Wolf And The Donkey – Aesop’s Fables – Animated/Cartoon Tales For Kids

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once upon a time, there was a donkey. It was walking through the woods and it stepped over a sharp thorn. It’s paining It’s paining. I want to cry but I won’t cry . I want to cry, no I shouldn’t I shouldn’t. The donkey cried and cried as it couldn’t even keep his foot over the ground. It’s paining. It’s very much paining The donkey weeped and weeped in pain for a long time. All of a sudden, the donkey saw a wolf. Oh no, The wolf is watching me. I’m sure he will eat me. I can’t escape from him. What am I going to do. After a few minutes, the donkey decided to talk to the wolf. Wolf Wolf Well, what is wrong, eh? Look at me. I’m suffering please Wolf, You have big teeth. you can use the teeth and remove this prickly thorn from my hoof. ooh ooh Are you really thinking like that? Ooh..ooh..ooh Sure before I die, try to remove it, then you can eat me But, if I remove the thorn, why would you die tell me no? ooh, ooh, ooh Because I’m not fine. Do what you want to do, no, it’s uh oh oh oh Very well, I will use my teeth to remove the thorn from your leg Will it hurt me? Ooh, Don’t be scared, just stretch your leg oooh. Soon he pulls out the thorn, I will kick him off and run away. Ooh. You’re gonna be free now. Ooh .the thorn is gone from your leg. Ooh ooh The donkey kicked the wolf with his heel as hard as he could break his teeth and the donkey ran away. Oh no, poor me. I wanted to help him and now I don’t have my teeth. Oh my oh my God. Oh, really oh my God oooh ooh oooh So kids the moral behind the story is, be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not


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