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so I’m working with (laughs) Classy and
ZAZU, and one of the things i want to show you is…Zazzys only eight
months old …um Classys just going to get in the way. (laughs) Go on girl go. Um part of what
I do with them is a little bit of Liberty work I don’t always put a halter
on and stuff. just basically working on…umm come on…up up (kisses) come on…come on…come on… come on Good boy! uh uh…ay ay ay .. NO no. disengaging hindquarters. Which kind a….. when he’s not up against the walk wall Come on… Good boy! good boy ooohh dare we go… so we have some nice…disengaging here. Very good boy.. good boy…so that was
really good. I don’t always use a halter and a rope some of it I like to do at
liberty. I do still hold their heads to direct a little bit. if I just got on the
side of them and started pushing on them well of course they would just walk off.
so they’re still in the learning phase. I have a hair in my mouth (blah) YUCK! NO, Class.. no… no… no… you had your turn! (laughing) So.. Zaz is gonna get a little uptight here
because Classys in here. Class out! Go! okay…okay, so I want him to… whoa. No.. I don’t want you runnin off. Come on..Classy you need to go You’re cute but you really need to go. Come on Class. Class go! Good girl! Go on…Walk off..walk off. (laughs). she really wants to be a part of it. okay buddy okay…Come on. okay …all right . HOW am I going to work with him if you’re the there?
okay okay …Classy….. go. But anyway right now we’re just… (laughing) working
with them disengaging their back ends WHHEWWW AH! CLASS…did you bump his NOSE… THATS not so nice… Come on… (laughs) all right. yes..Since Classy is gonna get in the way
(laughing) She really…she likes working with me.(laughing) Can you blame her… I’m so much fun ! (laughing) look at these two. They fight for me. You guys are so goofy.. UUUHH(big sigh). I can’t always get the work done I…. I want to get in. The goofy things. Are you gonna come back in here and do some work Mr.? Huh? You gonna come to me?? Huh? He’s playing with a rake. He’s playing…with the rake! (laughs) Now if I can teach them how to just rake this out every day for me that would
be a trick! But …I can work on that. He picks it up in his mouth so we may have something. OH and Down Goes Class Class.. She gonna lay down right in the pile
that I just raked up! What is it with horses and wanting a role in poop! (Laughing) all right we’re going to have to take this training session ….we’re just gonna have
to quit it . (laughs) we’re not ready. we did work on it a little bit earlier so… they did
super duper good and then of course now Classys laying down. (laughing) hey buddy. Okay… He’s playing with momma now so… we’re done. and I need to breathe. So… hit up that
inhaler …get a drink and… probably take a nap. All right…thats it…


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