When Horses Fly – World Traveling Horses

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NARRATOR: Fasta is seven years old. She is
pregnant with her first foal, and has been sold to Shadai Farm in Hokkaido for $625,000. VET: 202903 – DAN CONSIDINE: Quite a few of these horses
are world travelers. Some were born in a lot of different countries: England, Ireland,
France, New Zealand, Australia. A lot of these have already been on aircraft. It doesn’t
really bother them. NARRATOR: It’s now time to move the horses
into specially-designed air stables for their 14-hour flight to Japan. INSTONE: Horses are flying every day of the
week somewhere in the world and certainly domestically, within America, we’re flying
them five nights a week every week. So you can guarantee that there’s a horse flying
somewhere all the time. It’s very big business now. NARRATOR: The air stable floors are covered with dust-free wood shavings. They prevent
urine from corroding aircraft parts, and give the horses some extra traction. INSTONE: It’s not dangerous to ship mares that are only six or seven months in foal,
and the maximum that any of these is in foal is six or seven months. They will have their
foals in Japan, and many of those foals will be shipped back to America as young horses
to be sold at the American horse sales. When we put them two to a stall, such as we’re doing on today’s flight, it’s no different from being in a horse van on the road. Air cargo’s changed the business dramatically because now we can move horses from continent to continent, race them and bring them back again.


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