World’s Tallest Couple Give Birth To 3rd Child

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KEISHA: I’m Keisha Van Kleef-Bolton. WILCO: And I’m Wilco Van Kleef-Bolton.
KEISHA: And we’re the world’s tallest couple. 00:16
WILCO: I’m just under seven foot tall. KEISHA: And I am six foot six tall. 00:23
WILCO: And we’ve three kids. We’ve got Lucas, he’s six. He’s four foot five. Just off that.
Eva is four, she’s three foot seven. And we’ve got Jonah who’s…
KEISHA: 56 centimetres? WILCO: 56 centimetres and he’s a week and
a half old. 00:39
KEISHA: I think Lucas will be as tall as us, or near our height when he’s older, he’s quite
tall as is now, he is in year one and he’s the tallest in his class. and I believe he’s
taller than the year to children as well. 00:57
KEISHA: Advantages of being a tall parent, well I’m quite distinguishable in the playground,
so my children have no problems in spotting me when it’s time to come out.


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