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Humans are intrigued by extraordinary, anything
that isn’t usual will catch our eyes. In this respect, size has a major role to
play in getting us hooked, right? This explains why we have been obsessed with
Titanic, after all it was a huge ship of its time! Anyway, today we’d be talking about animals,
the ones we share the planet with. The big beasts have a charm on their own and
when they hold records for their size, it is understandable that our interest in them
increases! So here we present to you the biggest of 10
animal species! Number 10. Tallest dog, Freddy
On September 13, 2016, Freddy set the record for being the tallest living dog. That must have been a moment of pride for
its owner, Claire Stoneman! When measured, he was found to be 1.035 meters
in length, can you believe that? As per his owner, “Every day he has 1kg
of minced beef, 250 grams of casserole steak and about 300 grams of liver.” No wonder he is such a big man! Another amazing thing is that he along with
his sister Fleur, has destroyed as many as 26 sofas by chewing on them! Great Danes are surely incredible giants! Number 9. Biggest cat, Hercules
Cats are huge when you consider the fact that lions and tigers are also from the cat group! But would you believe us if we told you that
the title for being the biggest cat belongs to none of them? In fact, Hercules, the record holder is a
Liger, born to a lion and tigress. Probably he got the best qualities from both
his parents because he is bigger than any of them with a length of 3.32 meters and a
height of 1.24 meters. He weighs an incredible 922 pounds; credit
goes to its habit of eating a whopping 100 pounds of food in one sitting! Number 8. Tallest horse, Big Jake
Horses and royalty go hand in hand but when you look at Big Jake, all thoughts about a
rich kingdom will vanish and only he will rule your mind! Owned by Jerry Gilbert, this horse holds the
record for being the tallest and my, is he majestic! The 2600-pound creature stands tall at 2.10
m or 20 hands 2.75 inches in the horse world language! He was born big at 240 pounds which dropped
a hint about his potential to bag the title very early! But you don’t have to be afraid of his size
because as per his owner, he is a gentle giant. Cute! Number 7. Longest house cat, Ludo
These furry creatures we have in our house are ‘oh so adorable’! They are playful, crave our attention, have
tantrums and are very cuddly! If you have even the slightest of love for
felines, you totally have to check out Ludo, the creature that holds the record for being
the longest house cat. Being a Maine Coon, it was bound to be huge
but bagging the Guinness World Record was not expected by its owner, Kelsey Gill. The fur ball measures a whopping 1.18 meters
in length! Oh my God, we want one of these playful giants
as well! Number 6. Tallest donkey, Romulus
After an official measurement on February 8, 2013, Romulus became the tallest donkey
alive! He measures a glamorous 17 hands or 1.72 meters
in height, that is awesome! He has a ‘little’ brother who is just
2 inches shorter, both of the rare breed American Mammoth Jackstock! Only 3 to 4 thousand individuals of this breed
exist, so yes Romulus is rare! Phil and Cara Yellott rescued them in the
October of 2012 and adopted them soon after! They are friendly to strangers specially if
you have bread in your hands, that’s their love for carbs! Number 5. Biggest rabbit, Darius
Tell us if you have also described rabbits as ‘cute little fur balls’! Okay, we have all done that because they are
just that! Maybe that’s the reason why it is tough
to imagine a giant rabbit, don’t worry the cuteness is still intact! Let’s tell you about the continental giant
breed of rabbits, that’s the breed to which Darius belongs. Don’t know Darius? This bad boy holds the record for the longest
rabbit with a length of 1.29 meters as measured on April 6, 2010. His owner Annette Edwards spends an enormous
$6410 to maintain Darius and his son Jeff who can much together 700 apples and 2000
carrots every year. Like really? Number 4. Tallest cow, Blosom
This is our special mention; Blosom the 2000-pound cow was the biggest cow ever but sadly passed
away in 2015! She was recognized by the Guinness Book of
World Records a month after her demise and even though she isn’t with us, her name
is eternal now, written in such a prestigious book! Blosom stood at 1.9 meters and even after
she could no longer bear calves, she was allowed to stay on the farm where she had become the
official greeter. So cute! Number 3. Tallest giraffe, Zulu
When it comes to tall animals, giraffe tops the list, OBVIOUSLY! So now if we talk about the tallest giraffe,
you can well expect the numbers to be alarming! Now meet Zulu from Folly Farm Zoo in Saundersfoot
and Tenby, Pembrokeshire. While most of his friends exceed nothing more
than 4.5 meters, Zulu can easily dwarf them with his 5.7-meter skyscraping height! You don’t have to be scared of him because
he is friendly and even allows some lucky kids to pat his head. Wanna try that? Number 2. Number Longest snake, Medusa
You were expecting a snake on this list, weren’t you? Those cold blooded reptiles with long bodies
have some venomous varieties and that motivates us to know more about them and keep SAFE! The longest snake in captivity is Medusa which
is a reticulated python and is owned by Full Moon Productions Inc. in Kansas City, USA. The interesting thing is that reticulated
pythons are the world’s longest snakes and grow to about 6 meters but Medusa measures
a startling 7.67 meters. The 350-pound snake is known to eat a whole
40-pound deer in one sitting! Anyone planning to meet her? Number 1. Number Longest crocodile, Cassius
Back in 2011, Cassius was measured to be 5.48 meters in length and titled as the longest
crocodile in captivity. But then Lolong was found and it measured
a whopping 6.17 meters. Crowns switched heads but then Lolong left
us mourning on February 10, 2013 at the age of 50! Yes, you are right, this makes Cassius the
longest crocodile alive again. Congratulations to this Australian saltwater
crocodile for reclaiming its title! Do you have any more giant animals to add
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