit ok I direct it for you now I shout at them at it will be like this and this guys we fake it by animal transporter donkey come to us, come on it is great altough donkey is a bit disobedient but it will be all good, we need to control him this is it guys he drives me nuts, come on, forward he is afraid, it is new thing you need to get him to this new thing we are crossing zebra over here right? guys it will be fun I will normally fuck him here push him come on come on you stubborn animal this is it, more keep him out of grass he needs to know it is ok, he doesn’t know it slowly, yes this is it, see it works hit his bum I need to note here that he is just donkey check it out so we are going to festival see you full steam backwards he somehow doesn’t want to well you know it is donkey it is hard to control it we don’t have driving lisence for it what can I say shoot this fuckup ohh shit guys this I call real shit ohh shit, this is digusting it smells like shit all good now, right? this was good fuckup you should gave him carrot he already eaten it it is donkey Virgin come on, push him wait hold him, wait Virgin ohh shit come on donkey lets get him to pavement Virgin to the pavement Virgin push his head towards pavement pull him kind of here and be in front of him shoot it, ohh shit now or never guys ohh shit come on come on we cannot make it come on omg oh shit come to help me you are such a dickhead come on Virgin come on ohh shit police we are screwed now come on I will shoot it Good day, do you have a problem here? we need to get him to other side we are trying to cross the road why does he film it? why doesn’t he help you? get him out of here! don’t be angry but entire main road is blocked Move on. -We understand. move or I will harness him for my car dude fuck this they will give us fine of 80 USD come on buddy I am fed up with that now dude fuck this shit and lets get out of here are you also going to festival? yeah we also go to festival but we won’t probably get there today alright gyus, eventually we didn’t manage to arrive so we ordered animal transporter donkey is not willing, it is hard with him but we did our best so you have seen something what you haven’t seen before I hope you enjoyed, you have seen proper show eventuallly came even police you have seen it and I hope we will will, see you, ciao come on donkey come on, hop hop hop come on, let’s go yo any animal but never again donkey and what will happen with Radek? Radek will stay there Radek what did you do there? I took a leak where is the donkey? we don’t have him we had to sacrifice him along the way boys go away we don’t want you here ok see you they kicked us out, unfortunately we need to go back without donkey it is not valid so thank you for watching us and next year To Festival (NaFest) ciao!


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  1. Robert Bystrican

    December 20, 2018 8:48 am

    Ty ses poradnej kus vola Pavle. Takhle dokazujes svoji casto proklamovanou lasku k prirode a ke zviratum? Preji ti aby te v tom Zanzibaru taky zaprahlo treba nejake mile zvire a povlacilo te trosku po jeho cestach. Anebo aby ti aspon 1 kokos spadl na hlavu aby ses konecne probral.. Ubohy a smutny…


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