Wild Horse and Burro Online Adoption video

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The Bureau of Land Management Montana-
Dakota’s is hosting an online wild horse and burro adoption. Meet Duchess. Duchess
is a four year old mare from little Owyhee HMA in Nevada.
She’s a buckskin mare with a kind eye and a very calm personality. She’s a
great horse for anyone to take home. Meet Belle. Belle is a four year old mare
also from Little Owyhee HMA in Nevada. She’s a unique mare that has a gentle and kind
demeanor about her. She’s very curious of people and is opening up more to the
staff at Britton Springs. Belle would be a sweet girl for anyone to bring home. Meet Onyx. Onyx is a three-year-old mare
from Goshute HMA in Nevada. She is very calm and cautious. Once she’s comfortable
with you she’ll walk right up to you. Onyx would make a great horse for anyone. Meet Rusty. Rusty is a four year old mare
from outside HMA in Nevada. She’s a very playful horse. Rusty likes
to take the watering hose out of the trough and drag it across the pen as
often as she can. She is also very smart and a fast learner. You can view these horses and more
online at wildhorsesonline.BLM.gov. The adoption will run June 19th
through the 26th.


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  1. VietFiddle

    December 26, 2018 5:24 am

    I clicked the link. However, I saw only the message "The Federal Government Shut down."
    I want to see the horses for adoption.


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