Why It’s Important to Let Your Horse Cool Down

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Just like humans, horses sweat in order to
maintain their body temperature. The difference is that they have more muscle
mass and a relatively small skin surface, making it more difficult to cool down. This is why to us, as humans, riding in 20°C
feels pleasant, while for horses anything above 10°C feels warm. It is of the utmost importance that sweaty
horses cool down properly. Tips to help your horse to cool down. If your horse continues to sweat, it means
he is still too hot. Don’t put the blanket on yet and try increasing
the cool down walk next time. If your horse sweated profusely during training,
hose him down first with warm or cold water. Scrape him dry and keep him moving. Even if
you are riding in an indoor arena it is best to go outside after training for a cool down
trot and walk without a blanket. Yes, even in winter. When your horse has sweated, it’s important
to replenish the minerals lost through sweating with electrolytes. This doesn’t benefit only top class sport
horses. Cavalor Electrolyte Balance and Cavalor Electroliq
Balance provide the perfect replenishment of all electrolytes lost through sweating. They are best administered after sweating
or just before riding. Please contact Cavalor if you have any questions.


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