What Happened During Holy Week? Palm Sunday and a Donkey


This week is known as Holy Week. And if you’ve ever wondered whether Holy Week is really all that
important, consider this. In the Bible, there are four books that tell the story of Jesus’ life. There’s Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We call those the four Gospels. And in those four Gospels, almost a third – 33% of what we know about Jesus’ life comes from this one week. It’s amazing when you
think about it. There’s, there’s even one Gospel
that doesn’t say anything about Jesus’ birth, but all four of them say a whole lot about Holy Week. So as we talk through some
of the events of Holy Week, I want you to keep two things in mind the entire time. First of all, everything
that Jesus went through, he went through willingly. It’s going to seem as though a lot
of things are happening to Jesus. As if those things are
being done to Jesus by people who have a whole
lot more power than him. But the reality is that Jesus knew all of this was going to happen. He allowed all of it to happen. He even dictated how a lot of it was going to happen. Everything that Jesus went
through, he went through willingly. Why? Well, because of the second thing
that I want you to remember. Everything that Jesus went through, he went through for you. There are plenty of other events in the life of Jesus that we might look at and take away some sort of lesson like, “Oh, there’s something
I need to change. “Something I need to do
differently in my life.” But when it comes to Holy Week, there’s really just one point to it all. Jesus did this for you. He did it to save you from sin. He did it to rescue you from death. He did it to set you free from the devil. Everything that Jesus went through, he went through willingly and he went through for you. Okay, so are you ready? It all started yesterday. The day that we know as Palm Sunday. Everyone was heading to Jerusalem for probably the most important
Jewish festival of the year, the festival known as Passover. And this was going to be the
big showdown between Jesus and his enemies. Jesus’ enemies were waiting to kill him. Jesus knew it. If you’ve ever seen a movie
where it all comes down to one final battle scene at the end. Right before that battle scene, all the armies kind of gather up and line
up ready for that final showdown. That’s Palm Sunday. And since that’s the case, it, it makes what we read about
Palm Sunday rather surprising. You read the accounts of Palm
Sunday and it almost seems as though the main character in this
story isn’t even Jesus. It sort of seems like the main character is this donkey. In some of the accounts,
more than half of the space is all revolving around this donkey. Jesus tells two of his disciples to go up to the village ahead of them. He tells them they’ll find a donkey there. He tells them to bring it back. He tells them that when
they start to do this, the owners are going to stop them and ask them what they’re doing. He tells them exactly what
they’re supposed to say. And then it happens. They go to the village ahead of them. They start to untie this donkey. The owners ask them what they’re doing. They say exactly what Jesus tells them to say. And it works. They bring the donkey back. All of this space. All of this attention given to this animal. What in the world? Well, in Jesus’ day, a donkey was a symbol of royalty. A donkey was an animal
that a king would ride. But a king would ride
a donkey only after he had secured peace. Only after every threat to his
power had been put down and every enemy had been defeated. Obviously, a king would ride a donkey only after he had secured peace. Because if there were still enemies, if there were still battles
that needed to be fought, then, obviously a donkey
would not be his animal of choice. So Jesus rides into
Jerusalem on Palm Sunday on a donkey, a symbol of
royalty, a symbol of peace. But of course there was no peace. As I mentioned, the battle
hadn’t even happened yet. Jesus enemies were sitting
there waiting for him, waiting to put him to death. And so Jesus rides into this battle with the absolute
worst choice of animal possible. It’s like he rides into Jerusalem with
both of his hands tied behind his back. His enemies are waiting
there to kill him and Jesus simply places himself at their mercy. Remember what I said? Everything that Jesus went through, he went through willingly. Jesus is the one calling the shots. Jesus is the one pulling the strings. He’s orchestrating the events
exactly how he wants them, right down to the animal that he rode. And why? Because everything that Jesus
went through, he went through for you. The other big part of
the Palm Sunday story is the reception that Jesus got
when he rode into Jerusalem. As he rode along that path, there were people on
both sides of the path waving palm branches as he went. In fact, that’s why we call
it Palm Sunday, of course. And as Jesus entered Jerusalem,
they all shouted, “Hosanna!” Hosanna is a Hebrew word that means, “God, save us”. God, save us from our sins. God, rescue us from death. God, set us free from the control and the power of the devil. Hosanna is the Palm Sunday prayer
of the people of God. And because Jesus rode
into Jerusalem on that donkey, that prayer has been fully answered.


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  1. Cindi Gordon

    April 15, 2019 11:59 am

    Did you know, that since that Day we call Palm Sunday, and Jesus rode the donkey, that that day forward, the donkey now carries "The Cross" on it's back? I have owned several donkeys through the years, and they all carry "The Cross" on their back. All but one donkey, whom I own today. (Her name is "Black" and she doesn't have The Cross down her back and over her shoulders). However, her sister, "Honey" does have The Cross. We call them our "Holy Donkeys".

  2. Michael Daniels

    April 15, 2019 1:10 pm

    I watch everything I can about Jesus riding a Donkey and especially the series about Psalm Sunday which you can download and watch any time you want. It still Amazes me to this day that only God could come up with a plan that would save the world through His one and only Son. In Hebrews, Paul speaks of someone giving up their life to save someone who's worthy of life but can you imagine someone who's perfect in every way to give up their life to save the world? In order to get a better understanding of the agony that Jesus went through, I would urge anyone who truly doesn't understand what Jesus went through to watch "The Passion Of Christ". The Movie although very Graphic is the only Movie that truly depicts the actual suffering Jesus went through and also again although Graphic is probably only partially a true rendition of the actual suffering that Jesus went through. God Bless everyone during this holy week and especially Bless those who need to be saved. We all need to pray for the unbelievers that they too may be saved one day before it's too late.

  3. Nima Tamang

    April 16, 2019 1:57 pm

    I'm Hindu but I don't know why suddenly I start to love Jesus.. I accept you as my lord god and savour and shall following you every day of my life.. Amen..


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