White Horse Golf Course | Golfing near Chambers Bay


Golfing here in North Kitsap is very peaceful.
It’s away from the city and it’s only an hour away. My name is Cory Sparling, I’m an avid golfer and father of two. My sanctuary is golfing here at White Horse on the North Kitsap Peninsula. Earliest golf memories would be finding my father’s golf clubs in the garage and precede to take them outside and hit golf balls and rocks into the woods. Golf to me is my quiet place. White Horse is enjoyable because the staff is impeccable, and the golf course is well kept. It’s just an amazing place to come and visit. The golf course is great, it’s challenging… you look forward to certain holes and there’s other holes where you just go “gosh, maybe next time.” Perfect golf shot, when there’s no sound at all, everything comes together, and you just know by the flight of the ball. Favorite golf hole on this course would be number 3 it’s a par 5, dogleg left. Number 18 is a close second. With the With the clubhouse and kind of that gallery feel as you come into the green. People should come and play here to enjoy the ambiance and the nature that’s serene. It’s a golf experience that you can’t get in the big city. My name is Cory Sparling, I golf the White Horse because of the natural beauty. Just a very rewarding experience. Creates a sanctuary like nothing else. in


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  1. Iheartkitsap

    June 2, 2015 10:43 pm

    Cory you are correct.  White Horse is amazing.  I love seeing deer randomly walking on the course.


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