Wild Horses and Burros: From Wild to Mild

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The Bureau of Land Management’s mission
is protect our nation’s wild horses and burros while maintaining healthy public
lands for future generations to enjoy for years to come.
Why is this a big deal? Wild horses and burros roam areas of public lands that
receive very little precipitation, often traveling several miles on a good day to
locate food and water. And yet these fast-growing herds continue to
overpopulate the very land they need to sustain themselves and be healthy. With
few effective natural predators that can balance growth, the health of both the
land and the herds are put at risk. That’s where we come in. The BLM manages wild horses and burros by gathering some of the animals on the
range. Then we provide food water and veterinary and care before the animals
are made available for their brand new home.
The BLM then seeks loving homes for these animals, introducing them for adoption or
sale to families across the country at hundreds of public events, including an
online option. In addition, our partners train wild horses and burros to improve
their chances of finding a loving home. This diverse list of training partners
includes nonprofit organizations, youth programs and state and local
correctional centers. Many of these trained animals have gone on to protect
our borders and even assist other veterans and therapeutic programs. Why a
wild horse a burro? These faithful animals create a strong bond and
partnership with their new owners. Prior to arriving at their new home, they had
to find a way to exist on their own. No one brought them a bucket of feed or
fresh water. Now with someone to care for them they show sincere loyalty and
compassion. Tt is a long journey from wild to mild, but these intelligent
and hardy wild animals offer their hearts and allow us to train them to
become excellent partners for enriching our lives.
Now it’s your turn give these majestic creatures the love and care they deserve.
Bring your very own wild horse or burro home today and help the BLM protect these
wild herds and ensure they have a healthy habitat. For more information on
adoption and sales events and to hear stories about life changing journeys of
america’s wild horses and burros in their domestic homes visit BLM.gov/WHB.


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