White Horse Black Mountain

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[lively music] – Black Mountain is a
wonderful, friendly, warm place to live,
a place to be. – Well, we’re the
little town that rocks, and we love for people to
come to Black Mountain. They can rock and shop
and listen to live music, and we have 35-some
restaurants in Black Mountain, and it’s just a great
place to come and visit. – It was fate,
or perhaps a vision, that brought Bob
back to this town and to this old building. Whatever it was, now, it’s filled
with beautiful music that’s enjoyed by everyone. [lively music] – Gentleman from the
Chamber of Commerce let us in here. His dad owned the building, and it was in just… It was a terrible mess, but it looked like a great
place to do what we’re doing. – Bob and his wife
Kim were looking for something else to do, and found out Bob was
in the music business in New York, and said, “Well, I’ve got just the
place for you to come.” And we came up here, looked at the building, and
kind of the rest is history. – White horse is a
true listening room, meaning that what we’re here for is building a unique connection between the artist
and the audience. – To make
that connection, there are no better artists than Chris Rodrigues
and Abby Roach, better known as The Spoon Lady. – Chris and I will always
go be street performers, and we’ll always do that. – Well, we’re just out there, you know, living life
and singing songs. I think people need that, are drawn to that, ’cause
it’s lacking in the world. – Sitting and playing on
stage is nice, because you get a little bit of a more of a captured
audience for a moment. – It’s easy
to understand why by listening to Abby’s stories
about modern hobo culture and the music that surrounds it. – And I was sitting there
and I was playing music, and out at the bar next door comes these dancers, and it turns out they was Chippendales dancers. [audience laughs] You know, so they start
dancing, and they start, you know, groovin’
and giving me money, and I’m like, “Oh,
this is working.” [audience laughs] “Maybe I’m on to something.” – Having a wonderful
performing arts center in a small town like this provides opportunities
for people that wouldn’t usually
go to a large city to hear this type
of entertainment. – This is my first time
coming to the White Horse. I didn’t know what to expect, but a friend of mine,
she was like, “Let’s go,” and I said, “Okay.” I’m always up for
an adventure, so, we’re really excited
to be here tonight. – Tonight we’re playing
at the White Horse, and you know, there’s gonna
be a bunch of people here, and we’re all gonna
be one together, and enjoy music and stories. – It has like a kind
of cozy, vintage feel. Comfortable. – The White Horse gives
a central focal point for the Black Mountain area. Folks can see all sorts
of really cool stuff here. We have, all sorts of our
musical friends come and hang out
at the White Horse. – There’s not a lot
that we don’t do. We do a lot of Celtic, we do a lot
of folk, we do some a lot of Americana,
that being the name that you can put almost
anything under. We do a lot some theater, we do some kid shows, world music, a lot
of world music. Just not a lot we don’t do. – The White
Horse represents a lot of different things
to different people. But to Bob Hinkle, it’s
always been about the music. – Music is kind of a universal language. It can lift you way up,
it can take you way down, and move you anyway that it chooses to as long
as you’re listening. And it is kind of the staff of life for
me, it has been my whole life, and I’m not about to stop now. [lively music] – White Horse at
Black Mountain is at 105c Montreat Road
in Black Mountain, and they have live music or
storytelling almost every night. For more information
give them a call at [828] 669-0816 or go online to


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