Whitehorse Centre Announcement

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Whitehorse Centre presents The Next Act! Whitehorse City Council is transforming the aging Whitehorse Centre in Nunawading into a highly accessible, flexible and contemporary venue that will meet the diverse and changing needs of our community users and patrons and provide an expanded array of Performing Arts, functions and festival opportunities for generations to come. The beloved facility has served the community well for over 30 years. Annually around 100,000 people walk through the doors and 40,000 festival goers enjoy the vibrant sound shell performances. Arts and Culture just adds to the quality of life and the health and well-being of our residents within the City of Whitehorse. So it’s a very important aspect of our day-to-day lives and our ability to develop as fully rounded individuals. A new Performing Arts Centre for the community of Whitehorse will be a world-class facility that is richly deserved by the community. My wife and I have had the great pleasure of visiting this theatre over many years and we certainly enjoy this theatre. It’s a really family friendly theatre but we’re looking forward to the redeveloped theatre because it will just be so much better and I think that patrons that come along to this theatre in the future will be able to understand how the old theatre has some great memories but the new theatre is a new era and we’re all looking forward to it. To achieve the most effective and sustainable outcomes for the project functionally, operationally and financially, a design competition will be conducted in 2019. This will bring together some of the nation’s best architectural minds to explore the potential future options. We’ll ensure that the new venue preserves what people most value about the current Centre – the warm atmosphere, intimate experience and exceptional customer service and that it provides many new opportunities for creativity, connection and celebration through the Performing Arts and family festivals. Research conducted for the independent business case indicates that usage of a redeveloped Centre will dramatically increase on current levels. An estimated 80 percent of usage will come from community groups and community based council programs such as the Whitehorse Centre professional season, midweek matinee season, sports awards and Women’s Forum amongst others. My name is Noel Browne I’m the artistic director of Nova Music Theatre I’m also the president of Arts Nunawading. We’ve been using this for well as long as it’s opened, putting two major musical productions on in here a year so we’re looking forward to a venue that will be able to handle bigger sets and give us a lot more space backstage. So a bigger venue with more seats will certainly help us and provide us with a bit more income so that we can keep progressing and put on bigger and better shows. My name’s Doug Wright. I’m the executive producer of Whitehorse Showtime so activity put on by the scouts of Victoria. I also have another role in scouting, I’m the State Commissioner for Performing Arts and Whitehorse Showtime has been at this venue for over 20 years now. Being an accredited training organisation we offer a certificate to in creative industries to some of our venturer age who are 15 to 18 year olds and work in a theatre like this will allow them to get credits towards that qualification. I’m Owen Davies I’m the president of Babirra Music Theatre. We are a non-professional musical theatre group and we’ve been performing here in the Whitehorse Centre for more than 30 years. We’re very excited about the new Whitehorse Centre that’s going to developed over the next few years. We will come back to find a larger auditorium, a bigger stage and much enhanced facilities. Hello, my name is Sue Hayes. I’m the co-director with my husband Kevin of the Utassy ballet school and we’ve been resident at the Whitehorse Centre since it was built and we are really looking forward to the future with the new redevelopment. A new Performing Arts Centre for Utassy, it’s a very exciting concept. Hi, I’m Silvie Paladino. I have performed many times at the Whitehorse Centre and I’m so looking forward to the redevelopment of the new Whitehorse Centre. How exciting to have a brand new venue for artists like myself to come and do my show and for you the community, it’s a wonderful opportunity to come and see a variety of new artists there. So get behind the new redevelopment of the Whitehorse Centre. Hello, I’m Beverly Grant. I live in Blackburn and I’ve been coming to the Whitehorse Centre ever since it first opened. I think Art and Culture is very important in the community, giving you a sense of what other people are experiencing in life through theatre and through music of course too and particularly the indigenous communities who produce a lot of music and plays and it connects people in the community too through these interests and widening their interests as well and it’s a very social environment too, to come to the theatre and mix with other people. Hi, I’m Keith Buckland and this is my lovely wife Cheryl and we’ve been coming along to the Whitehorse Centre since it was built and we’re really looking forward to the new Centre. I think it’s going to be great. It’s going to be better parking for the cars, more room to move around in foyers and areas like that, not crushed like it is now, and with all the modern technologies that’s going to be available and that the shows need, we’re going to have shows here that’s as good as the city. Might be better. I think it will be better. To find out more about this exciting project for the Whitehorse community go to www.whitehorsecentre.com.au


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